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August 04, 2022 3 min read


Are you thinking of hooking up with a guy you have a crush on? Here is a complete guide on everything you need to do to hook up with your dream guy effortlessly, including going for easy drinks and being straightforward about your intentions. 

Whether you want to go on a first date or are newly single, you may not understand hooking up. You need to understand how to hook up with a guy smoothly. This blog comes with a complete guide on tips that will make you win the guy of your dreams. 

Be Straightforward About Your Intentions 

Being honest about what you want from a guy is essential for a healthy and good hookup. Have a genuine and honest conversation with the guy you are hooking up with before thinking of sex. 

If Feelings Get Involved, Admit It

When you develop feelings for the one you are hooking up with, consider letting them out. Do not let the guy you are hooking up with notice your feelings before revealing them. This makes them feel like you want to go direct from hookup to a serious relationship, which seems messy and manipulative. Feelings are natural, and you can never shut them down. Therefore, confess your feeling even if it's the first time you are hooking up with the guy. 

Go for Easy Drinks 

For safety and comfort reasons, avoid any alcoholic drinks. Soft drinks will keep you alive and comfortable around your guy.

Get Close to the Guy

Sit closer to the guy while talking. The guy should be able to smell your erotic perfume while looking at you with lustful eyes. This can be great, especially if you want something from the guy.

Sit in the Guy's Lap

You can sit on your guy's lap while looking straight into his eyes. This posture will send a direct message about what you want them to do.

Talk About if You Want to be Exclusive or Not

Polyamory and monogamy are common today and can be of great value if discussed. When hooking up with a guy, it is essential to know if you are exclusive. This will help avoid embarrassment or misunderstandings.

Come Up with the Rules of Your Hookup

Flexibility is essential in any hookup. However, discuss your rules whenever you hook up with a guy. This lets them understand what you need when sleeping with them. It will also prevent any misunderstanding,

Let Them Know When You are Not Into Them Anymore

Do you feel like you are losing interest in the guy you are hooking up with? It is healthy to let the guy know your stand. 

Put Any Awkwardness Out into the Open

Did something awkward happen when on a date with your guy? Consider talking about it. It is healthy to make things clear to avoid feeling awkward. You do not want to feel embarrassed with the guy, especially when it's a first-time hookup. 

Dress Up Wisely

You must look presentable with a sexy and fancy outfit on. Wear something that will look good on you, and please the guy you are hooking up with. Moreover, ensure you go for an outfit that perfectly fits maximum comfort. The outfit can be revealing but not too much.

Choose a Location 

Choosing the best meeting point with the guy you are hooking up with is generally appropriate. This keeps you well prepared and informed of the place you will meet. Also, choose a safe place for a comfortable moment with your partner.

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