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July 30, 2022 4 min read


Oral sex is the game of the day, and there are no people who would like to make out with their partners without having foreplay.

There are many ways of making out as a preparation for the real game for sensational orgasms. One of them is oral sex. The history of oral sex is undocumented and unrecorded, as DePierre (2017) explained. Most people know that oral sex can is a turn-taking game, which is not the case. You can have oral sex simultaneously, which will depend on your position as a couple to enable each one of you to access the genitals easily with much comfort. The standing 69 sex position is risky, but that’s the fun part of it, as stated by Comfort (2003). People who give oral sex much better are often punished by their partner as they get to scream and moan so loudly and take a break from the oral sex. You can give and take oral sex as you simultaneously feel pleasure through 69 sex positions. This article outlines the standing 69 sex positions

 The Standing 69 Sex Positions

 The Classic 69

 This sex position works well where one person lies on their back, and the other comes on top but in the opposite direction and aligns themselves where each person’s genital is near the mouth. The person on top can be on their knees, straddling their partner’s head. This position can be the best to use since there is not much straining for both partners. Typically the woman is the one to be on top and the man on the bottom to make it more fun. You can use the pillow or the sex wedge to make yourself more comfortable to reach your partner’s genitals, thus avoiding straining the neck or any other body part.

 Sideways 69

 Instead of positioning yourselves on top of each other, you will lie on your sides. It can be an option when you feel you cannot reach up to your partner’s genitals in the classic sex position. Generally, it is the best since there are fewer strains, and you can reach out to everything easily, thus leading to a powerful orgasm for both partners. It is a relief to the top partner who is always on their knees and the elbow, which is strenuous when you stay in the position for quite some time.

 Inverted Classic Position

 This is quite the opposite of the classic 69  sex position. In the inverted sex position, the woman will be lying down as the man is on top. The lady will lie on the back as the man aligns himself opposite her to place the genital near the mouth. This is an ideal position if you like deep-throating your man since he has a lot more power to control the thrust. When he feels more aroused, he might be tempted to go deeper.

 The Squatting 69

 The squatting sex position is among the variations of the  69 sex positions. 69 has hints of reciprocity, as discussed by Lewis et al. (2016). Unlike the other previous sex positions, you will be in seating position n and the other one squatting over them. This sex position will require lower back glutes and quads strength. The squat variation will work well when the lady is squatting over and allows more ass spanking and slapping. This also calls for more exercise so that you can be more flexible to maintain the position for quite some time. According to Hibbard (2012), squatting is one of the best leg exercises.

The Standing 69 (Upright 69)

Rather than lying on any surface, you can choose to stand straight and hold your partner upside down while standing. This calls for more stamina and strength, mostly for the man. If you pull it off, you will experience great sensations. This will favor you if you go to the gym and have some weight lifting exercises to pleasure your lady at ease. This is an ideal position if your partner is petite.

 Penetrative 69

 Oral sex can be enhanced by finger sex toys or penetration. You can have vaginal and anal penetration. If your partner has a vagina, you can perform oral sex on her clitoris while penetrating her. You can do this by fingering her anus or the vagina simultaneously. This can be done to men too. While giving them head, you massage the prostate to make them feel more intense pleasure. This will enhance double stimulation of the internal and external genitals. When the pleasure is rising, you will both be exponentially involved.

 The Threesome 69 Sex Position

People are free to explore their sexuality. They have gone the extra mile in the adventurous session as they get to understand their sexual desires. In one way or the other, you have either had a threesome or thought of it. Similarly, you can have oral sex in a threesome sex interaction, and you will all get the same pleasure. To have a threesome, you must bring a potential third person to your play. One will be lying on their backs, preferably the lady, while the others will be on the sides, making a triangle. In this sex position,  you will all be receiving oral pleasure.

 Analingus 69

 You can major in anal stimulation to make your partner feel the hidden pleasure. Gays mostly use this position to stimulate and relax the anus before penetration. Relaxing the muscles around the butt is important and advisable for easy penetration. You can relax the anal muscles using a lubricated finger or perform analingus to warm up the butt for penetrative sex. The one who easts up the anus is the one who will have to penetrate.


Oral sex is the best and the most common foreplay people use to prepare for penetrative sex. Sex is important to every human since it is a way to relieve yourself from stress and feel more relaxed. With the highlighted sex positions, you can explore oral sex for maximum sensations.


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