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January 11, 2020 5 min read

How To Have Fantastic Shower Sex

When it comes to shower sex, many will tell you it isn't that sexy as the movies show. Everything is slippery and you can’t really seem to get a good grip of things.  It can be messy and for most people just impossible.

Yet, done right, show sex is steamy and fun. It is a wonderful way to spice up your sex play out of the bed. All you need to do is adhere to a few tips, play some positions and enjoy yourselves to the fullest.

Fantastic Shower Sex Tips

Turn up the Heat

It is very difficult to get aroused when you are cold. So, you might want to walk in the shower when you are already turning on. Have a nice warming shower with your partner and make sure that the water is hot if that is possible. The hot steam keeps the whole bathroom warm allowing you to enjoy a nice moment.

Clean the Bathroom beforehand

Germs tend to flourish in damp places. So while your bathroom may look clean, it helps to clean and disinfect it before you have sex in there. Cleaning ensures that you are free to enjoy different positions whether standing or sitting without worrying about contracting infections.

It also eliminates extreme slipperiness caused by soaps and shampoo build-up on the floors. Even when sharing a nice shower with your partner that you know will definitely lead to sex, you want to rinse off the soaps and shampoos you have used to lather-up to remove any slimy residues.

Get a Non-slip Mat

The thing that makes shower sex so difficult is the slippery floors. So if you plan to have a few wet orgasms, then investing in a high quality non-slip shower mat will be crucial. The mat grips the floor allowing you to have a good footing during sex. It can also be moved easily so you can have it close to the wall or the door.  The last thing you want is to fall in the bathroom. 

Invest in Water-Friendly Lube

You might be feeling soft and slick but remember that water is not lube. So you want to have water-friendly lubricants to reduce friction during penetration. Whether you are planning vaginal or anal penetration, you will find siliconeand oil lubricantsa great companion. But be sure to be mindful of your sex toy material as silicone lubricants are not compatible with silicone lubricants

Get Bath- Friendly Toys

Whether you love flying solo or with your partner, you will find sex toys extra fun. Spice up your wet experience with waterproof vibrators, dildos, and even butt plugs. If you want a silent penetration while you soak in the bath-tub, or to enjoy a reverse cowgirl in the shower, a dildo with a suction cup or water-proof multi-level vibrators will be a classic addition to your pleasure collection. Only your creativity can be a hindrance here!

Be Creative and Kinky


The reason why many people are disappointed by shower sex is that they are focused on penetrative sex. This doesn’t have to be the case. Think outside the box for other kinds of play such as masturbation and oral sex. Give him a crazing wet blowjob as warm waterfalls down his shoulders until he can hold his sweet juices no more. Your turn; let him give you a deep and vigorous fingering that leaves your body burning with orgasms. If you can’t climax here, why not take the extra mile on the bed and fuck to ecstasy. It the experience that you cherish!

Invest in a Suction Shower Handle, Door Restraints or Rails


If you are completely invested in shower sex, you want to make it as safe and comfortable as possible. So you might want to invest in a suction shower handle or door restraints and swings. These are perfect for when you want to take play out of the bathroom to the pool or even kitchen. You simply suction the handle on your desired wall and hold on to it as you have sex. The door restraint also allows you to use the bathroom door as your play areas by holding on to your partner so that you can tease, pleasure and fuck as you wish. For a more permanent solution, consider including rails in the bathroom for extra support. All these devices are sturdier and safer for play than soap holders and shower curtains.

Show Sex Position Tips

Most sex position can be performed in the shower, but there are those which are more practical than others. And while there are people who are able to pull off a variety of positions, below are our most safe and sexiest shower sex positions.

Standing Doggy-Style

Similar to doggy style, you will have your legs firmly on the floor and your hands-free to explore your other sweet positions or hold on for extra support. Stand on the non-slip mat and lean forward with your knees slightly bent. Allow your partner to stand behind you and penetrate you with whatever you wish; fingers, sex toys or penis. They will have a perfect view of your vagina and anus and can give you extra love bits on your perineum and clitoris. You can also enjoy a solo play with sex toys mounted on the shower wall for a crazing moment of wet pleasure.

Sit and Ride


This can be done by sitting on the shower floor or lying with an angle. It is perfect for all types of penetration and sexual pleasure you can ever imagine in the shower. Have your male partner or the one wearing the strap-on dildoto sit on the floor or stool and ride them facing them or away. You can also have your female partner or the one to be penetrated to lie on the floor on their side and you can ride them from the backdoor or vagina until they are drowning in pleasure.

The Chairperson

This plays like reverse cowgirl. It is fantastic because you can have it with a partner or solo, whichever is your dose.  Have your partner sit on the floor, stool or tub. Then facing away from him, sit on him in a position that he can penetrate you from the back both vaginally and anally. Hold on to their knees or wall for support as they thrust. You can also do this with a suction-cup dildo or butt plug for solo play.  

Get a Leg-Up

This is a perfect position for a face-to-face shower intimacy. Stand on the non-slip shower mat and place one leg on a shower footrest, tub edge or shower stool. If you don’t have these devices in your bathroom, then let your partner hold up one of your legs and enter you from the front  as you hold on to their shoulders or the wall for extra support.

Got my Back

This works with one leg up, but with your back facing your partner. It is excellent for vaginal and anal penetration from behind. Simply stand on the non-slip mat facing the wall or door with one foot up on the stool or footrest. Then let your partner penetrate you from behind using your body as support.

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