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August 01, 2022 5 min read


There are various sex positions that one can try to get awesome sensations. Regular blowjob sex positions can lead to awesome orgasms. This article discusses the best sex positions for blowjobs, including the pivot, doggy style, and king’s chair.

You can easily turn on your partner and make him squirm in bed as he bites his lips using various blowjob sex positions. These positions will allow you to make him orgasm hard and loud with the highest arousal level. You can also use them effectively or ineffectively, depending on your experience, to give unforgettable moments. For better results, use tactical intentions in your approach as you focus on the bigger picture of the experience. Stake on several points on arousal, then plays strategically to instantly elevate a blowjob out of your routine and level it higher.

Blowjob Secrets

When turned on a blind eye, blowjobs don’t give amazing feelings. If your focus is to purely stimulate his dick, be careful not to miss key factors holding most potential ones in blowjobs. Here are things to note;

Oral Stimulation Intensity Varies In Men

According to Bourke (2020), the cock has very few nerve endings compared to a female’s clitoris. Oral sex is made delicious for a man by the energy used, that subtle dynamic power, and the whole thing goes down. Bring in a few tactics and make him go wild and crazy.

Men are Very Visual and Auditory Creatures

Mostly, their turn-ons and drives as they make out depend on the position, the angle of your body parts that they like, how you breathe, the noises you make, and not how the stimulation itself feels. The most important thing making blowjobs and intercourse hot for a man is the total energy brought to it. Close to this are shape, appearance, and curves. Men tend to visually admire ladies, look at them and even touch their naked bodies.

 A few positions that emphasize dynamic power are crucial ingredients in making blowjobs sexy and admirable. From the sexual position, a blowjob will put a man in a powerful position and the woman in servitude.

Best Sex Positions for Blowjobs

The Standard Position

This is the sexiest sex position ever if you want to service your man. Let your man lie backward, then be in between his legs facing him directly. It is an acrobatic style, a sexy one in the rightful moments. He will not give you a side touch beside your face or head in this position. It also emphasizes a feeling of servicing him intentionally and not mutually. According to Setiawan (2020), you can accentuate your curves and arouse your partner visually. You can also take different yoga positions, especially the “child Pose.”

 The position is better than him lying on your belly. Start from your knees, and lean forward as you lift your ass showing off the curves on your butt, waist, and hips. This will drive your man crazy and wild and make him wish he would be behind you with the face buried on you. He can even jump and penetrate you in a doggy style. Possibilities of him jumping and pouncing on you from your back at a point are high. Make a nice scene in the bedroom for him with this standard position.

The Pivot

From the standard sex position, you should pivot 90 degrees on both sides for your body to be perpendicular to your man’s. This will bring your whole body within his reach. He will also find it easy to access your arms, breast, back, and ass and to stimulate you if he wishes manually. An extra layer of stimulation will turn the notch higher. It will expose your figure from a new angle, giving him amazing prey for his eyes. Also, you can use this position strategically to arouse and tease him step by step incrementally. Like a striptease, it will slowly reveal many and close the gap between you over a while.

Starting with the standard position, you will get a space between you and your partner, allowing you to build up. Moving into pivot position makes you come closer to him as you give him a more tactical and sensitive touch as you play with what you can access. Continue with this trend and give him more push at the edge, taking one step more into a newer position.

King’s Chair

Add a greater element of subtle dynamic power. Let him sit up inside a chair, then sit on him with your knees between his legs. Like the standard position, here you don’t need to give more touch and explore his body. However, arousal tactics come from the energy and look of this position. Subtly kneel lowly down while emphasizing a feeling of service from you to him. This will make him develop a powerful feeling.

The Standing Service

As in the king’s chair position, you need to leverage a subtle dynamic power here. With your man standing fully upright, be on your knees in front of him. This will build a perfect base for him and allow your man to give directions and amplify the subpolar or the dom. He can either alternate between passive reception of stimulation and active creation of the stimulation by thrusting it into your mouth. In this case, feel free to consent, telling him how comfortable you are as he thrusts on you. Hernandez (2021) stated that comfortability makes sex enjoyable.

Most women feel this is the sexiest and most erotic sex position for oral sex on men. From consensus, a few things about feeling used for a man’s pleasure and service are massive in turning women on. A man is likely to enjoy this position as he will feel it as a powerful opportunity on his ending, as portrayed in the posture. Focus on maintaining eye contact to drive him much wild. Have him ejaculate on your face or chest, but not your eyes. Have this hot vantage point today.

Doggy Style

Doggy style is essential for full penetrations. Women are turned around for their mouths to be used instead of vaginas. The man then goes on his knees, and the woman is on her fours in front of the man. The doggy style gives wonderful blowjobs with a mix of energy to provide humping breaks topping up the arousal charge. If your man moves his hips slightly backward as if he wants to sit on the heels, he can easily switch to a very active and thrusting mode. However, Hajare (2018) claimed that doggy style sex position could cause penile fracture.


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