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July 27, 2022 5 min read


Is your relationship filled with doubt? Do you want to do away with doubt in your relationship for long-lasting intimacy between you and your partner? Learn how to deal with doubt in your relationship in this article.

Doubt is a horrible feeling; when reared, it may destroy your relationship without knowing. It is a bad feeling, especially for partners who have decided to have a long-term relationship that may lead to marriage. However, doubt can also be beneficial in several ways as it may lead you to discover something you didn't know in a relationship. You may be in a blissful relationship, but when doubt strikes, all the happiness vanishes. Doubt will make you always be on guard against your partner because your trust in each other vanishes once it strikes. You will start you worry if you were meant to be together. There are many un uncertainties that you will ask yourself about once doubt strikes your relationship. So, how do we deal with doubt in relationships?

Getting Reassurance

Communicating Your Doubts or Fears

Detteh (2022) stated that talking about what you feel and what you are uncertain about to get assurance from your partner makes the doubt disappear. You can let go of the doubt by talking about your feelings with your partner and letting them explain them to you. Be true to yourself and say what is holding you back.

Ask Your Partner for Re-Assurance

If you doubt your partner because of something else you are unsure about, you can let go of it by asking them to assure you once more. Your partner will assure and support you to clear all your doubts if they care about your relationship. You can remind them to show how much love they still have for you and let them show affection to you. A hug or kiss can express this after having a short conversation. However, you must be careful with the assurance. Too much of it makes you seem like a clingy partner, and that's not good for your relationship.

Work with Your Partner to Develop a Solution for Your Problem

According to Naseer & Malik (2022), you could determine your partner's behaviors to make you doubt them. You can come together and figure out perfect ways to pull through the situation. For instance

Find the middle ground after having a long talk about it if you doubt your partner because they keep on avoiding crucial conversations about the future of your relationship.

If you have doubts after fighting with your partner, take them and seek therapy, where you will learn how to resolve the conflict you have and establish the trust you had before.

Talk to each other about how you want to give and receive love from each other. For instance, some partners will decide to do something unique for their partners to show their love and trust. Knowing how your partner shows love to you is good for avoiding misunderstanding.

Prioritize Time

Li & Wang (2022) revealed that doubts are likely to develop in a relationship when partners don't have time to show love and affection to each other. You must seek time for intimacy and bondage with your partner to eliminate any trace of doubt that was creeping into your relationship. You can compare your schedules and decide on some free days that you can be together with your partner and reminisce about your past. Also, you can make time by keeping your phone silent and letting people know it's time to be with your partner.

Show Some Love When Your Partner Expresses Efforts

Your partner may try their best to modify themselves for you and secure your relationship; show some appreciation to show them that what they are doing is worthwhile. Speak up your views if you notice something is not right. Linder (2022) suggested that expressing gratitude when your partner has done something good for you will help eliminate doubt in your relationship.

Problem-Solving Doubts

Reframe All the Situations That Are Likely to Lead to Doubt

When a situation in your relationship increases your doubt, challenge yourself by trying to think of it in a different light. For example, if your doubt is because your partner fails to pick up your calls, you can reframe it by; saying maybe they are taking a shower or are in a meeting. Missed calls don't always mean that your partner is ignoring you; viewing them in a different light will help you clear your doubts. Stop your thoughts when doubt starts to creep in

Doubts can directly interfere with your happy life and top your productivity. Tell yourself mentally to stop the line of thought s that distracts you. You can engage in a moody activity that will make you forget your worries. For instance, you can read a book, go for a run, or knit.

Ask Yourself If There Is Any Evidence That Supports Your Doubts

Your instinct may signal you there is trouble if you are tied down by one doubt for a long time. Look for evidence before taking action because it can be baseless accusations against your partner. Your doubts might have flared up after seeing your partner being intimate with another person, and you can find other scenarios evidence of your doubts before acting.

Think Positively

  • You can identify what makes you worthy outside the relationship. For instance, you can be smart, compassionate, or talented. You can decide what to do if your partner doesn't appreciate you.
  • Use your mind to think about the uncertainties with your partner and discuss your way out of it.
  • Stay away from negativity or people who are likely to influence you negatively.

The Bottom Line

Doubt is a bad feeling, especially for partners who have decided to have a long-term relationship that may lead to marriage. However, doubt can also be beneficial in several ways as it may lead you to discover something you didn't know in a relationship. Clearing doubts will make your relationship go further. Talk to your partner if you have relationship issues. Determine your partner's behavior to know what irritates you. Show some love when your partner makes an effort in your relationship. Create time for your partner to bond. Be positive about your relationship and let your partner express their feelings.


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