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July 30, 2022 5 min read


Most people agree and surrender to the sexual stimulation and the pleasure they get from being sexually aroused. Sex is important to human life, so people are urged to have a healthy sexual life.

Making love with the one you love is the most enjoyable thing most people need in a relationship. When people are in love, they act romantic to each other, giving the relationship a unique bond. Open-minded couples have the best experience since they are free to try new things in a relationship. There are many ways you can get your woman aroused. For example, giving her a happy-ending massage sounds like more fun. You want to make a woman feel more pleasure by giving her a massage, but you are unaware of what to do. This article outlines how to give a woman a happy ending massage.

Set The Mood

You must prepare the mood like any sexual activity you are prepared to do. It should be done both psychologically and physically. It won't be good to ambush your partner, and you expect it to end well. Set the mood by dimming the light, having some candles, and even changing the bedding to clean ones or having some fine fluffy towels. Make the room look lovely for your woman to admire. It will also provoke the teasing sense and bring attention to her body which you will be touching.

Similarly, you can get all the things that will be needed without having to stop in the middle of the massage since you forgot something that is needed. The breakage of pleasure will make the session boring. Use the skin-friendly massaging oil with natural ingredients to avoid skin irritation, for example, almond olive oil and coconut oil. Remember to warm the oil so that you do not startle her. You can do this by rubbing the oil on your hands for a few seconds before using it on a woman's body.

Lay The Ground by Using Light and Smooth Touch

Start the massage by light massaging her feather-like strokes from the shoulders, arms, back, and buttocks. Do this with your fingers for at least five minutes in a circular motion and using the side to side. As you do so, use enough massage oil not to cause skin irritation due to friction. It will enhance the muscles' relaxation on the massaging parts, increasing the blood circulation. The main essence of the massage is not to target to treat her scoliosis. The main goal is for you to bring a woman's attention to her body instead. Make the motion progressive with the pressure and intensity. The light and smooth massage enhance a woman's being more aroused. Start with the long and smooth full palm strokes from the light ones. Do this in an up and down motion in a swirling manner and keep the nerves activated.

You will develop more skills as you keep practicing so that your hand and fingers get used to making the movements.


You do not want to make the massage as you think you are doing it fine to turn out that the pressure you are using is making her feel pain instead of pleasure. Also, you can use this time to turn her on with your words; whisper sweet and sexy words into her ears. Other parts are more sensitive than others. When you touch there, she may want to touch you. It will feel fun if you make the areas seek attention instead. Keep asking her how she is feeling. Some will feel so relaxed until they get asleep. Keeping them engaged also helps boost a woman's satisfaction because you will know where to increase and reduce the motion. You will be more confident knowing you are doing a great job making her feel good.


You can start with the back after light stimulation. Your woman can turn and face up as you fully manually stimulate her but don't rush. Build tension and anticipation as you pass your hand on the breast and between the thighs but do not stop focusing more on the erogenous parts. Avoiding touching the genitals creates tensions around the area, keeping your woman yearning for you to reach there. Try to make a woman maintain a woman's sex position for a while as you continue teasing the erogenous areas when you feel it is the time to get the message on the genitals. Your woman will feel special, and you might finish up your sexual desire on that table, which is how to give a  woman a sensual massage.

Benefits of Massage for a Woman

Massage can boost your immune system by stimulating the production of the white blood cells that attack the body's disease-causing organisms, as Ang et al. (2012) stated.

Relieve yourself from stress. People are stressed due to various reasons. A massage stimulates the adrenal gland to produce more hormones that will make you feel happy and good, locally known as the feel-good hormones, as Uvnäs-Moberg et al. (2015) noted. The feel-good hormones will suppress the stress hormones such as cortisol.

Keeps The Brain Active

During the massage, the parasympathetic nerves stimulate the brain to secrete more feel-good hormones, which will relieve stress from the body and the brain, making it work well.

Relive from body aches and pain. Massage is done by applying pressure on the body where pain signals to the brain will relieve the body from pain.

Massage can lower blood pressure. Massage can help reduce blood pressure because it relaxes the body and the nerves, lowering the overall rate.


When you want to get a happy ending massage to your woman, there are many things you can put in place to make it a success, as discussed above. A woman will be vulnerable and yearning to have you in her to ease the sexual desire aroused by the end of the massage. Consider massaging the erogenous zones to experience a mind-blowing orgasm.


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