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April 11, 2020 2 min read

LovePalz And Long Distance Relationships

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Long distance relationships are hard. Nevermind the lack of attention, quality time and face-to-face talk time – it also means that you’ll probably end up taking physical matters into your own hands while you’re apart.

Sure, you might try out phone sex, Skype video calling (for the more adventurous and exhibitionist couples amongst us) or even simply spend all weekend in bed together but nothing quite compares to having your partner right there.

Until now.

LovePalz is a brand new gadget that is going to rock long-distance relationships and bring them up to speed with the latest technology and some super funky sex toys. Designed specifically for long-distance lovers, these coordinating sex toys are the perfect pair: his toy is a sleek and stylish sleeve, and hers is a matching articulated vibrator. So what makes them so special?

Download the iPhone App and link up for a fully synchronised love-making experience that measures the motion of your Zeus (yes, that’s the name of the guy toy) and sends all of those good vibrations over the internet waves to the Hera toy for her to enjoy. The Hera reciprocates in kind and measures tightness, muscular contractions and other motions to send them back over to Zeus for some rippling love motions.

It’s like having sex with your partner, only – they’re not quite there. It adds an extra physical dimension to your long distance relationship that takes the distance between you from miles down to milliseconds. With the yet-to-be-approved iPhone app, you can also video conference during the experience and add other partners to your account.

The toy interiors are both made from easily-washable anti-hypersensitive silicon. Designed to give you hours of unending pleasure, the LovePalz Zeus and Hera toys are priced at a pre-product launch bargain of $94.00 a pair – but you might want to wait to see if the software connecting them is approved by the app store before you fork out your hard-earned cash on a set of untested toys.