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So, Are Blue Balls Like A Thing Or Not?

by Jekaterina Gussarova July 28, 2022 5 min read

So, Are Blue Balls Like A Thing Or Not?

So, Are Blue Balls Like A Thing Or Not?

Blue balls are caused when the man is sexually aroused but fails to ejaculate. Read this article to know if blue balls are real, how to get rid of blue balls, and some myths about blue balls.

Blue balls, also known as epididymal hypertension, describe a man's aching in his testicles when sexually aroused and not ejaculating. A temporary buildup of blood causes the aching. The aching is usually not serious. The blue balls claim controversial as there has not been any scientific research to determine if it is real or "a thing" among men to guilt women into having sex with them. The term ‘blue balls’ has been dismissed as the euphemism for “sexual frustration”. Blue balls may not mean that the testicles turn blue and the pain is dangerous, but the pain that a man feels when aroused yet unable to reach an orgasm or ejaculate is real. Orgasm is "tension building up until you think it can't build up anymore, then release." If the tension is not released, the result is a pain in your genitals. The man will feel the same pain if he is having sex and is interrupted. The Blue balls phenomenon happens because the blood raced to the penis to release the ejaculation, but there was no ejaculation, and now the blood has to stay in wait for a while before it goes back into the body. At that point, a man may claim he will feel the pain until he has sex. The pain disappears even if he does not engage in sexual intercourse.

Myths About Blue Balls

The following are some of the myths associated with blue balls;

You Must Have Sexual Intercourse To Get Rid Of Blue Balls

Wilson et al. (2010) explained that blue balls are not an illness to be treated, and you do not need a partner to treat blue balls. You may wait for the pain to subside on its own. You can exercise or masturbate.

Blue Balls Are Serious And Dangerous To Your Health

Blue balls are neither serious nor dangerous; nothing will happen to a man if the pain is not resolved. Blue balls are a temporary condition that does not need treatment.

Blue Balls Only Happen To Men

Blue balls happen to women too. When the woman is sexually aroused but does not have an orgasm, she will feel pain in the vulva in what is known as the "blue vulva."

The Balls Turn Blue When I Have The Blue Balls

The balls do not turn blue when you have blue balls. They seem blue because of the illusion under your skin, but they turn red and seem as if they are blue.

Should A Man Visit A Doctor To Have His Blue Balls Treated?

Ellekilde et al. (2014) explained that it is important to note that blue balls are a temporary concern, and if the man is in pain for too long, he may suffer from something else, not blue balls. Some diseases that resemble blue balls include epididymitis, orchitis, and testicular torsion. If a man has what he thinks maybe blue balls, and the pain is taking too long to subside, he may suffer from something else. You should see a doctor if you have the following symptoms;

  • A lump in the testicles
  • Dull ache in the groins
  • Lower back pain

Do Blue Balls Happen To Men Only?

Women do have their version of blue balls, and it is known as the blue vulva. The other terms for blue vulva include “blue uterus" and "pink pelvis". As with the men, the woman experiences a rush of blood towards the vagina during arousal. The increase in blood flow is known as vasocongestion, regardless of gender. Lloyd (2009) explained that the blood is supposed to return to the body as soon as the woman has an orgasm. If she does not get an orgasm, she will feel some heaviness in and around the vulva, which will resolve itself as soon as she is no longer sexually aroused. The woman experiences discomfort and pain temporarily.

How Long Do Blue Balls Last?

Tholander & Tour (2020) explained that blue balls do not last for too long. If the blue balls persist one hour after masturbation, you may need to do something else to enable your arousal. You may try distracting yourself to not focus on your testicles.

How To Get Rid Of Blue Balls

Blue balls are not a serious condition, and you can get rid of them in the following ways;

You Could Masturbate

The pain you are feeling is due to the congestion of blood that set out to perform the task of helping you ejaculate, and they are now stranded. Finding a way to ejaculate is the only practical solution at this point. You may have someone willing to help you through oral sex and sexual intercourse, but that is unnecessary. You could take matters into your own hands. Masturbate and set yourself free. Masturbation has relaxing effects and may come in handy when you have blue balls.

Find A Distraction

When you have blue balls, that's not the time to stand somewhere and look out of the window while feeling sorry for yourself. You will endure the pain for as long as it persists if you do not distract yourself. You could choose to do your chores or go somewhere.


Exercising may be useful in getting the blood back into the body. As blood gets pumped elsewhere in the body, the congested blood in the penis is redirected elsewhere, and the blue balls disappear. Exercising may be a quick solution to getting rid of blue balls.

Taking A Warm Or Cold Bath

The changing temperature may be what you need to make the penis flaccid. A warm/ cold bath will change your body's temperature when the blood rushes to the penis. For an erection to be maintained, the body temperature should be consistent.

Apply ice

But do not place the ice directly on the balls. Get a piece of clothing to wrap the ice and gently use to soothe the testicles.


You may urinate to ease the pressure on your balls. Sometimes a full bladder makes the blue balls more unbearable for you. When one wants to urinate, the pressure tends to pile some mild pain on us, and urinating will make the blue balls feel less painful.


Blue balls may seem like a serious condition among teenagers because they are sexually inexperienced. It will only be a matter of time before they realize that the phenomenon of the blue ball is normal and nothing to be worried about. Blue ballas are not dangerous no matter how painful they may be, and the pain will disappear when the man is no longer aroused. For the pain to disappear, the man may have sexual intercourse, masturbate, have a cold or warm shower, get distracted, or do nothing. The blue balls will disappear in no time.


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Jekaterina Gussarova
Jekaterina Gussarova

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