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April 23, 2020 1 min read

Sensitive Places Men and Women Like During Sex Foreplay

By Elena Ognivtseva

Men are usually ready for sex at anytime. But women usually need some “warm-up” before they can be ready sex. So, that’s why sex foreplay is important for women. Don’t get me wrong, foreplay is fun for men too.

So, far I’ve shown you some foreplay techniques, now I’ll show you some of the sensitive places on a female and male body. Do the foreplay techniques I’ve shown you already and trigger some of these sensitive places and you’ll be in business.


CLITORIS: this is the obvious one. This is the most sensitive place on the female body.

EARS: Odd, but true. The skin is thin there, so when you suck or nibble on her earlobe, she’ll like it.

NECK: lightly kissing her neck or tickling can really turn her on.

NIPPLES: After kissing her neck, slowly lower to her nipples and kiss or tickle them with your tongue.

THIGHS: Finally, kiss and caress her thighs.

There are 5 of many sensitive spots on the female body to try during foreplay.

NOTE: Always ask your partner what they like. Every human body is different.


PENIS: Obvious!

NECK: Men too will like it when women start to kiss or tickle their neck.

EARS: Again, earlobes are another place that will get your man exicted.

NIPPLES: Just like a female, males like their nipples nibbled or sucked on.

BACK & SHOULDERS: slowly move your tongue from his back up to his neck. It’s a bit odd, but works for a lot of men.

In the end, you need to be creative, just like with sex foreplay.