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August 03, 2022 4 min read


Have you liked a guy and wondered if he likes you too? Fret not. Learn about 16 vital signs that a guy shows when he is into you, including getting jealous, confiding in you, and taking chances to hang out with you.

When a guy likes you, he will subconsciously lean toward you, especially when doing something together. The most powerful element of prediction in relationships is physical closeness. When a guy likes you, you will develop closeness to him. The more you get close to him, the more you like him. However, there are other ways to tell if a guy likes you. The following are the 16 vital signs that a guy shows when he is into you:

You Suddenly Notice Him Looking at You

When you notice a guy looking at you, it is most likely that he’s interested in being with you. When you look back at him, he will be motivated to come over and start a charming conversation with you or even flirt with you. This is a vital sign, but the guy may not know he likes you yet.

He is Attentive to You

When someone loves you, he will pay attention to you and everything around you. He will come up with some questions to know more about you. For instance, he may ask you about basic stuff such as your residence and the type of work you do. Also, he may be making small talks with you to keep you company.  

He Pays Attention to the Things You Have in Common

When conversing with a guy, it’s an obvious sign that he likes you when he starts comparing the things you have in common. It can be a movie, music, or anything else you might have in common. By comparing your likes, he creates a strong bond between you two. Although this is not an ideal sign, it's a good one still. 

He Makes You Laugh 

When a man puts in the effort to make you laugh by being funny and witty, he probably likes you. He always tries to improve your impression of him. He is probably aware that ladies like a guy with a sense of humor. For that reason, he will try to win you over with his wittiness and humor

He Laughs at Your Jokes

Guys love to laugh at their ladies' jokes, even if they aren't funny. A guy will think that if he laughs at your jokes, there are chances that you will like him. 

He Is Jealous When He Sees You Talking with Other Guys

When you see a man frown when he sees you talking to another guy, he likes and doesn't want to be replaced. He might also show a grumpy face, and you can tell that he's jealous. 

The Guy Leans Close When Talking to You 

If a guy likes you, he will lean towards you when talking or doing anything. That's contrary to a guy who has no interest in you. He will lean backward when you seem close to him. 

The Guy Often Initiates Contact with You

When a guy initiates body contact, it's a great sign that he is into you and may be introducing flattery elements. If you like him too, you will be thrilled by the number of times he makes contact with you.

He Becomes Conscientious About Being with You

If a guy doesn't return your text messages right away or he comes late for a date and ignores it, it is a clear sign that he isn't interested in you. However, if he is apologetic and real, he likes you. 

He Asks You How You Spent Your Day 

A guy will always be concerned about you. For instance, if you inform him about a job interview, he will surely ask you about it next time you meet with him. This can be because the guys think of what's going on in your life, and he probably cares much. 

He Helps You When Necessary

A guy who is into you will grab any chance to help you when you need it. For instance, most guys hate some household chores and won't offer a helping hand. However, it's different for a guy who likes you. 

He Takes Chances to Hang Out with You Alone

When a guy plans for a date and only invites you, the guy is into you. A guy with no interest will go on such a date with you in a group. 

When At a Party, He Stays Around You

A guy who likes you won’t let you get out of his sight when at a function. He will also introduce you to some of his friends. However, it's different if it's the opposite because such a man will leave you alone.

He Isn’t Thrilled When You Are Dating Someone

You may like the guy but base your reasoning on that it's only for friendship. He may claim that he only wants to be friends with you, although you seem right for each other. If you start dating another person, the guy will be upset.

He Confides in You 

When a man confides in you, he’s trying to connect with you deeply. It opens a wide door for the development of a relationship. You should know that guys will only confide in ladies they love. 

He Is Straight on What He’s Doing

If you are thick-headed and can’t tell if a guy likes you or not, he will come right to you and confess. However, you should be careful with this move because some guys will come to this if they want a hook-up for the night.

The Bottom Line

If a guy is into you, he will show some of the abovementioned signs. Do not ignore any of them because they may be a game-changer. Some guys may like you if they want a hookup, while some may want a genuine relationship. You must tell the difference between a guy who is in for a genuine relationship or in for a one-night stand. Loo out for signs of sexual attraction and know the signs a guy shows when interested in you. 

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