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April 15, 2020 3 min read

How To Care For And Clean Adult Love Dolls

By Ksenia Sobchak

So you have just recently purchased a male love doll but before you use it you want to learn how to take extra care of it and clean it properly so you get maximum lifespan from your new adult sex toy. Blow up dolls which can also be known as love dolls or sex dolls are a great way to spice up any experience with a little bit of cheeky fantasy fun. Whether you’re a fan of them or you are looking to try something new, you can find a variety of sex doll’s which will suit your needs and sexual fantasies. The modern sex doll is a far cry from the hard, stupid looking love doll that once existed in the past – today, you can find all kinds of sizes, shapes, styles, materials of dolls imaginable, including sex dolls which are designed for men and woman, you can even go as far as to find sex dolls that are in between trasngender. Sex dolls are created for every body and come in various ethnicities and races so no matter what you desire, there is a product to satisfy your desires. Many of the top selling love dolls are modelled after famous porn actors and actresses or even your favourite movie star or rock star! This is another great feature that makes sex dolls so desirable to everyone. These kinds typically have moulded vagina’s, mouths, asses and faces which look almost identical to the real deal!

When it comes to choosing a sex doll that you may like to try, just like all other sex toys whether it be a vibrator, dildo, prostate massager, penis pump you will soon realise the choices are endless. Much like other sex toys, there will be likely one doll that stands out above the rest and that will make it yours! It is important to read the product description to check that the materials are suitable for your body. Whether you are looking for a standard doll or something that is more high-tech and unique, we are confident you’ll find a doll to suit your needs.

If you’re looking for a great party decoration or gag gift for a mates hens night or bux party, you can find a blow up doll for those occasions, as well. Today’s dolls even include transsexual dolls and dolls that can be placed in a variety of positions for the ultimate in solo sexual satisfaction. Of course, there’s no law that says that you can’t enjoy these with others, and if you choose to try them out with your lover, that can bring a whole new level of excitement to your relationship.

Proper Care and Cleaning Of Your Sex Doll

Proper cleaning and caring for a love doll is very important, after all you spend some very intimate and close moments with him or her and you want to make sure they are looking there best and cleanest at all times you wish to play. Love dolls have openings that can be difficult to reach, and it’s important that they remain clean and dry so that mildew and bacteria can’t grow which can cause illness if you get infected.

Proper storage of your love doll is very important in helping maintain there cleanliness. Regardless of what material your friend is made of, whether it be vinyl or latex, you’ll want to store it, deflated, in a secure box or bag and keep it out of the way of feet or sunlight. If you use your sex doll quite often hanging it in your closet in a dry location can be ideal.

Love Doll Maintenance Tips and Tricks

By following these quick tips and tricks, you will help keep your sex doll looking clean and fresh.

Fleshlight Toy Cleaner, or a simple antibacterial soap and warm water will do the job great at keep your love doll clean and fresh.

Love dolls are best to clean when deflated.

If your sex doll has hair, avoid getting it wet as it can be hard to dry.

If your fantasy girl is made of vinyl, you can disinfect it in a 10-percent bleach-and-water solution

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