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July 29, 2022 5 min read


It is easy to satisfy a woman's needs during sex. A man can be discreet in parading his actions to satisfy a woman with praise kink. This article highlights why girls like praise kinks, be specific and find a nickname.

The top or dominant showers their submissive or bottom mate with compliments, sweet words, and other forms of praise in praise kink, often called "affirmation play" or a good girl kink. A kink is anything that arouses a person, especially objects or sexual activities deemed non-normative. Praise kinks are frequent since "praise as a technique for pleasure" is common. However, it is best to think of kinks as a continuum; it may be a little simple to state that everyone either has or doesn't have a praise kink.

Why Do Girls Like Praise Kinks

There are several hypotheses as to why someone could acquire or have a praise kink. Some people, for example, "may have the sort of disposition that wants encouragement, which might reasonably lead to making it erotic during sexual relations. A person with low sex esteem may be prone to developing praise kinks or get particularly aroused when their prowess or attractiveness is acknowledged. The unique erotic history may also influence a praise kink. Perhaps you remember seeing a sex scene in a movie when a lady was screaming about how fantastic he made her feel, how huge he was, and how seductive she found him when you were a kid. Seeing a scene is probably your first sexual encounter, but you may have picked up the idea that a large part of sex involves women complimenting men. You began to draw the link between you two and acquired a praising kink. Getting complimented during sex isn't merely a kind of peer approval to compensate for a lack of internal affirmation. It's something that accentuates the positive sensations I already experience.

Use the following tips to satisfy her with those praise kinks

Say the Right Thing

Many think of lovely things about their spouse during sex but never say them. Alternatively, they may wait until the intercourse is finished and provide some praises as aftercare. Everyone should be talkative during sex, but it's especially crucial if you're fucking someone who thrives on praise. Someone with a praising kink lives for this. It is not about how good you can make them orgasm. It's not simply the thrill of being fingered, devoured, and penetrated. It's also good to hear you speak good things about a woman. What a woman wants to hear varies on the context and her specific tastes, although there are a few typical ones that most of us may use. The major one is "good girl." That's what a woman is striving to be if she is into praising kink. A woman is determined to achieve that title, and she'll virtually melt when it comes from your mouth. "Clever girl" is also fantastic, especially if she enjoys being a little brash and stubborn. Those phrases will fire a woman up if she likes to challenge you when you're flirtatious or wants you to work for it when you're fooling about and loves to surprise. You may put into words that which you admire about her physique. "Your tits are fucking fantastic," "your ass drives me crazy," and "you have no clue how sexy you look right now" are all phrases to use. Tell a woman that her "flower" tastes nice when you're down on her. Tell her how terrific little cocksucker she is when she's down on you. Williams et al. (2021) noted that you could tell your woman you like how nicely she handles your dick when banging into her. Whatever you love at the time, expressing it and converting it into praise will bring her delight. Ensure you do not be stingy with it.

Be Specific

Your compliments must make your woman feel recognized and valued if you want to drive her crazy. Instead of offering a woman general praise, you should mention particular things she's accomplishing. Don't tell a woman she is attractive; tell her why you can't take your gaze away from her. Almeida et al. (2016) suggested that you could tell a woman that when she's on all fours for you, her pussy looks inviting. When a woman is giving you a ride, her melons bounce up and down rhythmically in a sexy manner bounce. Colls (2012) revealed that a woman appears gorgeous and chubby on her knees, exposing herself to you. The praise does not seem monotonous since it is specific. Even the most devoutly nice females don't like to be called one thing; make sure not to overuse one phrase. More significantly, the detail lends credibility to your appreciation. And that will make it much more exciting for her.

Find A Nickname Or A Pet Name For Her.

Making her feel appreciated and turned on by using pet names and phrases of love is quite easy. Simply addressing her in the appropriate manner and context might give her shivers and arousal simultaneously. Whatever you name her, ensure it aligns with her character and loves and portrays the creature she is. "Princess" and "sweetheart" can work if your praise-loving lady has a DDlg kink. "My intelligent little slut" or "my good little whore" would be more appropriate if she enjoys light humiliation and degradation. Pet names are not arousing, but if you find a person who loves praise kink, this is a huge breakthrough.

Consider Giving Her Lots Of Non-Verbal Praise

Your words will mean the most to someone with a praise kink. However, you should include a lot of nonverbal sounds; a woman will feel wanted and desired that her knees might buckle and give way. According to Tholander et al. (2022), The sounds might be groans, moans, grunts, or anything that signifies you're having a good time during sex. Don't be hesitant. Allow yourself to produce whatever approving sound comes naturally to you.

Make Her Earn Her Orgasms By Edging Her.

It's a straightforward method. You can make your lover orgasm. Pull the stimulation away as she's about to reach that climax. Your woman becomes squirmy and irritated instead of arriving. Being edged is immensely pleasurable since it delays climaxing, raises my arousal, and intensifies the ultimate climax. It's also the ideal setting for some sexual compliments.


A woman is a jewel, and a man should make her happy in bed and outside to make her feel appreciated. People believe that women can be appreciated through sweet words and being polite to them. A man can make a woman happy by calling her names like a princess, my queen, and sweetheart. Aman can also find a pet name that makes a woman aroused. Men should be specific with what they want in a woman because it is fascinating. Men can give women non-verbal praises while having sex or walking around.


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