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April 18, 2020 2 min read

I Feel So Naughty Having Sex Outdoors

By Ksenia Sobchak

There are a lot of couples out there that love sticking to the same old bedroom sex, with occasional experimenting which is still not leaving the room. It's important to realize that sex life, just like your entire life, needs to be changed every now and then. It's same like with the food – one day you will like eating grilled chicken and other times you just want to have double cheeseburger with French fries and tall coke. Having sex in public is definitely something that can make you feel like you are on the top of the world. Not only that it is exciting and highly thrilling, but there is also a possibility if getting caught, and some people definitely find it to be the biggest turn on. There are various reasons behind one's wish to experience public sex. Some people want to freshen up their sex life by doing it somewhere in the nature, car or any other place that excites them. Public sex is just like real-estate, it's all about the location!

Before you decide to enjoy sex in public, you need to be aware that it can be a serious offence, or minor indiscretion, which depends on the country and state you live in. Once you find a partner willing to engage into public sex adventure with you, that's when all the fun starts. It could be a great experience and a kinky little secret to share with your partner. It's important to plan when and where will you do it, because having your first public sex is similar to losing your virginity. When you find your location, the next most important thing is choosing the right moment. It's always good to plan it with your partner and talk about it for a while. Let it sit in the back of your mind for some time, because the more you think about it, the greater your wish will become to make it happen. Sometimes, you can hit the club with your partner, without even thinking about having sex in there, and suddenly, you feel your body trembling and craving for some naughty action.

The best public sex is definitely the spontaneous one. You should never force it, because in those moments you will not be able to enjoy in it to the fullest. Your hearts start beating faster, you fear of being caught is breaking the roof, but at the same time it brings more satisfaction that you could ever imagine. There are a lot of places where you can do it, but it all depends how big of a risk you want to take. Sex in the water is everyone's fantasy. Sex on the lonely beach is something that can be romantic and naughty at the same time. Having sex at the party, on a smoky dance floor with sweat dripping down your body, and your lips so close to your partner's lips, is definitely arousing action. There is no bedroom on the earth that will give you the same excitement and shivering like a public place.

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