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August 01, 2022 5 min read


Rear entry involves penetrating the partner from behind. Some rear entry styles are doggy style, spooning, standing position, and the wheelbarrow position. Read this article for more ideas on sex via rear entry.

People look for ideas to make sex more pleasurable, and the main focus has been on sex styles. The image on people's minds would have been missionary sex if you talked about having sex. The doggy style is meant for people who would not mind being dominated. You probably know doggy among the rear positions, but there are more styles that you can try having from the rear position. The rear style is popular because you can be sensual while having sex simultaneously. The following are some rear entry sex positions that may be worth trying;

The Doggy Style

When having sex in the doggy style, as the name suggests, you should be on all fours, and a man will penetrate the vagina while you are in that position, as Towne (2019) suggested. The doggy style comes with many perks. When having a doggy sex position, the penis is tilted and may reach the G-spot, so you stand a chance of enjoying a G-spot orgasm. While a man thrusts from behind, they feel in control, bringing out his stamina. You benefit from that. Having sex with a confident, dominant partner is every woman's fantasy. While the man enjoys that he represents dominance and feels an ego boost, the doggy makes a woman sexier during sex because it curves her back and the man enjoys watching the femineity in the curves. Be warned that doggy style does not come with emotions and may be the best style for a quickie. Tell your man about a doggy style if you want to bring out the animal in your man.


The spooning position is a popular rear entry position because it does not require much energy. The spooning sex position is perfect in the morning or when you feel unwell. When you are spooning, you face the same direction your partner is facing, and he penetrates you from behind. Spooning is a sensual style as it allows the partners to not only feel their bodies close to each other. Polomeno (2000) stated that a woman should also enjoy sex, which is the case in spooning, as the woman can continue masturbating during sex. You may have both a virginal and clitoral orgasm in the end.

The Standing Position

That is all you do when you have sex in the standing position. You stand, and your partner penetrates you from behind. It is a perfect style when you are caught off-guard, for instance, when you are cooking or washing dishes or watching birds on the balcony. Make it more exciting by wearing skimpy clothes so that you do not have to be completely naked to enjoy it. You can give him hints if that is your fantasy. You continue with the task you are doing after sex. According to Tinbergen (2013), you may watch your partner thrusting behind you by having sex in front of a mirror.

The Chairman Styles

In chairman sex style, a  man sits on a chair or the edge of the bed, the woman sits on his lap, and sits on the man inserts the penis into a vagina. Note that they will both face the same side. The chairman's position is playful and fun as both partners share control. The man will hold the woman's body and help her go up and down on the penis. It may be sensual if you want to. The man can touch the woman's breasts and even rub her clitoris while at it.

Seated Wheelbarrow

The seated wheelbarrow-style resembles the wheelbarrow style, but in this case, the man sits on the edge of the bed, holds the woman's legs apart, and penetrates her in that position. Meanwhile, the woman places her hands on the floor for support. The seated wheelbarrow is not a sensual style. It is a naughty style. Your butt is in the perfect position for your partner to play with it and maybe cause you some vaginal and anal orgasms, as Faustino (2021) revealed. You do not have to have the seated wheelbarrow on the bed only. You can enjoy having it on the couch or anywhere else that the man can sit.

The Snake

The snake looks like the doggy style because you are on all fours, except you are almost lying down, and your butt is slightly lifted so your partner may penetrate you while you are in that position. Unlike the doggy, your legs will be closed. You may place pillows underneath your belly for more comfort.

The Wheelbarrow Positions

The wheelbarrow position resembles the seated wheelbarrow, but instead of sitting, your partner would while enjoying the seated wheelbarrow, in the wheelbarrow position, the man is standing. You will get on all fours, and the man will hold your legs. A man will hold your legs apart and penetrate you in that position to make the position look like a wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow position is not for you if you know you are not athletic.

The Caboose

The caboose looks like the seated chairman, but you and your man should be seated on a flat area like the floor. The caboose style is popular because you can enjoy having sex in the position too while watching movies outdoors or enjoying the moonlight and the stars one evening. When having sex in the caboose style, position yourselves as if you are spooning. The legs should be straight out, and the man penetrates the woman when seated between him. You will probably need a blanket or a shawl to pull off this style outdoors.


There's a need to embrace sexuality and pleasure. There is no shame in moving from a monotonous missionary position. Changing positions is more than having a different sex style in the bedroom. You change the sex style to make the sex more interesting and pleasurable. You may have sex in a different style to bring out your naughtiness. Some sex positions are more enjoyable than other styles. Some people do not have sex because of disabilities or illnesses. There is a sex style for almost every health status that a person may be in.


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