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August 06, 2022 5 min read


It is every woman’s dream to become a kissing goddess. But when it comes to driving your man crazy with a kiss, few can pride themselves on being experts. Feelings for one another bind relationship bonds. In that regard, kisses will communicate your feelings for him more than words would. Kisses create unbreakable bonds between two people in a relationship, not only in the literal sense but also in the emotional perspective. It all starts with a simple kiss, and while people's kissing preferences and styles vary, certain universal kissing tips can enhance your performance and help drive him crazy with passion.

According to renowned Novelist Christian Nestell, the sweetness of a kiss lies in your passion for it, whereas its sanctity lies in the affection of a kiss. Impressing your man with a kiss depends on how you work on the sentiment above. From your preparation for it and your language to the fragrance and desire, you can adapt to your man’s kissing style and preference and complement it with your own for a mind-blowing intimate moment. That said, below is a compilation of hot kissing techniques to drive your man crazy with passion.

Start Slow and Soft

The biggest mistake we always make while getting intimate is to rush things. We often forward our movies past the kissing scenes to where folks get to bed, even in today's movie and cinema world. This depicts our fixation on rushing things when getting intimate. However, the secret to adding a pinch of passion is to start slow. There is no justification for rushing things.

Add Variety to Your Kissing

You have probably heard that variety is the spice of life. It does apply here, too, if you have to impress your man. Spice things up during your make-out sessions with different touches and sensations. Focus on stimulating other sweet zones in his body.

Work Outside the Box and Delay the French Kiss

Your guy will probably be eager to experience the magic French kiss with you. So, pull away and smile as he tries to work it off. Play around while keeping things that way so that when you finally give him your magic tongue, he will have reason to be extra thankful.

Suck on His Lips

When he thinks you are done, excite him by sucking his lips subtly using your teeth. We are not talking literal bites. Be gentle and don't apply too much pressure because it can be painful or annoying. Otherwise, you will have to master the art of varying the rhythm and resort back to passionate and mind-blowing open-mouth kissing.

Keep Him Guessing by Altering Your Kissing Rhythm.

More often, folks tend to maintain a kissing rhythm once they learn it. That is understandable because you want his and your kissing to be in sync. However, you will realize that altering your pattern can be more exciting.

Wear A Nice Fragrance

A perfect kiss will often involve three sensations: smell, taste, and touch. And wearing a nice fragrance will fall right into that and drive him wild with passion.

Master the Art of Nibbling

As mentioned earlier, the completeness of a make-out session requires different sensations. That said, you can enhance your performance on that front by lip-locking, gently biting, and nibbling to bring forth multiple sensations.

Passion Is A Must

Passion should catch you on with excellent preparation as long as you do everything right. Besides, making your kiss as passionate as ever is guaranteed to derive mind-blowing passion from your man. Start with gently massaging his lips with yours before you engage your tongue.

Bring Your Teeth to The Party

Certain techniques involving the teeth can be employed to turn him on. However, such techniques are reserved for special passionate occasions, especially those in long-term relationships. He doesn't expect you to start nibbling on his lips if he just met you at a festival. Regardless, teeth can help you maneuver certain techniques, such as gently bites and nibbles.

Make Occasional Head Tilts

Stop worrying about his head position or movement. Among other things, our heads will naturally and impulsively move or tilt sideways when kissing. This shouldn't be a cause for concern because it makes everything interesting, smooth, dynamic, and above all, natural.

Gently Suck on His Tongue

This technique is easier said than done. However, anything goes once the tongues have been invited to the party. If your guy is making fast and powerful tongue movements, it cannot be easy to pull this off. But once you lead him to slow down and catch his tongue with your lips, it will be worth it.

Grab His Head in Your Arms

As indicated earlier, kissing can elicit whole-body sensations. Beyond locking lips, you can involve your hands as allies to achieve a truly perfect kiss to drive him wild.

Hold His Neck

What better way to tell him he is in for a rough ride than grab his neck when kissing? We are not saying you choke him. Hold his neck firmly with one hand, while the other hand can hoover over his hair, chest, or back.

Lean on Him

Regardless of his height, you can identify a nice make-out spot where you can kiss while leaning on him. This will not only represent the bond and passion between the two of you, but it will go as far as melting his heart.

Work Your Hands Over His Body

You will often fall on the shorter side of the man you are kissing. This gives your hands more leverage to roam all over his body, especially the lower back and hips. Wrapping your hands around him is a great way to express your affection.

Pull Him Closer

Especially if you want things to end up in the bedroom, better get him closer and show him your aggressive side. If he hasn't seen you like this, you will be glad you did.

Never Stop Moving Your Hands

Imagine kissing with your hands in the same position for a few minutes. You don’t want to picture that because it would be a downright boring kiss.

Give Him the Eyelid Kiss

This is one of the most sensual yet rare kisses, often pulled off by ladies with an expansive kissing repertoire. It is not a full-blown kiss that comes from anywhere. The key is timing. Hold his head in your arms, and throw a gentle kiss on his eyelids.

Don't Assume A Leading Role, And Don't Sit Back Either.

Naturally, your guy will want to take control of proceedings. Remember that some guys will love to kiss you first, while others will wait until you make a move or give positive signals. Either way, ensure he takes the leading role.

Let Him Hear You Breathe

This is only possible if you take things slow. Go with every rhythm, tide, and don’t fast forward a kiss to full-blown sex. Go through the motions naturally to make your kissing so intense and memorable that he would want it to last forever.

Move Your Head to Maintain the Rhythm.

While kissing, you might be tempted to break it to allow yourselves to gasp for air. While he might be okay with that, the alternative would be to turn your head and switch positions so he can feel every inch of your lips.

Bite His Shoulder

This isn't a move you would pull off easily. However, it feels more natural when you are in the heat of intimate moments.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to driving your man wild with passion, a kiss will do. While every lady dream of becoming a kissing goddess, few can brag about being expertise. Regardless, learning to kiss your man passionately isn't that complicated. Among the tips highlighted herein, the key is staying calm, relaxing, ensuring your man is having it all, and enjoying the moment.

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