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July 28, 2022 5 min read

Spotlight on – Remote Control Sex Toys

Have you ever wanted to have sex with your partner, but they were far away from you or no longer at home? There are many reasons why someone would need a remote control sex toy in their life, and if this sounds like something that would benefit you, then the best thing to do is know what products there are on the market and what exactly they can do for you.

Remote control sex toys are fun to play with. Their sleek design makes them incredibly attractive and appealing, but don't let their good looks fool you – there's much more to these little devices than meets the eye. For one thing, remote-control sex toys can help you and your partner feel even closer than ever simply because these toys allow you to explore kinks and fantasies that might otherwise be out of reach. If you want your partner to play with you from across the room or the country, then remote-control sex toys are just what you need!

Remote Control Vibrators

A vibrator is a kind of sex toy that can be placed on the body to give you pleasure. Some people might refer to them as a massager. According to Sayin (2012), vibrators can be used on erogenous zones such as the clit, vagina, or penis to stimulate these weak spots for sexual stimulation. Vibrators exist in all kinds of forms and designs. Apart from being sexy looking, they are designed to give the owner an amazing time by pressing a button. Both men and women use them for sexual pleasure. Moreover, they can be used solo or with your partner during foreplay or sex play.

There exist sex toys designed like penises that can be used with lube for amazing pleasure. Kaisar (2021) stated that remote-controlled vibrators are sex toys modified to be controlled by an app on a smartphone or remote, even for a given distance. The emergence of these sex toys has made the sexual experience even better; you can now stimulate your partner using a remote-controlled vibrator even if your partner is a mile away.

Vibrators are an amazing way for beginners and experts to experience an out-of-this-world sensation. According to Wood (2015), vibrators range from bullet vibrators, wand massagers, clit vibrators, and vaginal vibrators; all these and more are at your disposal.

Remote-controlled Anal Toys

Anal toys continue to evolve into more intense and advanced ones. Harris (2013) highlighted that anal toys range from anal beads, anal butt plugs, anal vibrators, and prostate massagers. Some of these sex toys are ideal for both men and women or can be used by both partners simultaneously. This time it is remote controlled anal toys. What would you say if I told you that your smartphone could control butt plugs, anal vibrators, or prostate massagers? These toys exist and are cool too! There are many benefits of using remote control sex toys over other sex toys like handheld ones.

Using remote-controlled anal toys will give you more freedom in your hands, allowing you to roam the body to find your sweet spot. Plus, these specific vibrations are designed to give you the best sexual stimulation you have ever had using toys. The unique vibration's speed and intensity can be changed easily using the toys, saving you the trouble of reaching out for the toy and taking you off from experience.

Remote-controlled Cock Rings    

The remote-controlled cock ring is an oldie but goodie. These rings have a small vibrator and receiver that work as a set, allowing you to keep your partner on their toes. The best part is you can control it from anywhere, meaning if your partner is getting on your nerves, you can turn them off! Now that's what we call an upgrade. The remote-controlled cock ring has become one of the couples' most popular sex toys. This says something about how amazing these rings are regarding pleasure and relationships. They are available in plenty of shapes and sizes, making them great for even those who want something custom-made!

The cock rings are an excellent sext toy option because they stimulate both the wearer and the one on the receiving end; therefore, nobody misses out on anything. They can be easily used by both beginners and experts alike because the apps and remotes are easy to use and learn. So you have no reason not to try them out yourself. You might be surprised to wonder how you have been living without them.


Vibrators have been around for over 100 years. They've taken on many new shapes and colors and added many bells and whistles over time. Today's vibrators are available in fun colors, with different textures and technologies that provide powerful pleasure to users. Their popularity has spawned an entire industry of vibrating sex toys for both men and women. Some even feature remote control options so your partner can give you pleasure from afar! Take advantage of our store's fantastic selection of remote-controlled dildos! The dildos come in many shapes and sizes to pick from. Some even come with a strap-on or are double-ended for double the pleasure.

Remote-controlled dildos can be used by both males and females and straight or gay couples. You have to pick what you want from a wide range of options. Browse today to find something that will tickle your fancy!


Suppose you want to find new ways to spice up your sex life, invest in a remote control sex toy. If you and your partner are looking for a new way to experiment with kink, these toys might be right for you. Plenty of devices are available, so take your time shopping around and figure out which ones best suit your needs. If you want more advanced features like programmable intensity levels or pulsation patterns, check out premium models that offer those features for an additional cost. And if you're just not sure about them yet and want to see what they're all about before investing, go with something inexpensive that won't break the bank if it doesn't work out for you.


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