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April 08, 2020 2 min read

Tantalize your Lover with Tasty Bedroom Treats

By Tatyana Dyachenko

When sex begins to feel routine, it’s time to spice it up with some creativity. Great sex engages all the senses – seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting. Edible sex enhancers let your taste-buds in on the action. From luxurious body chocolate to condoms flavoured with the fresh tastes of sun-kissed fruit, there are many ways to tantalize with sexual taste sensations.

Chocolate body paint does not only taste good: the whole process, from applying the paint with a stimulating brush to licking it off, is something to savour. Tubes of chocolate are generally modest in size in order to preserve freshness, so it is a good idea to stockpile a few for rainy days and sexy Saturday afternoons! Two erogenous zones which feel amazing when covered with body paint and licked are the neck and nipples, but be creative and find what feels best for you and your sex partner.

Some people are not chocolate lovers, and prefer the taste of exotic fruit. Fruit-flavoured body paint lets you unleash your inner artist while giving your significant other a teasing, erotic experience. Whether you prefer the soft, tickling sensation of a brush or you prefer to smudge the colourful flavour on with your fingers, a paint which is naturally flavoured will give your sex life a kick.

Flavoured condoms and personal lubricants make oral sex delectable fun. If you want flavour that is silky and slippery and does not leave a sticky residue or strange aftertaste, there are a number of lubricants which fit this description. Whether you prefer the juiciness of mountain berries or the tropical flavour sensations of bananas and mangos, there is a wide variety of sugar-free lubricants to choose from. If you are using a condom or a latex female contraceptive, remember to choose a lubricant that is latex-friendly.

If your lover’s libido seems to be flagging, introducing some scintillating flavour into the bedroom is a great way to restore passion. When coupled with exciting positions and some background music for a sexy atmosphere, edible sex aids heighten sexual stimulation for a breathtakingly arousing experience.

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