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July 27, 2022 5 min read


If you've ever had the chance to drive while your partner performs oral sex on you, you've been in the driver's seat. Road head has long been a fantasy among sexual adventurers and those who enjoy exhibitionism, but it also has its downsides and can be unsafe if not executed properly. This article will talk about road head, what it is, its advantages and disadvantages, and what you need to know before trying out one yourself.

Men have many fantasies they would love to experience in real life. In all places that one might choose to enjoy oral sex, the car is always an intriguing fantasy to many. There are many reasons why most people love and enjoy this experience, but there are also strong reasons that one might not have to try this daring fantasy. How do you get your partner to give you one? Is it safe for you to get a blow job while driving? Learn the ins and outs of road head to be prepared for the next time you get in the driver's seat and want to take this journey with your partner.

Why It Could Be Great

Many people have different reasons for enjoying road head, but a reason that has to be the most common is who doesn't love head? Getting head is an experience many men pleasure, and it makes perfect sense to want one even if you are driving. Of course, for those who know that a good head can give you stimulation that is out of this world.

A car head is a way to have fun while driving; it makes you relaxed, and if you get a good head, that sensation that passes through your body can leave you breathless. There are many reasons to enjoy car head because it makes you feel good. It is like instant gratification that can help you relieve stress and give you physical satisfaction. For example, if your partner was giving car head, all you want to do is get home faster because your desire for each other has increased.

Many people love getting or giving road heads because of the danger or anxiety it can bring. According to Toates (2014), car head is an amazing way to enjoy the rush of blood that comes with the fear of getting caught or seen. Many couples love it because it brings a different vibe to the normal bedroom experience.

Most important of all, you get to brag. Few people have experienced car head but would love to experience it. Bragging about getting laid or, in this case, getting a blow job while you drive to work has to be on the list of accomplishments you will brag about. It will significantly make you better to brag about it.

Why It Might Not Be So Great

Car head can be great for those who want to spice up their sex lives, but it has its cons! One bad thing about road head is that when driving downtown with a full erection, there might be some problems if you stop at traffic lights or red lights. Another disadvantage of car blow jobs is that your partner doesn't give as much attention as she would in bed or even on a soft mattress, even if you are driving. So it can sometimes lead to premature ejaculation, as McMahon et al. (2016) stated. However, with patience and proper training, most men overcome these disadvantages.

Car blow jobs can also be messy if you don't know how to do them safely. If you are not skilled enough, your partner might not like her hair or face all dirty with saliva, drool, or other liquids from your body. This can turn her off, so you must learn how to car blow job properly and have fun doing it too!

The most important reason why it might not be so much of a good idea is safety. We all know that you can sometimes get lost in a wonderland while orgasming, and as dangerous as roads can be, you don't want to get yourself into a life-threatening accident.

How To Prepare For It?

To prepare for it, first, take a nice shower. This is important. You don't want any unwanted smells or tastes between you and your partner's enjoyment. Secondly, many guys recommend getting some hand-job-ready lotion that you can use beforehand to keep things slippery. If you know you'll be getting road head before it happens, plan with a condom. Maybe leave it in an obvious place so your partner knows what's happening when they see it in your car. According to Ghimire et al. (2011), condoms enable one to practice safe sex. Lastly, keep the windows up in case you run into a jam depending on your location or destination. You don't want the nanny in the next car gasping their mouth and wishing that Armageddon comes sooner. But if you or your partner loves it when people see what's happening, good for you.

Things You Should Know Before Doing It Yourself

Strap up. Although the danger and rush might be what you are into, you might want to consider having a condom in your car, so things don't get too messy.

Secondly, there is no need to rush anything. Since having a car head can be dangerous, reducing the speed or driving at a reasonable speed is one of the safety measures that can help you reach the finish line (pun intended). You have to remember that getting to where you are going is the most important thing.

So why would you want to do it yourself? It is quite simple; nothing gets in your way like an annoying passenger or somebody with a phobia of sex in cars. Plus, you can get it done without anyone judging you. They will probably be glad they didn't get stuck with it!


Knowing that most drivers can see what happens in their backseat will make it easier to let go. It's also important to remember that drivers are not only focused on getting from point A to point B. Because they're behind you, they have a unique perspective on your situation—they can get an eyeful, no matter how hard you try to hide from them. In short, people will notice what's happening in your car even if you try hard not to draw attention to yourself. Don't waste your time worrying about whether you're being watched because there's nothing you can do about it now (and frankly, it's hot). Just enjoy yourself! If someone doesn't like what they see, that's their problem!


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