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August 03, 2022 5 min read

Should I Be Using Sex Lubes? Your Burning Questions Answered

Sex entails using various accessories to heighten stimulation and ensure safe play. Safe sex is the best sex - the use of protection during sex and safewords and lubes during sex. Sex lubes are a common fluid to enhance soft and smooth sex experiences.

The use of sex lubes is not something to be intimidated or ashamed of. Unlike the myths that sex lubes are for women who don’t get wet during penetrative sex, lubes are for all individuals. Do you enjoy wet sex games? Incorporate lubes in your lovemaking affairs for wetter and more stimulating sexual sessions.

Lubes are a great addition to all your sexual endeavors. Feed your inner kinky desires of using lubes for more pleasant moments with your lover. Many types of lubes vary with the ingredients used. The most common are water-based and silicone lubes. Lubes can be used with sex toy accessories, while others are designed to be applied on the skin. Some lubes can be irritating to the skin. Before you invest in any lube, ensure your check the ingredients. We have some tips for why you should use lubes in your sexual encounters.

Origin of Sex Lubes

Today, there are different lubes based on where they are applied. Some sex lubes are meant for sex toys, condoms, or body applications. Others are for specific body parts such as vaginal lubes, anal lubes, and flavored lubes.

The question is, when did people start using lubes. According to some sex historical sources, lubes were incorporated into sex around 350 BCE. The use of sex lubes originated from the Romans and Greeks. They were popular in having liberal attitudes and views toward sexual matters.

The first oil to be used as lube was olive oil. Back then, olive oil was cheaply available. Its slippery nature made it ideal to be used as the first sex lube worldwide.

Other sources acknowledge that the Japanese were the pioneer users of sex lubricants. The Japanese people created lubes from boiled seaweed, producing a slippery gelatinous compound known as carrageenan. Carrageenan is still one of the most used sex lube ingredients today. The substance is slippery, water-soluble, and made of natural materials, making it skin-safe.

Pure clove oil was also used in ancient times as a sex lubricant. The products evolved and came to be sold as consumer products in the 20th century. Lubes are still evolving each year with advancements in technology. Sex lubes manufacturers are at the forefront of producing body-safe sexual lubricants to spice up your lovemaking sessions.

Types of Sex Lubes

There are various types of sexual lubricants. The type of lubes is categorized based on the ingredients used. Some lube is ideal for all people, while others can irritate and cause allergic reactions to people with sensitive skin. Pick a lube that suits your skin type from the list below.

Oil-Based Lubes

Oil-based sex lubricants are one of the long-lasting and effective sex gels. They are products that tend to become more productive as you use them. Applying oil lubes once during sex can last throughout the session. However, this lube is not ideal for all roles. For example, oil-based lubes are not compatible with latex condoms. They can increase the chances of breaking the condom during penetrative sex. Some oil lubes made of ingredients that can cause infections in the vagina as the oil traps bacteria. They are not easy to wash off the body and can stain beddings and clothes.

Water-Based Lubes

Water-based sex lubricants are the most common and widely used type of lubes. They are the best lubes based on reviews of most users. Water-based lubes are versatile and can be used with all toys and people. They have less or no impact on the skin. They have few chemicals and are compatible with most sex accessories and condoms of all material types.

The only downside with these lubes, they can't last throughout the sexual session, and some can get sticky.

Silicone Based Lubes

Silicone-based sec lubricants are ideal to use with all latex products. They are water-resilient and can be used in shower play as they don't easily dissolve in water. The lubes do not cause any skin reactions as they are hypoallergenic. The only disadvantage of silicone-based lubes is that they cannot be used with sex toys from dildos to masturbators. The lubes can break the toy's surface and leave tiny holes that lead to bacteria and germ infections.

Organic Lube

Organic lubes are made of organic ingredients extracted from natural sources. Organic lubes are among the first rising type of lubes in the market today. They are made of slippery natural oil such as olive oil, aloe vera, and coconut oil. Organic lubes are hygiene conscious and are compatible with all condoms and sex toys.

Why Should You Be Using Sex Lubes?

Sex Lubes Add Novelty Elements to Sex Experiences.

Lubes are differently designed to offer unique sensations and flavors. They can contribute to hygiene and personal wellness in sex.

They Make Sex and Solo Masturbation Experiences More Fun and Pleasurable.

Sex lubes enhance personal sexual wellness. They make sex feel better and safer. Both men and women engage in masturbation. Masturbation involves repeated manipulating movements on the genitalia that can be painful. Lubes are made with slippery ingredients to lower friction on the most sensitive parts caused by skin-to-skin contact or toys. They create smooth and soft solo masturbation experiences, whether using a toy, fingers, or hands. Make your masturbation experiences more safe and pleasurable by incorporating the use of lubes in your lovemaking.

Sets The Mind Free and Allows You to Focus On Lovemaking

Men and women generate fluids during sex. The natural fluids help in soft and smooth sex play. The amount of fluid released by the vagina and penis varies in most people. Some tend to be extra wet, while others release lesser fluids. This can create sexual anxiety, which affects our sexual moments. Women who worry about natural fluids during sex are not fully aroused as the sex seems less comfortable. To avoid sexual anxiety, incorporate lubes to kill all distractive thoughts bin your partner.

Why Women Should Use Sex Lubes More

Initially, women feared the use of lubes during sex. With the growth in the importance of lubes and sexual awareness, more women are using lubes nowadays.

Women need to use lubes as they are at higher risk of getting injured from friction and discomfort during sex than men. Lack of natural lubrication or lubes can cause tears or bruises on the inner walls of the vaginal lining, which is painful. Bruises on the vagina expose women to infections such as STIs and HIV.

Lubes prevent condom breakage that can lead to unwanted pregnancy during sex.

Sex lubricants enhance smooth entry and penetration into the vagina.

Natural lubes can fail to kick in early during sex, hence lubes. Artificial lube is used to replace the role of natural fluids.

Side Effects of Lubes

Most lubes are safe and effective, but some have few effects on the skin.

  • Some lubes can cause tears or breakage of toys if used incorrectly. Ensure you check the ingredients and the compatibility of the lube before using it.
  • A few lubes can be irritating on the skin and trigger allergic reactions.

The Bottom Line

Sex lubes are easy to use and help heighten sexual experiences. Incorporate the use of lubes in your nest sex session for added stimulation and smoother penetrative sex or masturbation play. Both men and women can use lubes to enhance soft sex play.

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