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August 01, 2022 4 min read


Most online platforms have people sexually attracted to the feet, with some having up to 40,000 individuals. Do you have a foot fetish? Here is everything you need to know about podophilia.

People have different fetishes, with podophilia being among the most common. Most of these people are afraid of disclosing their desires and resort to online platforms. Such forums have like-minded people with a judgment-free atmosphere for discussing and indulging in their interests. For example, Reddit is popularly known for body image uploads by women for other podophiles to give feedback and feel wonderful. Perhaps internet users think they can hide, but no. This article discusses foot fetish in detail and why you shouldn’t hide it anymore.

When Is an Interest a Fetish?

 A fetish is when someone is sexually attracted to inanimate items or body parts that haven't been defined sexually. Such individuals can live healthily and normally. However, it may be problematic if one lacks arousal when the fetishized object or body spot is missing. They may also have reduced social function and are likely to have fetishism disorder. According to Fedoroff (2011), the disorder comes with a person's high dependence on a particular non-living object, including socks or underwear. Also, the person may specifically rely on a body part, such as the feet or abdomen. The dependence can be excessive, giving an urge to the object or body part for sexual satisfaction. 

Foot Fetish Dimensions

A foot fetish doesn't only imply sexual attraction to feet. Different podophiles may value various items and body parts as fetishes, such as shoes, socks, and foot accessories. The act of foot worship alone can turn them on. Some humans can find the aesthetic of the feet appealing but aren't sexually attracted. However, experts say that such people can get satisfaction from foot fetishists. In addition, people with feet fetish may have specific features they consider. For example;

  • How they feel
  • Foot smell
  • Naked or bare feet
  • Foot size, length, heel, and toes
  • Foot decoration and accessories include jewelry, varnish, and pedicured nails.
  • Foot shape arched or flat.

BDSM and kink websites, including FetLife, have almost 2000 feet fetishes. They include;

  • Foot and toe kissing
  • Foot tickling
  • Barefoot face standing and walking
  • Barefoot women outside
  • Footjobs
  • Foot tickling
  • Stinky feet worship
  • Foot punishment

Submission In Foot Fetishism

Rees (2019) suggested that foot fetishism can involve humiliation and submission- the main BDSM aspects. Most people practicing this role play, especially men, recognize it as a means of surrendering or submitting to their women. Some individuals think stooping lower than a person’s feet is impossible. This way, it shows you’re fully submitting. The power of kink play is stronger for individuals parallel to the world's general experience. Notably, something is considered taboo when it's not what you should want. Female domination is fetishized. From this elaboration, there are numerous foot fetishism facets, including foot adoring and rubbing, that may not correlate to humiliation and submission. 

Reasons for Having Fetishes

Why would someone have a fetish? Researchers psychoanalyzing human behavior have clues on how fetishes come about. For instance, the overreaching theory describes the impact of an occurrence in childhood that influences a person to nurture a fetish. Another theory of psychoanalysis tells of fixating on a particular object during childhood, making them view it as a sexual thing that can help them feel great. In addition, individuals may regress and get aroused by items that bring their childhood memories back. Here are some of the causes of fetishes.

Sexual Instinct

Emotions and hormones control people, making the imprint stimulation from body parts or objects. The hormones and emotions give the urge to attract to certain stimuli sexually. 

Behavioral Factors

According to Hodges et al. (2020), learning and conditioning have been proven responsible for fetishes formation. It suggests some body parts or objects can turn people on via a reward system, including ejaculation, physical closeness, and money.


Socialization methods in a certain community can encourage people to form fetishes. For instance, some communities may prioritize some body parts more than others, making them seem more important. Emphasis on specific sexual practices can also lead to fetishization.

Cultural aspects

Another theory talks of some communities with a sex-positive or negative mentality. The positive mindset feels fun about sexual activity, but the negative mainly uses sex for procreation. According to this theory, people with sex-positive minds are more open to fetishes. They possibly engage in sexual practices for various reasons, more than procreation, but experimentation, fun, and pleasure.

Fetishes between Partners in a Relationship

If you want to introduce a foot fetish in your love-making sessions, it's best to communicate with your partner beforehand. Openness with a love interest in fetishes and responding to all their concerns can safely and consistently build a platform for fetish exploration. You can start with simple daily activities, including a foot massage or pedicure. Partners can slowly integrate feet fetish into their usual sexual habits, such as penetrating the genitals using the feet and kissing and toe sucking. The main consideration when introducing this game is consent. Therefore, ensure to give consent to each other in every activity. This enables easier foot fetish introduction in your relationship, and doing so can spice up your bedroom activities and enhance your sexual life for the better.

The Bottom Line

A fetish happens when you get triggered by an object or body part and get sexually aroused. Feet fetishes involve items such as stockings, shoes, legs, and feet, which result in sexual arousal and gratification. People fancying foot fetishes are podophiles. They likely fixate on the feet or toes that resemble penises, seeing them as a substitute to quench their sexual thirst. 


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