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August 03, 2022 4 min read

Kivin Method: The Oral Technique You Should Learn Now

Please your partner by stimulating the clit using your mouth. Tease the other sensitive part of the vagina to bring her to an orgasmic end.

Using your mouth to please your partner is a talent to increase your sexuality. Cunnilingus has a different type of method that can be used to take your pleasure to another level. However, kivin is the most special of the others. Women gain their climax during sexual fun differently; it depends on the rate and their sensitive part for stimulation. Not all of them could choose to be stimulated with oral sex. Therefore, consider your partner's likes and dislikes before any oral sex. Do you think the kivin method is the best oral sex position? This method is simple to learn and understand; it can help you have maximum experience. Below is all you need to know about the kivin method.

What Is Meant By Kivin Method?

The method means cunnilingus repositioning on either side instead of the receiver and the giver being parallel. You can find this method narrated on different websites and in podcast discussions. Sometimes this method is also called sideways oral, an oral sex trick, and a game-changer. You take your pleasure to new heights by using this unique kivin technique. It makes both of you happy as it hits all the spots.

How to Apply Kivin Method As A Technique

To take your sexual journey into a different world of fantasies, use the steps below of this method to make your partner fully satisfied.

Position Right Your Partner

Choose a comfortable surface that can guarantee your partner's safety for sexual style position. Give your lover everything available, like a pillow and cushion to make her comfortable. When your partner is very comfortable, all her focus and senses come back to the sexual game. Use the means possible of kivin method to reach your lover's climax. Let your lover have an erotic sensational feeling even more than before. If you hate your partner's legs placed at your back, it may restrict your comfort-ability and movement to reach the orgasm. Then ask your lover to rest her legs against the chest or gently to the knees for support. When the stimulation is at a high climax, you can tell through.

  • K points appear on both sides of the labia majora of the clitoris. They are two, and their size is about grains of rice.
  • The clitoris tends to swell and comes out from the labia majora (clitoris hood).
  • Nipples of the breast get erect.

If the clit is much deeper and you cannot access it, use your mouth and tongue to caress the top of the labia and the nipple to get your partner at the climax. Use your lover’s body language, such as the noise made during the process, running the hands around your head, and raising the hips parallel to your mouth. All this can help you to identify whether your partner is enjoying it or not.

Give Your Tongue Some Work to Do

The tongue is an essential tool when it comes to the kivin method. Lick the clit of your partner horizontally and not up and down. Use the large surface area of the tongue to cover the entire cervix and reach other sensitive parts. Use lips to kiss and suck the clit and labia to give your partner sensational feelings. Vary the speed of licking and sucking to identify where your partner feels better. Increase the pressure, rhythm, and speed to heighten and create the tension of arousal. Stick with what your lover enjoys most to satisfy her to the climax

Tips on how to use the kivin method

Here's how one can use the kivin method;

Let Your Lover to Lay Comfortable With Back

You can position your head beside your partner instead of positioning it vertically. To give your tongue a good angle for easy accessibility of the clit and labia, this angle helps to create a unique sensational pleasure.

Gently Use of the Fingers

Apply fingers to stimulate the clit and other sensitive spots of your lover's body. Explore every corner of the vagina to create powerful feelings. You also spice up with a sex toy to increase the intensity of the sensation. To get into the vulva, you can ask your lover to lift one leg wider to expose each spot to your tongue. You can position yourself either on the right or left side for better performance. Don't be afraid to inquire where the sensation is high to stick at that point until the orgasmic end.

 Is It Worth Trying This Method?

Both of you will gain experience and take your pleasure to another level. Oral sex through the kivin method helps explore your partner's entire body and find new stimulating power. Additionally, this method can create a good rapport between you and your partner, leading to intimacy. You can use the kivin method to take your pleasure fully and that of your partner to a different world that you will never memorize.

End Result of the Kivin Method

Do not elevate pressure to get your partner to orgasm; use this method gently and relaxed to pleasure you. Increased pressure might lead to the early satisfaction of your partner before you. Practicing this method with your partner is more interesting and enjoyable.

Benefits of Using This Method

Less Strain of the Neck

You may find it easier to pleasure by lying parallel to your partner without much strain from the neck. The whole upper body is involved, and you can even use a pillow for comfort-ability.

Vulva Is Easily Accessed With Maximum Pleasure.

Using your tongue to cover the labia majora and minora is much easier for the tip of the tongue to reach the vulva and stimulate.

Reduced Pressure on Your Partner's Pelvic and Hips

 Providing a comfortable surface is supported by a cushion, and a pillow makes it safe, and less pressure is received.

 The bottom line

Are you willing to practice the kivin method with your lover? Then do it; it is the best oral sex position you can apply to your partner and enjoy naughty pleasure. This is the best solution for your orgasm. This method has various benefits that when you try, you will experience unique pleasure from other sex positions.

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