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How To Use A Feather Tickler

September 14, 2017 3 min read

How To Use A Feather Tickler

A lot of people’s sex life usually flat lines because there is not much variation and people are stuck to the usual missionary. Unbeknownst there is more to pleasuring your partner’s body that the norm, things usually go wrong during foreplay and when you get to third base things are just anticlimactic. So what’s next? Sensory play is one of the overlooked things in the bedroom and partners need to learn to play around with their partners’ pleasure spots. In that light one of those types of sensory play is spanking which is obviously easy and yields great results if done properly.

How To Use A Feather Tickler

So where does a feather tickler fit in here? Simple! It’s easy to use and does not require any amount of expertise to use it, and bring in the fun to fetish play. Feather ticklers are soft on the skin and they arouse your senses when brushed upon your skin softly and also do not require much effort.


A feather tickler is a toy used in sensory play, not just for BDSM activities but even with vanilla couples. The feather tickler consists of a slim plastic, metal or wooden rod with soft feathers on the top end of it.

The feathers stimulate your senses as your nerve endings respond to the rubbing on your skin and can be used all over the body (do mind the face, feathers tend to make you sneeze). When used during foreplay a feather tickler gives an intense experience as simultaneous stimulation with hands can give such erotic pleasure. So be it a vanilla couple or a hardcore BDSM couple a feather tickler feels right at home.


Using a feather tickler is quite simple, by holding the rod area slowly and gently run the feathers on your partner’s skin and target some of those extra sensitive spots like the neck, the back, between the thighs for maximum pleasure. Feathers cause a soft tingly feeling to run through your whole body but also allowing you the space to use your hands for those spots that respond more to touch.

Try playing around with the amount of contact the feathers get with the skin, with a barely touching approach giving off a lot of pleasure and more exposure for those less sensitive parts. Take note of your partner’s reactions, subtle changes to breathing and moaning these will tell you if you have hit the spot.


Introduce a blindfold to the play, by depriving your partner sight the suspense of what you will do next will make the experience more erotic and pleasurable. Limiting sight makes other senses kick into high gear and that makes your body more alert thus response is heightened. Ticklers and blindfolds work well together for some awesome bondage play and suit many play scenarios. Playing the maid who came for housekeeping to dust it up adds to the euphoria, along with the tickler the outfit just plays right into the excitement of using a feather tickler. It is the experience and anticipation of being “dusted” whilst watching your partner use the tickler on other objects before they attend to you.


Feather ticklers are generally the same, however in some cases other feather ticklers may apply to certain scenarios than others. When shopping it is best to consult and get the proper feather tickler and you are on your way to having some exciting times.
Portable and handy - This type of feather tickler is for those who like to take the show on the road. This tickler has a bushy bloom of feathers and a small stem which makes it easy to handle and also allows for some close contact play, it will get you “dusting” your partner’s pleasures in no time.

That specific touch – Are you looking to give some more targeted pleasures, then look for bondage feather ticklers with a long slim stem. This tickler usually has a small amount of feathers allowing for a more targeted touch when you use it, be it using the tip of the feathers or pressing it on the skin for more exact strokes every touch will feel artistic as if using a paint brush.

Luxurious pleasure – Beautifully topped by ostrich feathers this tickler is more suited for a luxurious setting, with its long stem and beautiful ostrich feathers this tickler will give you pleasure but also give your bedroom the chic look it deserves. Ostrich feathers are soft and give a sensuous feeling during foreplay and will just leave you longing for more and more.

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