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August 03, 2022 4 min read

How To Have Sex At A Festival

Are you heading to a festival and want to get naughty and even end up in steamy sex? Of course, there is nothing to worry about expressing and enjoying your sexual desires even when surrounded by strangers. That is why we have sampled these great ideas on how to have sex at a festival.

You won't believe the number of people having sex in the crowd at music festivals. Understandably, you may be away from home, a singleton, or in a drunken feast and still be a bit on the loose. Nobody will blame you for that. The festival season is around the corner, and you probably know what that means: sex in the open fields, public sex, or in the tents, all on a perfect backdrop from your music idols. When people think about a great location to engage in a quick romp outside their bedrooms, what comes to mind are exquisite romantic night hotels, beaches, the back seat of their cars, or a hot tub. However, have you ever thought about how it feels to have sex at a festival? Read on to find out.

Great Locations to Have Sex at A Festival

Perhaps you are wondering why we are shedding light on this topic. Well, newly released data from TickPick shows that 10% of festival-goers have had sex in a port-a-potty. Think about it. Two people decide to get down on a quick romp inside a smelly box that, if accidentally knocked over, can spill poop all over them.

You know how the drill goes. You get out there alone or in the company of your fellow singletons to have fun under the backdrop of great music from your favorite artists. Be sure that you will meet people that whom you would probably make connections. Therefore, based on TickPick, over 34% of folks at festivals engage in sex at some point during the event, out of which 47% engage in sex with people they just met.

While portable bathrooms may not be the only choice for those desperate to get down to it, most find it difficult to stay secluded from the thousands of attendees. This is why some tale desperate measures, and a surprising number of people often get down to it in the crowd, oblivious of the embarrassment. That said, here are perfect locations to have sex at a festival.

In Your Tent

You probably have been there already and know the drill. You feel a bit wasted, far from home, and looking to have sex with the next cute soul you can find. Guess what; they do too. Next up is to ensure you have protection and find a secluded place away from the thousands of prying eyes.

But unlike most outdoor sex, where you can easily find a secret spot, festivals present a wild challenge. Starting from the muddy fields filled with broken bottles to occupied port-a-potties and the few and far apart druids, your options are limited. The risk of being caught is exponentially raised. But don't worry. Wait until the crowds are fully absorbed or distracted by a fan's favorite artists and sneak back to your tent for a quick romp, tents are perfect festival sex locations. If you didn't come along with camping equipment and can't resist the urge, too, then your options are limited. That's because tents are the bedroom equivalent at a festival.

On the Field

The euphoria derived from festivals can be unreal. It is no surprise that a good number of festival-goers decide to get to it with people they just met. The idea of sleeping on the ground and listening to music all day long for days running can drive many loose. And with a bit of drunken dimension to it, anything can happen.

The dirty and muddy festival fields filled with litter and broken bottles don't sound anything like romance, but the good news is, that festival-goers seem to be having sex everywhere. Therefore, if you can't resist the urge, grab a towel, identify a spot on the field and get frisky.

In Your Car

When you think about sex and cars, you probably envision doing a girl or getting laid on the bonnet. However, sex at festivals is best done inside and in the back seat of your car. First off, the car's inside would provide a secluded place, at least all circumstances considered, but remember that prying eyes will be all over you via the windshields.

In the Druids

Many hookups and romantic connections are facilitated at festivals, and some people can take it a notch higher. As you probably know, there are lines you can cross and get arrested for public indecency. And having sex among the druids is one of them. But with the euphoria created at festivals, who cares what lines shouldn't be crossed? This could be a risk you can take because the police could pity you if you are lucky. Again, you will be surprised how many hookups would be with you right there. Some would be inches away giggling among the druids. So, this option is quite popular if you want to have hookup festival sex.

The Pros and Cons of Having Sex at Festivals

The Pros

  • Casual sex at festivals can give your sex life a new dimension. How? While you would expect casual connections or hookups that start and ends with the festival, some people meet love flames during these occasions.
  • When you get together away from home, you are at liberty to be who you want to be and explore your inner psyche, not to mention the horny strangers and the festival euphoria that lets everyone loose.
  • Sex at the festival is often for fun and with no strings attached, which some consider being the best sex.

The Cons

  • The risk of getting down with a stranger on the festival’s muddy fields is that you may never get the chance to clean up for the rest of the festival.
  • Sex with strangers, especially when feeling a bit wasted, comes with significant risks that some regret in the aftermath. Often, most get down to it without condoms, which exposes them to unspeakable risks.
  • Opportunities to clean up after having sex at festivals are few and far apart.
  • Doing it inside a car or tent requires other accessories like a torch, which many don't remember to put on the packing list.

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