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August 06, 2022 4 min read

Introduction To Male Chastity

As a lady, are you in despair because of your man's selfish urges during sexual intercourse? Well, there's a solution for having the courage to favor you. Trust that you can harness his libido to make him more concerned and caring. No use nagging when it's not his fault, but the testicles tell him to do so.

Male chastity involves locking your manhood to prevent masturbation or generally having sex. It can either be locked by you or your lover. Some of these devices even stop you from erecting despite arousal. Maybe this sounds no fun to you and probably asking, what’s the reason? That’s why perhaps you’re on this page. Let’s read on for a male chastity full guide.

Reasons for using male chastity

It allows power play.

Doesn’t it feel nice giving up control to your lover during BDSM? Letting a partner lock your balls and cock in a tiny male chastity cage is offering them a say over your life during that moment. They’ll make various decisions on your behalf, including the time for arousal, orgasm, and the form of your sexual experience will appear.

Allows one to focus

Putting on a chastity device gives some users time to focus. In mind, it takes them to the peak of masturbation, where they can surmount their desires. Considering their sexual relationship, they can mainly pay attention to their partner's pleasure.


It’s awkward how a chastity device can be humiliating. Sometimes, they can cause discomfort, make your testicles appear ridiculous, and difficult to use. Your behavior can be affected by wearing it, ranging from how you dress, walk, and sit to pee.

Enhanced stimulation

When wearing the device, you’re likely to get aroused because all attention is on the cock. Having to deny the arousal and getting stimulated is a sensational intensity on its side.

Better orgasms

Some men experience extremely powerful orgasms after a little denial. Can you imagine the feeling of coming after being restricted from all stimulation kinds for around one week? That’s why people like using it.

How do you use a male chastity device?

Putting on this tool can be varied depending on the different models. But, the following is a general procedure to use.

  • Ensure your penis is clean, dry, semi-erect, or slack. If you don't trust it for arousal, please take a cold bath or use some icepacks on the cock to release the tension.
  • Lube up your ring and cock, then wear the ring. Suppose the ring is one-pieced; slide in your penis followed by the balls, each at a time, letting the ring rest against your body. For a two-piece one, close your balls and cock using it. Be keen not to pinch yourself. Lube should be applied generously for easier slipping through these parts. You can opt for larger rings if doing this does cause any discomfort.
  • After that, get your penis in the sheath. You can apply more lube for a smooth entry. You can also use other materials, such as a tube or stoking, that are dry. Any slippery material can help. Just align the sheath and slip in your penis and remove the material through the cage's tip, with your penis in place.
  • Now lock the ring and sheath together using the lock pins. It can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve no idea what locks are fitting. Suppose there’s discomfort; it’s best to try with a different lock pin size.
  • Finally, if you feel satisfied with everything, use a padlock to fasten the sheath properly.

More tips

Padlock type

While some cages are available with an embedded lock, others have it separate depending on the size. You can also replace it with yours if you want. Advisably, buy a small padlock for a start. Most locks have small bores, meaning a bigger lock is a waste. Or else, if it fits, then be ready for discomfort when moving around.


For first-timers, it’s wise wearing your male chastity cage for a few moments. Later after getting used to it, longer periods will be reasonable. Beginners who do it for longer durations mostly report having an awful experience with this sweet product.


Peeing is a call of nature that must be attended to. Getting off the cage for some couples works fine, but wait until permission is granted. Also, it's possible to urinate with the cage on. It would help if you had some spray, then pee while seated. Afterward, allow your penis to drip for more time than usual. Do this to make sure the cock remains clean and dry. It may seem tricky, but do it for your next pleasurable moment.


Hygienically, removing your cock at least once a day is essential for cleaning purposes. If you don’t, be sure there’s a lot of accumulated dirt from sweat, urine remains, and pre-cum. You should remove it regardless of the duration to wear the chastity. For easier cleaning, stainless steel products are the best. Plastic and silicone may compromise hygiene since they keep moisture, hence troubling to clean fully.

Chastity and clothing

Perhaps you’re wearing the cage for more hours, and clothing may be needed for running errands. Here, it’s best to cloth in tight underwear to avoid obstruction. The tight pants also help put everything together to prevent rattling in every step made.


Sleeping in virtue is an aspiration by many, but it may not be easy as thought. In a normal sleep pattern, you can lose or get erected at various moments during the night. That's not tough, maybe. Can you imagine how painful it is to get woken by an erection? Getting back to sleep can be difficult because you have to find a way out. For example, destructing yourself or dispelling the erection. People have reported that walking around or peeing helps overcome.

The bottom line

Matters revolving around sexual life are mostly fun, but safety comes first. In male chastity, you may see your key holder a few times with you locked up. Unlocking may only be when leaving the house or attending a special event- when the key is around. However, doing this all through isn’t practical. Some emergencies might require urgency in being free. For instance, if a friend or family is dropping by, you need to see an emergency medic. You can opt for an emergency key or use security seals instead of a padlock.

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