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July 30, 2022 5 min read


Some women dream of having men with big cock because they mostly believe that works best in the game between the sheets. Giving head to your man when he is too big might be hard, but you can manage and have a sensation and m amazing moment when you do some things, including; positioning yourself well, using lubricant, and taking a break.

It is not bad until when you are craving to suck a cock and get the difficulty accommodating him in your mouth. There are men whom most people will agree are blessed when it comes to the dick, both the girth and the length. You can testify it is one of the most sensational stimulation one can never want to miss if you have ever tried the oral stimulations either once or severally. How you feel is the same experience your man will have when you give him a head.

When your man is too big for you not to have an oral stimulation, you do not have to give up on trying since you don't need to take him in fully. You can do it in other ways, and he will have the orals stimulation you want on him.

How To Give a Man  a head When It Is Too Big

Position Yourself Well

You do not want to have muscle cramps before you start the game. According to Philpott et al. (2006), you could choose the right sex position to access the cock well with comfort. It will differ for everyone since people can be right-handed or left-handed, which means your hands can not perform the same way. For example, when you are right-handed, you can lie on your left so you can use the right hand, which is much easier for you. You can use different positions depending on how flexible you are. The more you do this, the more you will get the hints and tactics to be more creative, making it more enjoyable than you thought. The first position you can try on a man is to let him stand on the side of the bed as you lie on the bed and prop yourself up on your elbow. Comfort (2003) suggested that your man can lie on his back, and you kneel between his legs to fully access the penis. These two positions are better since you have the power to control how the cock moves in the mouth, and you will not strain so much, which might cause lower back pain or muscle cramps. However,  you are in a good position and can work with your man's curves since every man has a different shape of cock. Try every position you think of, and always pick the ones that are comfortable for you.

Use A Lube

There will be no pleasure to experience when there is much friction between your lips and a man's cock. It will be hard for you and your man since you will be straining much. Others may opt to use saliva, which is a good lubricant option when you are having oral sex. The more you get the cock lubricated, the more pleasure you get. It gives a reason to opt for the lube so that you do not dry out your mouth, producing more saliva for the game. It is a blowjob tip for bigger penises. The lubricant will also help you maintain an erection, making oral sex enjoyable, as Lindau et al. (2007) suggested.

Use Your Tongue And Lips

A tongue can do more than talk. A tongue will give you the most sensational feeling you want to get. A man's penis might be bi and unfitting in your mouth. That should never be the case since the tongue and the lips can still do the best work. Work on his cock by kissing and flicking your tongue against the penis. Using your tongue on a penis can reach the frenulum by licking the base of the head. According to Craig (2021), you could lick the shaft and rest the cock in your mouth as you let the tongue work its magic from the inside.

Just The Tip

Focus your energy on the tip of the penis instead since you can not have your man in your mouth due to the sized cock. Blowjobs will always work on this, but it will be more fun if you explore the entire cock. Combine the forces and make your man enjoy the moment, as the tongue works on the tip of the head and your hands stroke the shaft.

Take Breaks

Do not work yourself so much on your boyfriend's big penis. Take breaks since it is not something that will get finished. Use the time to take some deep breaths because it will be exhausting and tiresome if you try to suck a penis for that long. Vary the techniques you are using to make the experience more pleasurable. When you stop your mouth from working,  the hands should not stop to have consistency and not cut short the pleasure.


When you are giving your man the blow, remember you are not putting on a show that you get paid for it or something when you are done. Be considerate, and do not do what will make you feel uncomfortable. The main goal is to make him feel pleasure. Give him the pleasure depending on what can work best for you will always give a good head when you enjoy doing it. That is why you want to make your man feel the pleasure. Make sure you do it from the heart. However, if not, it will be a boring session you have even more so if he is that big. You should be aware that you do not need to finish your man off by taking him to completion. It might be harder than you think. Also, it is a nice idea to let him hang on to the pleasure because it helps him to have delayed ejaculation.


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