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September 14, 2017 4 min read

By Ksenia Sobchak

The biggest question is a lot of people’s mind when it comes to their bedroom life is “how do I make it better?” one can employ a lot of methods to that end, however more simpler and less complicated methods are there. Blindfolds are simple, easy and very playful to use during bondage play or just ordinary sex.

Blindfolds add to the element of anticipation and reduce predictability, you will always have something new up your sleeves. By depriving sight, blindfolds allow for all your other senses to kick into high gear i.e. smell, taste. Every touch, caress, kiss will always have an erotic effect and your partner will love every bit of it combined with various sensory plays, you are guaranteed to have moments of bliss. It’s not all about just putting on a blindfold and put on some Marvin Gaye and “get it on.” There are various ways to ensure that you will enjoy every moment wearing a blindfold.

How To Use A Blindfold For Better Sex


Even for vanilla couples having a blindfold on your partner naturally puts you in control of events. You will be the conductor of every touch, every caress, every kiss, and every whisper. It also gives the confidence to “rock” your partner’s world. Placed in position of the Dominant, one commands their partner to do things whilst blindfolded, tell them how to perform some mind-blowing oral and let them traverse every inch of your body. The experience will always feel new as they will be figuring out everything with every touch and also following your lead.

On the flip side, controlling the play is fun and exciting. Try and be unpredictable and bring that element of surprise to your blindfolded partner. Each stroke builds an anticipation of what is to come, tell them what you will do to them slowly and in a whisper in their ears, kissing their ear lobes or licking them will give a tingly sensation. Blindfolds allow you to control the environment, build the anticipation or even watch them beg for more after you slow down or tease by coming to a stop when you were orally pleasuring them. Take a step back and build the suspense, take about thirty seconds without touching or making a sound then run a tickler or an ice block on their body and continue pleasuring them as before.

Sensory play is quite exciting and fun and can involve a lot of things and food can be part of the act, having honey to lick off your partner when you are blindfolded can be sexy, tasty and arousing at the same time. Playing around with things like glass dildos that can be heated or cooled also comes in handy when blindfolded.

Introduce a sexy massage to act as an ice breaker, this builds up the momentum and you can integrate mint scented lube into the mix. The teasing fingers on the skin and the chilling sensation given off by the mint lube makes it the more erotic and pleasurable. Building up add a feather tickler after the massage and you will be driving your partner nuts in no time.


A blindfold can help you concentrate and feel more confident about yourself. Most partners feel shy being watched having a blindfold with no eye contact can help them feel more at ease, have your partner touch themselves whilst you instruct them. With a blindfold one can masturbate freely and concentrate on pleasuring themselves whilst you enjoy the show.


You can blindfold your partner and perform lap dance on them. Mostly great for men, have him sit on a couch or chair naked with his hand retrained, and then tease slowly dancing and rubbing against him. Have some sexy music playing subtly in the background and it shouldn’t be too distracting. Interchange the lap dance with moments of giving oral and you will have them wiggling in no time.


Another way to enjoy love making is to both be blindfolded, now bear in mind to have safe surroundings when you do this (wouldn’t want you falling off the bed would we). Have your partner saddle you whilst you hold their hips or their bottom, this ensures some intimate trust and helps you rely on touch, sound and rhythm. Having both partners blindfolded helps with some rhythm and with every thrust, stroke and touch you will know you are doing it well by listening to the way your partner moans and or breathes. Synchronizing your rhythm whilst love making is sensual and can also help for some ecstatic orgasms shared between both partners.


Add more to the fun by involving a dildo, tickler or handcuffs. The choice for toys is limitless and this will make it more playful but also pleasurable at the same time. By restraining your partner you are in control (as mentioned in the first paragraph), with many toys you can up the levels of sensation. Using a vibrator, tickler or paddle as a surprise helps keep your partner guessing through it all. So go ahead and try it, who says sex should be two dimensional, don’t miss out on your orgasm or some fantastic love making. Discuss your fantasies with your partner and see how you can add a blindfold into the mix, and in no time you will both be having the time of your life.