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August 01, 2022 5 min read


Regular spooning is one of the most comfortable sex positions out there. If you ask any sex expert, the position is a good fit on a Saturday morning when both of you are in lazy mode. What if you want to use the position outside the bedroom? It is possible, but you may need a full-length sofa, introducing the sofa spooning sex position. The sofa spooning sex position is a hugely popular variation of the standard spooning. So, how do you perform it?

The sofa spooning sex position is quite the opposite of most of your go-to sex positions- doggy style, missionary, and cowgirl. Unlike these positions, sofa spooning allows shallow penetration. There is a good chance the man will last longer with shallow penetration. Shallow penetration is tied to under-stimulation, which prevents the man from coming more quickly than expected. What is the difference between regular and Sofa spooning? Regular spooning is mostly for the bed, while sofa spooning takes things out of the bedroom. Similarities? Both positions are intimate. However, if you like hardcore or rough sex, they might not be the right pick.

How To Get Into The Sofa Spooning Sex Position

Find a full-length, comfortable sofa. The man or big spoon should lie on the Sofa, with their back facing or touching the Sofa's backrest. The receiving partner or small spoon lies on their side in front of the big spoon. The big spoon can wrap its hands around the small spoon's waist and start thrusting into them from behind. It is always important to start slowly to find the thrusting rhythm. The penetrating can up the pace to bring the small spoon to a powerful orgasm. The position also sees the man's sexual whims and desires fulfilled.

The Role of The Man or Big Spoon in The Sofa Spooning Sex Position

In this position, the man finds the right rhythm for thrusting into the small spoon. The big spoon can also bring the small spoon close and wrap their hands around their waist to heighten intimacy. According to Towne (2016), the big spoon's hands are not in full use because they can also use them to rub the small spoon's clitoris for intense blended orgasms. It is all about getting creative in the bedroom.

The role of the Woman or Small Spoon in the Sofa Spooning Position

the man or big spoon takes control of the play because there is nothing much the small spoon can do. Bishop (2022) noted that a man or woman could use their hands to stimulate all the accessible sweet spots, including the clitoris, vulva, and nipples.

Is Sofa Spooning Great for Vaginal Intercourse Alone?

While in this position, the man is at a good angle to penetrate the small spoon anally. For anal sex, however, you may need a lake of lubricant. Van- Gerwen et al.(2022) stated that the anus does not self-lubricate like the vagina. Also, if your partner's first time in the world of anal pleasure, ensure you keep the communication channels open. This can help you detect discomfort and take necessary action, which in most cases stops the play.

Is Sofa spooning Great for Everyone?

Spooning is not an ideal position for people with small penises. Staying inside the small spoon can be difficult with a small penis.

Other Variations of the Regular Spooning Position

Spooning Doggy Style

Spooning doggy style combines regular spooning and the legendary doggy style. Get into a doggy-style position and flip over on your side. It also won't hurt if you start on doggy style and finish on spooning doggy style. While spooning doggy style, the small spoon or the receiving partner will slightly lean forward to allow the big spoon to thrust into them faster. In the same fashion as regular spooning, the big spoon can wrap its hands around the small spoon's waist for deeper exploration.

Little Spoon Leg Lift

The small and back spoons lie on their side, like in a regular spooning position. The former lift their upper leg (left or right) and throw it back over the big spoon. Next, the big spoon adjusts their legs to get a better sharp angle. The little spoon leg lift is great for G-spot stimulation. The position is also great for anal sex, and you can use it for P-spot stimulation.

Big Spoon Leg Wrap

Start on the regular spooning position. The big spoon wraps one leg around the small spoon's waist. The big spoon can also hold the small spoon's waist or hips to get leverage for better thrusting.

Little Spoon on Top

The big spoon lies flat on their back with a little spoon on top. The small spoon then sits on top of them, facing the other direction. Once the big spoon penetrates the small spoon, the latter slowly lie back until they are flat on top of the former. From there, the pleasure can commence. You can start on side-by-side spooning if this method of getting into the little spoon position is tricky.

One thing Not to Forget

Using a lot of lube, you can get the most out of any spooning sex position mentioned above. Lian et al.(2022) stated that lubrication reduces friction, which is something you may never want close to your bedroom. Once friction is out of the way, there is a good chance both of you will enjoy sex.

The Bottom Line

Sofa spooning sex position is among the popular variants of the normal spooning sex positions. Naturally, spooning isn't designed for deep exploration. However, this doesn't mean you cannot satisfy your sexual whims and desires if you like super deep penetration. Some variations, including the spooning doggy style, allow a deeper exploration. Do not forget to lube things up. Whether or not the small spoon has natural lubrication problems, throwing a bottle of lube into the mix will stretch your sexual horizons. Lube is a must-have if you plan to explore anal orgasms with the sofa spooning sex position.


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