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August 06, 2022 4 min read


Blow-up sex dolls are designed to deliver realistic sensual pleasure similar to other sex dolls. They are also known as inflatable dolls and come in varying styles based on gender, body type, features, materials, size, and skin tone. Blow-up sex dolls are the most common type of realistic sex dolls. They are an ideal addition to your erotic play as they provide more fun options to enjoy solo or partnered sex. Inflatable sex dolls can be used in varying ways. These sex dolls resemble certain body features of popular sex models. They offer anal, vaginal, and oral job pleasures. Learn how to get the best out of your sex doll from this blog. 

How to Have Fun with Your Blow Up Dolls

Getting intimate with your blow-up dolls depends on your kinky interest, art, and goals. People use them differently based on their pleasure goals. Their light nature gives you the freedom to satisfy any naughty desire or fetish. When using these toys, consider the tips below; 


This is the first essential step to great fun experiences with your doll for newbies. All blow-up love dolls come with basic guidelines on how to inflate them. Avoid over-inflating the doll as it can cause unintended damage. For those who enjoy getting touchy during sex, you can leave the doll slightly deflated. 

Apply Lubricants 

Most love dolls have softs pleasure holes for easy penetration. However, lubes, especially water-based lubricants, are a must-have for smoother plays. They prevent friction that can lead to irritation on the erogenous zones and damage the doll. 

Vaginal Sex

Both genders can use blow-up dolls for vaginal pleasures. Men can enjoy heightened sensual stimulation with each stroke inside the realistic textured pussy. Whether you like the girl on top position, doggy, missionary, spooning, or standing sex, the dolls are at your service. The female sex dolls come with varying penis sizes and body height. Pick a doll that can easily fit your vagina. Avoid dolls with large shafts that can cause painful insertion. Get into your favorite position and insert the dick in your vaginal opening after applying enough lubes. Lesbians can also enjoy scissoring pleasures and other fun games. 

Anal Sex

Some blow-up dolls are designed for anal pleasures. Ensure you apply plenty of lubes on the rectum canal and penis to enhance smooth anal sex. Try any kinky position as you spank or caress other parts, such as the breasts. Women can also indulge in power play with their sex dolls by wearing a strap-on to penetrate their male toy. 

Oral Sex

Blow-up sex dolls can provide realistic oral experiences. Men can enjoy amazing blowjobs from the lovely mouths of the blow-up dolls. Some have textured or ribbed mouths for added sensual stimulation. You can deep throat your inflatable doll for more oral fun. Women can also get down and suck their toy's penis. The realistic material and structure of the vaginal and penis deliver a realistic oral experience. 

Why Do People Love Blow Up Dolls

Inflatable or blow-up dolls are customized sex toys that function like realistic male or female erogenous zones. Here are the reasons why people love blow-up sex dolls;

Heightened Sexual Sensations 

These dolls are made of soft inflatable materials with a realistic feel and texture. The pleasure holes from the vaginal, anal to the mouth have a ribbed texture to provide sensual sensations. The sexy and attractive shapes of the dolls provide sensual and visual enticement.

They Come in Different Designs

Inflatable sex dolls are available in varying designs from the face to the body. Users get to pick a doll of their choice from the broad range of sex dolls. Some are designed to resemble celebrities or sex models, giving you the perfect opportunity to feed your kinky desires.  

Easy to Maintain and Store

After use, you can easily deflate the blow-up dolls for storage. Their inflatable nature makes them the best love dolls for discreet pleasures as you can hide them conveniently. 

Cheap Long Time Partners

 More single men and women opt for blow-up dolls to act as their sexual or romantic partners. All you need is to inflate the love doll and get to enjoy the best sexual companion with no distractions. They come at a cheaper cost than silicone, making them the easiest option for all love doll users. 


Unlike silicone dolls that can weigh the same as humans, blow-up dolls are lighter and easier to carry during sex. You can easily get into any position with these dolls. 

Safety and Care of Blow up Sex Dolls

After use, clean your love doll with the right washing detergents and warm water. Ensure no cum depositions are left on the blow-up doll organs. Deflate the sex doll and store it in a cool, dry area, preferably in its original packaging.

The Bottom Line

Blow-up sex dolls come in different styles and sizes to spice up your sexual moments. You can use the toys for various pleasure games. They offer intense, realistic experiences with their textured erogenous zones. Feed your naughty desires and fetishes with a blow-up doll.  Follow the tips discussed above to have more fun with your inflatable sex doll.

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