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Male Yeast Infections- Yep, Dudes Can Get Them Too

by Jekaterina Gussarova August 06, 2022 4 min read

Male Yeast Infections- Yep, Dudes Can Get Them Too

Male Yeast Infections- Yep, Dudes Can Get Them Too

Yeast infections that affect men can be the cause of balanitis - the penis head develops an inflammation. Yeast infections are more common in men than women because the fungi causing it (candida) is normally found on the skin, especially if it is moist. The yeast infections are irritating and may cause incapacitation in severe cases. Candida is always checked by a good bacterium that lives in the skin's moist areas and gains strength from the yeast.

When the bacterium and the yeast are in balance, you may not know that it exists, but when the balance is disturbed, the yeast grows unchecked, and this is when the irritation starts.

Forms of infection 

Candida albicans is one of the known strains. However, there are also other types which include C. Tropicalis, C. glabrata, C. Krusei, and C. Parapilosis though they are not common.

You may get this infection in your mouth; in this case, scientists refer to it as oral candidiasis or Thrush. When you get it on your skin,it is referred to as Cutaneous candidiasis. It is possible to get this infection in your penis; in this case, we call it Candidal or Candida balanitis. Another area affected by this condition is the foreskin and it's referred to as Candidal balanoposthitis.

If you are uncircumcised, you have diabetes, you are overweight, your hygiene is poor, and you use antibiotics for longer periods, you are at higher risk of contracting yeast infections. Most yeast infections in men can be treated more easily with drugs for fungal infections.

Symptoms of yeast infections

Yeast infections have different symptoms depending on the area where it has been infected. If it has affected the penis, below are the symptoms;

  • Pain when passing out urine or when having sexual intercourse
  • You will see patches that are light-colored and shiny on the skin of your penis
  • Inflammation on the penis and redness on it
  • Areas around the penis itches and you feel some burning effect
  • There will be a red rash both inside and around the penis

The itching experience may go bad to the extent that you would want to tear down your penis. This happens when you ignore it and think of it as not being a big deal.

Another area affected is the foreskin. Here are the symptoms when the foreskin is the affected area;

  • You will experience difficulties in pulling back your foreskin, especially when you want to wash it.
  • You will also see some thick and lumpy discharge under your foreskin
  • The foreskin will produce an unpleasant smell

How men get yeast infections

There are several different ways through which men contract these infections. Be careful in these ways so that you don't fall victim, since the conditions are harsh and the harsh conditions are not friendly to our health.

First, a man can get these infections when he engages in unprotected sex with a woman who has the infection. During sex, the bacteria move from the vagina into the penis. These areas are moist; therefore, they provide a good environment for the fungus to survive.  Uncircumcised men are at more risk of getting this infection in this manner.

Secondly, those who take antibiotics for long are at risk. The antibiotics kill the good bacteria, which keeps yeast in constant check. When the balance is lost, the infection starts to manifest itself. 

The uncircumcised men can also get the infection. The foreskin is warm and moist. This provides the fungus with a favorable environment to stay and grow in.

Men with type 2 diabetes are weak to yeast infections. The yeast gets support from sugar, and type 2 diabetes has sugar spikes plenty, which strongly supports the yeast.

HIV status; HIV-positive people have weak immune systems; hence their bodies cannot fight these infections.

Hygiene is very important. If your hygiene is poor, know that your chances of contracting yeast infections are high. Wash your genitals clean so that the yeast does not get a chance to build up in your body.

The kind of clothes and detergents that we wear also has an impact on us. When we wear tight clothes, the blood flow in us gets restricted, which is not safe for our health. Some detergents also irritate the skin as well as the glans, creating a chance for yeast infections to grow in us.

How to treat male yeast infections

Prevention does not require visiting a doctor or any other professional; it depends on you. Ensure that you engage in sex, avoid having sex with an infected partner, always keep yourself clean and most importantly, watch what you use to wash your clothes.

If the preventive measures fail to work, there is still no need to worry.  You can use the over-the-counter drugs or visit a physician to prescribe some pills for you. These will be of great help to you.

 Some of the drugs, creams, and pills for this condition include;

  • Miconazole; is an antifungal cream.
  • Clotrimazole; is a topical cream that helps in the treatment of fungal skin growths
  • Diflucan; this prescription pill is taken once. It works perfectly for persistent infections.

Bottom line 

You should not bother yourself with using antibiotics. This is because they only worsen your situation. The first step you should take is to try the natural remedies since they are safer than any other method that you may think of. Zero sugar yogurt has antifungal properties. You can use it on the affected part but don't apply it internally. Essential oils can be diluted in carrier oils such as grape seed and almond.

Jekaterina Gussarova
Jekaterina Gussarova

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