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by Katie Peachesa April 16, 2020 3 min read

Shopping for Cockrings

By Ksenia Sobchak

The choice of cockrings is really great. For many buyers, this can be overwhelming.

That is why it makes sense to define a number of important criteria and to base your choice on them. It is equally important not to ignore important factors such as make and quality.

Use this practical guide to help you buy a sex toy which will give you pleasure safely and continue to surprise you with powerful orgasms in the long term.

Cockrings: Size and Make

You may want to measure the circumference of your penis when it is in an erect state to decide on the ideal size for you. It is important for you to get a cockring with an accurate size especially if it is not stretchy or adjustable.

Experts recommend that beginners start with a wider ring and eventually reduce the size when they get used to this particular type of sex toy. If you plan to wear the ring around your testicles, you should certainly go for a wider and/or stretchier model.

You can readily find silicone and leather cockrings when shopping. There are metal ones as well. The silicone ones are preferred for their stretchiness. You can wear them anywhere you like on the penis and around the scrotum as well. When buying a silicone ring, you should look for the ideal combination between firmness and stretchiness.

Leather cockrings feel very natural and are chosen because their size can be adjusted depending on the preferences and needs of the user. When buying such a ring, you should confirm that the leather is subtle and that there are no sharp parts and edges which can cause discomfort. If you decide to go for a metal ring, you need to ensure that it is made from stainless steel or a precious metal. Look for durable construction.

Cockrings: Features and Quality

Silicone cockrings typically get plenty of extra features such as buds, bunnies, butterflies and even contoured tongues. These extra features are designed to enhance the experience for both you and your partner so you should certainly experiment with them.

They provide massaging to your penis and scrotum and to the clitoris or anus of your partner depending on the type of sex which you are having. The silicone and leather models with a vibrating part provide the same kind of stimulation but take things to a higher level.

Always buy cockrings from reputable manufacturers. Check the design and make to ensure that they are of good quality. Go over user reviews to confirm that the sex toy which you plan to buy is safe, reliable and durable.

Recommended Male Cockrings

Silver Stainless Steel Triple Cock Love Ring for Men, Size S-M

Silver Stainless Steel Triple Cock Love Ring for Men, Size S-M

Are you looking for a new cock ring? Are you looking to achieve stronger, more powerful orgasms? These things are possible with a cock ring; you just need the best one for you. If you prefer a tighter, harder cock ring, then this steel ring may be the one for you. This award winning Silver Stainless Steel Triple Cock Love Ring for Men, Size S-M is one of the finer cock rings we have right now.

Its sleek and simple design simply radiates with beauty and perfection. This cock ring is made up of solid stainless steel, ensuring you a nice and tight fit. Once you place this on you’ll instantly notice how much harder and bigger your erection is. Just make sure you get the right size. This one here is a small to medium. You want to get the perfect fit for you so you can feel every single stroke when you’re fucking with this thing on. This ring forces your blood to rush to your cock, making you bigger than you’ve ever been before. You’ll also notice how much more sensitive you become after you put this thing on. So not only will you be larger and lasting longer, but sex will also feel much better. And don’t worry you aren’t the only one that’s going to benefit from this, of course not. Your partner will be having the time of their lives fucking this new and improved you. Just think about how much this would help your relationship. Sex is important, and it is imperative that you give your lover all you’ve got. This triple cock ring will ensure that you bring you’re a-game every single time.

Order yours today and try it on immediately. You’ll be amazed at the instant growth and so will everyone else. Be sure to write back to us to let us know how it all worked out for you.

Shop for Silver Stainless Steel Triple Cock Love Ring for Men, Size S-M now!

Specifications of Silver Stainless Steel Triple Cock Love Ring for Men, Size S-M

Washing : Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
Colour : Silver
Flexibility : Rigid
For Who : Male
Brand : Master Series

Katie Peachesa
Katie Peachesa

Katie Peachesa is a sex and lingerie blogger based out of the urban chic Wapping in the heart of East London, United Kingdom. In her spare time, Katie enjoys photography, yoga and fitness, a bit of boxing, traveling, keeping up with the latest fashion trends and mudlarking and exploring pastoral settings. You are likely to find Katie in an artisan cafe in Brick Lane on a Saturday afternoon furiously typing her next article on her laptop whilst she is sipping on her flat white and drawing inspiration from the hustle and bustle in the heart of creative London. Katie runs the "Fashion Life Mag" and has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Allure, Grazia, Tatler, Evening Standard and other popular media outlets.

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