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August 06, 2022 5 min read


Performing a striptease for your man is a breathtaking and wonderful way to keep things interesting and fun for the two of you. Most of the time, you're so eager to jump into the game that you end up ripping each other's clothes off without realizing how sexy it is to slow things down a bit to make things steamier in bed. However, it can be awkward, weird, and nerve-wracking if you don't prepare properly for it. The art of slowing down things in bed, which includes stripping down slowly for your man, can help you take things a notch up. But most women are caught up in the heat of the moment and often bypass this trick. That said, below are handy tips on how to strip for your man.

Women often carry the brand of bedroom organization for married couples. And getting to strip down for your man requires preparation too. From nice scents and fragrances to sexy lingerie, everything has to be meticulously selected to make sex an event. If you have been looking for new sexy little ways or steps to turn a guy on quickly, here is all you need to know:


You need to do little preparation when planning to strip for your man. During preparation, consider the following:

  • Where: Your bedroom is the perfect place to strip for your man, that is, if your bedroom is big enough as he will automatically associate it with sex and all things naughty.
  • What to wear: Choose a pair of sexy stockings, bra, and panties that you know will turn your man on. over these, wear a skirt that's easy to slip out of for your top; the easiest is something like a blazer that you can take off without much effort. When choosing your clothes, the key is that your underwear can be super tight and sexy, but the outerwear needs to be fairly loose and simple. The shoes or boots should fit perfectly and be comfortable on your legs, so heels are always the best. But if you are not comfortable wearing heels, go barefoot instead.
  • The Mood: Bright lights are out and subdue. So, if you have dimmer lighting, then you are in luck. If not, you will need to improvise one by turning off the bulb lights and using candles instead. Alternatively, you can throw a light cotton sheet over a lamp to give the same effect. Arrange a comfortable place for him to sit, which will give him a good and clear view of your performance. Set the mood with some music, pick a number that will match and enhance ore on the moment, and loosen up you a bit if nervous or tense.
  • Timing: For the first-timers stripping for your man, then maybe a little bit nervous at the idea but try having a glass of wine before doing it. It will help to make everything go smoothly. Avoid getting drunk. One glass is enough; more glasses can result in being drunk and tired, hence unable to fulfill the striptease steps to the end, ruining the plans and disappointing your man.

Grab Your Man

After the preparation, you are going to start by gently grabbing your man's wrist and leading him to the chair strategically placed and positioned in your bedroom/apartment; carefully push him down firmly onto the chair so that he knows that you are in charge.


Please give him a quick kiss to know you aren't being too serious. Do not do deep kissing at this point. Afterward, slowly and seductively walk a few steps away from him, making sure to accentuate your hips as you do. For curvy women, this is the moment to make good use of those hips. For less curved ones, it's well, and well does your thing too; trust me, hips size doesn't matter either way. Then stop, look over your shoulder at him and lower your outerwear to the floor, starting with a jacket or blazer.

Romantic Dramas

Take a step back towards your man, then put your hands on either side of your hips and slowly start to lower your skirt to the floor as you bend slowly too. Give your man a bird's eye view of your ass. Please put your hands on your hips and slowly rotate your hips right in front of him. If he tries to touch or grab you, then swat his hands away and wave your fingers in his face. Do this while facing him or him facing your back.

Unveiling the Hidden Treasures

Slowly walk away from your man. Stop when you are a few feet away and then slowly start to undo your bra with your back facing him. Slowly Strip the shoulder straps down before undoing them from behind your back. Keep the bra held unto your elevated breasts. Turn around again and let it fall to the floor. Give him the time to stare at your breasts. When you are done, slowly walk back to him.

Seductive Grinding

Sit down on his knee and start grinding on it again patiently and with less motion. Continuously grind and enjoy every moment of it. Keep eye contact as you grind.

Showing Off the Goodies

Once you feel your man is sufficiently teased, start stripping your underwear off. You can do this by bending over and giving him a doggy style view of your goodies, or for the less balanced inclined, simple stand falling him and teasing the panties down your legs. The shoes can be removed at this point and dropped on the ground. Once the panty is removed, those feeling especially naughty may choose to hold it by their teeth as they continue gyrating or making their way over to their man.

It Is Sex Time

Finally, the long-awaited moment is here. Yes, it's sex time. The best way to finish off the strip is with oral sex, but for those who can't or have never done oral sex, perhaps for the first-timers, they can do whatever feels right at this moment.

The Bottom Line

As with most things in the bedroom, confidence is pivotal to learning how to strip. Eye contact plays an important role in showing confidence, so catch his gaze as often as you can. Stripping is just choreographed dancing that leads to amazing sex. Learning how to strip for your man may seem hard and embarrass for the first time. Never rush the act of stripping. The process should be slow and sexy so he can grasp every moment. He wants to remember the images of you getting naked for him for the rest of his life. The slower you take things, the sexier and sweeter the stage gets.

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