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April 09, 2020 2 min read

ishotmyself.com - What's Your Angle?

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Project ISM is an online-based collaboration of nude female photography. The models are relaxed, comfortable and naked. So what makes ISM different from any other smutty database of raunchy images and nude models?

The models are the photographers. And, they’re not models at all – they’re normal people, with normal bodies, doing normal things. Some of them aspire to pornographic heights with insertions, stretchings and BDSM poses. Others photograph themselves playing naked in the snow, or enjoying a casual picnic outside in the buff.

Each nude woman featured on Project ISM is a self-snapped beauty captured in her own environment. Many of the pictures include cameras or close-ups, most of them aren’t edited by professionals and haven’t been photoshopped, and all of them include a model/photographer portfolio so that you can read more about each person.

So what motivates people to submit their nude pics?

For some, it’s a way of exploring an exhibitions streak in a safe and controlled environment. When you upload your pictures and your folio, you only need to provide an artist name and a statement for your collection of images – and, with no hard and fast rules, you only expose as much or as little as you like in your images.

For others, it’s an expression of art and a photographic exploration of feminine beauty. It’s an expression of erotic rebellion. It’s a way to add a sense of control to an erotic aspect of your person, or a way to expose yourself in the company of other exhibitions who wish to share and share alike in a trusting, supportive community. And, it’s pretty popular too.

“In the 8 years since we began collecting folios,” ishotmyself.com reports, “we've amassed around one million raw images from over 5 thousand contributors in nearly 8000 folios. We get more visitors than the Guggenheim, we have a larger collection than the Louvre and track the zeitgeist like the Tate cannot.”

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