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July 27, 2022 5 min read


People who use emojis have the most sex because they are great communicators and understand the importance of sharing emotions. Read this article for more reasons why people with emojis have the most sex.

Picture two people. One is telling a story while smiling, while the other is telling a story with a poker face. Which story would you want to pay attention to more? You probably want the smiling storyteller to keep talking, and that's how it is in the emoji world. Not everyone uses emojis, but most people want to interact with emoji users. Therefore, it is no surprise that people who use emojis have the most sex. Below are more reasons why people who use emojis have more sex;

They are Great Communicators.

People who are great communicators care about the audience's feelings and tend to care about how the audience gets the message. A good communicator sends a message that has feelings. Good communicators seem sexy because they are conscious and confident. Do not kick yourself if you ever took someone to bed because they used emojis. You liked that person because they were great communicators, and you found that sexy.

They Understand the Importance of Sharing Emotions

The main purpose of an emoji is to place an emotion on a message. People use emojis so that they can share emotions with others. An emoji does not even need to be backed with a word. However, if you tell someone your sad story and they send a sad emoji, you will be grateful enough to want to know them better so that you can take them to bed.

They are Friendly

Not everyone uses emojis. While texting, the easiest and sure way to know if someone is friendly towards you is through an emoji. Imagine you were in the streets, and someone greeted you with a smile. Some people will smile back while others won't. While they want to talk to you, you'd probably hear them out, and that's how it is online. You are friendly if you respond to texts with nice emojis. According to Sevellius (2009), it is said that friendly people also have the most sex. Reading the texts and observing how you use emojis can be enough to tell people if you are a friendly person or not, as Zhou et al. (2017) noted. Unfriendly people rarely use emojis.

They are Honest With Their Feelings.

According to Gesselman & Garcia (2019), people who use emojis understand that sharing emotions is important. It is not enough to them that you read a text. They want you to know how they feel. The emoji is the emotion they want to place on the text. For instance, if you have a bad day tell them, and the emoji user will react with a sad emoji. They may not be genuinely sad from their end, but if they intend to fool the recipient, they will win because the emojis are working in their favor.

They Do Not Want To Be Misunderstood.

The people who use emojis want to convey a clear message, and it is important to them that there is no ambiguity, as Holtgrave & Robinson (2020) stated. Texts are ambiguous because they do not have feelings. A misused punctuation mark may alter the text's intention, so people try to avoid using emojis. People want someone that does not keep them guessing.

They Know How To Express Their Emotions.

A person who sends emojis but uses them wrongly does not have a chance to have sex with the person they hope to impress. Using emojis wrongly means using the wrong emoji for the emotion you hope to convey. Overusing emojis is also a turn-off for most people. However, if you know how to use emojis, there's a high chance that you will have someone to sleep with.

They Are Fun

People who are fun cannot send plain texts when they have emojis. They want to make it colorful because that's their personality bursting through an emoji. They are interesting and easy to get along with when you meet them in real life because they are accommodative and open-minded. They want to color people's lives with bright colors, and that's how you find yourself in bed with them.

They Like Conversations

People make friends easily when they show they like conversations. There is no obvious and sure way to know if a person likes a conversation than by the emojis they send. No one who hates a conversation will dare send an emoji because emojis encourage you to continue with the conversation. People using emojis will converse with you, and it will only be a matter of time before you end up in the same bed.

They Have Time for You.

They have time for you if someone has time for emojis. No one sends emojis to people whom they have no time for. Even in real life, people care to show emotions only to people they have time for, and the texting world is no different. No one will have time to send emojis to people who don,t matter. People would love to have sex with someone who has time for them.

They Are Reliable

You will have sex with someone who uses emojis in their texts because it shows that they are reliable. They take the time to respond when you send them a text and still add an emoji so that they cater to your emotions because they want you to get a clear message. You can rely on them to not mislead you.


A person would not know how the sender feels about the text, and they had to add punctuation and marks not to be misunderstood. Emojis are more than icons that you use to add more colors to a text. They add emotions. You may not be sincere in conveying them, but the recipient believes you, and that's how you win their heart. It may not make sense to most people that someone might be flattered so much with emojis that they have sex with them, but the person you win over with them is moved by the reasons you may have added emojis rather than the emoji itself.


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