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August 06, 2022 4 min read

Intimate And Powerful: Have You Tried The Amazon Sex Position?

Amazon sex position is the best for Aries or anyone who loves to take charge of the bedroom fun. This position can bring the delight of rainfall to your bedroom, just like the Amazon Rain Forest. This may be your amazon sex position ultimate guide if you want to try this intimate and powerful position.

Thanks to various sex positions, the sex world has greatly evolved. Some positions, including the Amazon sex, are still less common in the sex scenes. The Amazon sex position gained its name from the positioning of lovers, where the top partner gains the strength like the Amazonian Warrior to take charge of the sexual encounter.  Typically, it is a great position for vagina having persons who like to dominate during sex.  In this position, the partner on top experiences the pleasure of cowgirl while the one at the bottom goes for missionary; hence it is a hybrid a position.  Incorporating the Amazon Sex Position in your normal routine is the greatest of spicing up the bedroom.  Although it may not be great for beginners, you can try it if you trust each other.

What Is the Amazon Sex Position?

The Amazon sex position involves the penis having persons laying on their backs with their legs and knees in the air and pulled to the chest.  After assuming this position, the vagina having persons squat over the penetrating partners below with their knees resting on both sides of the penetration giver’s hips and torso. Once in position, the partner on top can bounce to enjoy the in-and-out sensations.  Amazon sex position may require a long penis and dildo that can go past the bottom partner’s hips to the receiving partner’s hole.  Alternatively, you and your lover can stay still in this position if the penetrating partner has a small penis to enjoy shallow penetrations and intense G spot stimulations.

Is The Amazon Sex Position Great for Solo Play?

Amazon sex position is great for solo masturbation. If you are a vulva owner, lubricate your vaginal opening and sex toy before placing it between two pillows. After positioning your toy, squat on it to enjoy hand-free solo stimulation. You can creatively use your hands to reach and stimulate other erogenous zones including the nipples for more sexual pleasure. For solo play using the Amazon sex position, choose suction cup dildo or rabbit vibrator to cum than ever before.

Benefits of the Amazon Sex Position

  • Amazon sex position allows the vulva-owners to exercise power and control between the sheets, making the sexual repertoire more fun and orgasmic.
  • The position gives the bottom partner enough strength to initiate and maintain deeper penetrations.
  • In these positions, the vagina persons can enjoy dual stimulations when hands or sex toys are used to explore other hot spots.
  • The Amazon sex position prolongs the sexual session because it reduces the penetration capabilities; hence, the penetrating partner will not be overstimulated.
  • This position enhances the eye contact that may increase arousal and intimacy, making your love session more pleasurable.
  • Since this position enhances shallow penetrations, folks with smaller cocks may be relieved about bedroom affairs.

How To Perform the Amazon Sex Position?

Amazon sex position is great for any various genders and gender combinations.  However, this does not mean folks with all fitness and flexibility levels can perform this position.  Transparently, getting and maintaining the Amazon sex position requires patience and perseverance.

The penetrating partner should lube up, lie on their back, and draw their bend legs closer to the chest to assume this position.  You can add pillow under their hips for more support when entering them. Then, the receiving partner should kneel over the penetrating partner and rest the knees on both sides of the penetrating partner’s hips and torso.  Once in this position, the receiving partner can bounce up and down on the penis or dildo to enjoy the sensations. Amazon sex position can be great If done on padded areas, including the liberator lounge or bed. This helps the partner on top to get more comfortable, prolonging the session.

The Best Amazon Variations That Can Transform Your Sex Sessions

If you agree to give Amazon sex position a try, you can find alternatives to make your session memorable.  Here are the best Amazon sex position variations you can try.

Reverse Amazon

Reverse Amazon marries the reverse cowgirl, implying the receiving partner faces the other opposite direction, giving the penetrative partner a stimulating view of their back and butt.  Reverse Amazon needs less hip mobility and allows the receiving partner to support themselves using the penetrating partner’s legs while bouncing up and down.

Classic Missionary

Typically, the Amazon and Missionary are modified versions of each other. If you or your lover finds the Amazon challenging to perform, go for the classic missionary, where the receiving partner lies on their back and the penetrating partner gets between their legs to thrust.

Squatting Amazon

The squatting Amazon is ideal for people who cannot kneel and spread their knees on either side of the penetrating partner due to differences in body shapes.  The penetrating and receiving partner should assume the classic Amazon to assume this position. However, the latter should dig their legs inside the bottom partner and squat back. The best thing about the Squatting Amazon is that it gives the receiving partner more power to take charge of the session.

Amazon Sex Position Safety Tips

Take baby steps when using the Amazon sex position to avoid injuries.  The receiving and the penetrating partner should be steady and confident from the beginning to the end of the play to achieve balanced thrusting.  The wrong position can cause falls that fracture the receiving partner’s penis. If this give you the image of how horrible the situation will be, google to see fractured penis.

The Bottom Line

Switching up things in the bedroom can a great way of spicing up your sex life. If your routine does not have powerful and intimate positions including the Amazon chances are, you might be missing a lot in the sex world.  Above are variations and how to perform these positions. Surprise your lover with the Amazon sex position in your everyday sex or during special days including Valentines, Christmas and Halloween to add flavor to your sex life.

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