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July 27, 2022 5 min read

The 4 Sexiest Ways to Put a Condom on Your Partner

The worst part of sex can be putting on that condom, not the actual act of having sex with it on. So why not turn this everyday chore into something fun and sexy? Here are 4 sexy ways to put on a condom your partner will love.

When you have sex, it's best to use a condom to protect yourself from STDs and unplanned pregnancies. But despite this fact, people have sex without condoms all the time – not because they don't want to use them, but because they forget or don't know how to use them correctly. That's why you need to read this article on how to put a condom on your partner using 4 sexy ways that will turn into an amazing foreplay experience that both you and your partner will enjoy.

Spread Lube around the Penis

According to Macey et al. (2015), lubrication is an amazing way to make penetration easier and less painful for your lover. You can choose to use lubricants for a heightened sensation that will leave you wanting more and more.

The same applies when you have a condom on. Adding lube to your condom significantly increases the sensation, as Knights et al. (2021) stated. This amazing way can help turn your normal condom experience into a wild experience.

As you spread your partner's legs, use your fingers to tease them. Spread lube around their genitals, and then add some more around your penis as you get closer to pleasure. This will allow for a wilder experience than without lubrication. Your partner will want more and more from you. The lubrication does more than ease the penetration.

Both straight and gay couples can apply this refreshing way of putting on their condom to help increase the whole sexual experience. Add some lube to it and experience the unique and unforgettable moment yourself!

Massage the Head

As we get more experienced with what our partner likes, we better understand all the sensitive parts at our disposal. Have you ever wondered how your partner reacts as you stimulate the head of the penis as you give them a blowjob? The head of the penis is an amazing way to get your partner on and want more from you.

According to Premadasa et al. (2016), a great way to put on a condom is by massaging your partner's penis head. You can take one hand and use your palm as you begin at his ball sack. Your other hand should grab onto his penis and lightly tug so that his foreskin will pull back. With both hands, rub in slow, smooth strokes up along his shaft and over his head with each stroke, ensuring you get from the tip of the penis until the base without skipping any spot. As you give your partner's member some attention, massage him for about two minutes. When doing so, feel free to kiss or lick it once in a while. You may think that something like putting on a condom is just a simple routine task; however, adding excitement into everyday tasks can create an atmosphere full of anticipation, which turns us on and increases our level of arousal during sex. Massaging the head of the penis and kissing it or licking it, whether the condom is on or not, will go a long way to getting your partner to enjoy your sexual experience.

Use Two Hands to Roll Down

Men love it when you stroke their penis with your hand, but they love it better when you do it with both hands. Using two hands to roll down a condom means you can use one hand to unroll and remove the condom from its wrapper while using another hand to hold onto your partner's penis as he becomes erect. This method is perfect for helping him get an erection while ensuring that his condom stays in place and doesn't fall off before sex begins. As long as you don't rush through putting on his condom, there should be no problems! If he has trouble getting an erection or staying hard during sex, try these tips to stay longer in bed.

You can combine the experience by licking or sucking his penis as you remove the condom from its packaging. This amazing style will have them wanting more from you.

Ask Them How They Like It Best

The best way to figure out how your partner likes it is by asking them. But if you've never had that talk before and are too shy or nervous, look for their body language. Do they appear turned on? Their nipples might be hardened, and they might be more sensitive than usual. According to McCormick (2010), some people have an orgasm from nipple stimulation. These are all signs that they like what you're doing, so take note and move on to other activities.

Ask them how they like their condoms, and you can try your best to give them what they want. If asking them personally is hard for you, you can try sending them a naughty short clip of someone putting on a condom in a sexy way and ask them what they think.

Another amazing way to have him enjoy the best condom experience is by blindfolding them. This amazing way adds more taste as it leaves them guessing. It is a great way of making your partner focus on the amazing sensation. Who knows, you might even give them more intense orgasms.


The best way for you and your partner to enjoy sex is to be creative. You're about to have an amazing experience, so do it in a way that makes it memorable and fun for both of you. Trying new things can also add an exciting level of spontaneity that keeps your sex life fresh. After all, what are condoms for if not for making sex more enjoyable? Just remember to use one correctly! Condoms prevent pregnancy and STDs by acting as barriers between semen (including sperm) and your reproductive organs, especially if you're not ready for anything. Therefore, go on try out these tips, and you are sure to have more fun.


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