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August 06, 2022 4 min read


Use ice cubes during romantic sensation to spice up your partner with the five best sex ice games discussed in this article.

Ice will provide you with a better way to give your partner n incredible foreplay. It is one of the ways of engaging in temperature play. In this type of play, you can use ice, cool water, massage oil, refrigerated lube oil, or any other sex accessories that have been cooled down to zero degrees Celsius. Ice effectively stimulates your body's sensitive areas by triggering them to a higher arousal state. It provides the best ways to experiment with temperature play. Also, it is easier to afford icicles at your home if you have your freezer at home. Although ice play is awesome, there are games used that will make it even more pleasurable.

Tips You Need to Know When Using Ice During Romantic Sensation

Do Not Use Ice Directly the Moment You Take It from The Freezer

People’s sensitivity to cold temperatures varies by a huge margin; however, the difference is not an easy task to tell apart. There is a difference between fun-shocking cold and damage-shocking coldness. This is genuine for sensitive skins around erogenous zones or the genitals. Thus, it is always good to be careful when having cold play less you hurt your partner with extreme coldness.

Use Cold Ice Water

If you want a cooler sensation that maybe even your partner's skin sensitivity won't be a limitation, make use of cold water. Start by breathing cold air around their erogenous zones and ensuring no physical contact yet. To produce a cold breath, tight your lips slightly to leave a small opening.  After your partner is familiarized, you can then use the ice-cold water.

Never Insert the Ice Popsicle Internally

When using ice during romantic sensation, you should not throw caution to the wind and insert the ice in your partner’s erogenous zones. The cold temperatures may damage your anal or delicate vaginal muscles, thus making your end tragic. Also, the effect might go unnoticed initially due to the numbing sensations brought by the same ice that results in the cooling of the blood.

Tease Your Partner Using Cold

When you are still at the oral sex level, take cold water in your mouth, then let it slide over your partner's skin slowly. As the after flows, you continue to lick them with your cold tongue and make them experience a mind-blowing sensation.

Do Not Let the Ice Come Directly in Contact with Your Partner’s Genitals

Before letting your ice come in physical contact with your partner's genitals, you are advised to thaw it first. After you take your ice out of the freezer, drop it in a cup of water for s bout 10 minutes. Although it will start melting, things will spice up when you use it for sensations—letting the ice directly very your partner's genitals can be tragic and painful.

Cool Your Toys in The Freezer

If you want to experience chilling penetration, an alternative involving placing your toy in the freezer for freezing is your best choice. Ensure the toy doesn't get too cold to the level of inflicting damage to your skin. Also, you can cool your lubricant, too, if you want a chilling message.

Do Not Be Mistake Arousal for Tingling

Frostbite is a concern that shouldn't be ignored when using ice for pleasure. Some partners will find the cold sensation uncomfortable and eventually painful, indicating the ice play is not good for them. For that reason, you should always make sure you are communicating with your partner about how they feel. Signs of frostbite include burning with needles and pins or stinging on the skin. You and your partner should be aware of the signs so that you don't mess up.

Top Sex Games You Should Try with Ice

When the weather changes, your chances of engaging in winter sex secrets have arrived. Here are the top ice sex games you should try with your partner.

Ice And Slow

Let your partner have two ice cubes – one on every hand. Place their hands on your belly button and have them crawl slowly up towards your stomach. You can direct them to the places you want to feel the chilling sensations, such as nipples neck and by making circular motions around your breasts. Once your partner is through, let them drink the water in your belly button from the melted ice – it's an intimate and sensational move.

Slip And Fall

Grab your ice cubes and carefully run=b them against your partner's undergarments line so that they hardly feel the chilling sensations. Move the ice cube back and forth against their genitals, but when they still have the knickers on. After rubbing for a few moments, drop the cube ‘accidentally’ into their knickers, then tell them you should reach out for it.

Ice Breaker

When having oral pleasure, slip the ice cube in your mouth for a few moments, then pass it to your partner to hold on to the ice too. After that, carry on by going down on them with your tongue that has chilling sensations. In a short while, your tongue will start generating warm temperatures, and in that case, your partner will feel mind-blowing sensations. It will make them curl their toes and crunch on the ice popsicle.

The North Pole

Push your partner's penis shaft against their stomach, then hold the ice on their scrotum. Do that in a circular motion and let your partner feel the chilling sensations.

Melt In The Mouth

Let half of the ice popsicle slip in your mouth, then let your partner start kissing the other half. Eventually, your tongues will melt the toy, then let your cold tongues explore some other erogenous zones.

The Bottom Line

Playing with ice for chilling sensations is as pleasurable as long as you follow the correct tips. Do not insert a cold sex toy or ice popsicle into your partner abruptly without their consent. Communication is important during such plays less you make your partner suffer from pain instead of pleasure. Also, it would be best if you had more than ice to make your chilling sensation worthwhile. For example, you can include a mini-vibrator equipped with a string for a magical feeling.

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