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July 28, 2022 5 min read

Sex-Fit Exercises and Sex

There is scientific evidence that exercising your body can improve your sexual functioning. Therefore, men who exercise regularly are not likely to s suffer from sexual dysfunction. This does not only apply to men alone; women who exercise have a good sexual life compared to those who barely do.

Each partner should be sexually satisfied to have a good relationship. When you are not satisfied sexually, you will look for pleasure from another place, leading to misunderstandings in the relationship and a break-up. Maintaining your health and being in good shape will make you have easy sex and make sex enjoyable for both you and your partner. You can not exercise your body when you are unhealthy. Therefore, to have a good workout, you should be healthy. You can live healthy by eating nourishing food, keeping good company, and attempting to learn something new daily. A workout to keep your body fit is to have a healthy life. Therefore, you can never say you live a healthy life without exercising.

Similarly, sex and exercise are connected, and they benefit each other. You can improve your sex life by exercising. This article outlines sex fit exercises and sex.

Sex Fit Exercises


Jones (2022) stated that Kegels can be done by both men and women, the kegel exercise majors in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. You can locate the pelvic muscles by stopping urine while seated on the toilet. You might know where they are when you do this once; you should repeat the process to ensure the pelvic muscles. The pelvic muscles are found between the pubic bone and the tail of the spinal code on your back. Also, you can insert a finger into your vagina and apply slight pressure on the muscles around there, which will also help strengthen the pelvic muscles. You can do the exercise while standing, seated, or lying on your back. It is good for beginners to do the kegel exercise while lying on the back, squeeze the muscles and contract them hold for some seconds, then relax. Do this for at least three seconds or five, depending on you; as you get used to it, increase the time. Consider doing this twice daily, in the morning and before bed. Increase the time gradually as you continue to have better results. Kegel exercise will not only help you in improving your sex life but also prevent incontinence, a condition where there is leakage of the urine and poop.

The bridge  exercise

Bridge exercises help in strengthening the pelvic floor, glutes, and hamstrings. It can be done by anyone regardless of age. No equipment is needed to perform the glute exercise, but you can use the yoga mat to prevent discomfort on the back. Lay non your back flat on the floor, then bend your knees at a 90-degree angle, and your feet be fully stamped on t   floor. Your toes should be 45 degrees away and the knees facing the same direction. Push hips and feel the variation in muscles. Let the outer thighs support hands on the sides of the body, with the palm on the ground. As you push yourself up, keep the upper part of the back, the neck, and the head stuck on the surface, but it should be in a straight line. Do not overstretch since it might cause pain in your back. Consider doing it to the level that you will feel more comfortable. In a controlled motion, bring your body down. This is a complete round for the exercise to have an effect. Try holding yourself up for at least 3 seconds.   Make this a daily routine for you to have the best results.


Stronger legs mean more fun in between the sheets. They also help in strengthening the pelvic floor. Ghanbari et al. (2022) revealed that when the pelvic floor is stronger, it increases the blood circulation in the genitals, making them more sensitive, leading to an easy and massive organism. You can do the squats differently: basic, curtsy, global, and split. The basic squats engage more muscles of the body; start by standing on your feet, your feet shoulder-width apart as you rest your hands on the sides,  keep the neck and the head neutral and the chest up, and slowly push your hips back as you have a seat the push your self up through your heels. Do this multiple times. You can n make it a daily routine to achieve the best outcome. When you do the squats the right way, you will not only be the queen in bed but also be flexible in exploring new sex positions with your man, such as the launch pad sex position, which will require you to be flexible so that you can have the pleasure.


Waterbury (2021) stated that push-up is a good exercise for building the body muscles, such as the muscles in the back, both upper and lower, the abdomen and the upper body part, and the arms. Place your palms on the floor to be direct with the shoulder, the back, and neck. Ensure the head is neutral. The feel goes down slowly as you bend your elbow for about 45 degrees to perform the push-up exercise. Push yourself up to the start and keep doing that as much as your can or till failure. This can be among the workout you might consider trying.


Popowych (2021) noted that plank is a full-body exercise for overall body stability and strength that helps support body weight and balance. Get in the push-up position when ready to do planks, fully extend your arms,  keep your toes and palm firmly planted on the floor, and your core should be tight. The neck should be spine straight. Hold up until you feel you can’t anymore, drop on your knees and pick up again.


There are many exercises you can perform to improve your sex life. The above discussions are some that you can incorporate into your daily routine since they are simple and do not require equipment to pull them off. Consider doing squats planks and push-ups to tighten your muscles for fitness. Perform Kegels to tighten your sphincter muscles for good sex. Keep your body fit and your health good. They have all the reasons for not enjoying making love; exercise for better sex.


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