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July 28, 2022 5 min read

The Benefits of and Mood Boosting Properties of Premium Olive Oil

Premium oil is a high-quality oil and may be useful for its mood-boosting properties, such as relieving stress and boosting male stamina. Use this article to learn more about premium olive oil's mood-boosting benefits.

Premium olive oil is among the highest quality oils in the market. You probably know premium olive oil for its fame in your diet, but it has health benefits too. It may also be good for your skin as a hydrant and antioxidant because it has antiaging properties. You probably do not know it, but you can also have it in the bedroom while having sex. Have you ever looked at the premium lube in the kitchen and wondered if it could be useful in the bedroom? Below is a guide on the benefits and use of premium olive oil.

What Is Premium Olive Oil?

Premium olive is a high-quality oil. The oil is extracted from the olive tree fruits, known as olives. The olives are pressed until they extract some oil. There are various levels of olive oil, and the more refined it is, the less healthy it is for the body. Premium olive oil is among the least refined and healthiest olive oil. It has heart-healthy fats and is a source of antioxidant nutrients like vitamin E. Below are the benefits of using premium olive oil during sex;

The Benefits Of Premium Oil

You may use the premium to Massage yourself or your partner, as Quiles et al. (2006) suggested. Massage is the therapeutic manipulation of soft tissue. Below are the benefits of massaging;

For Stress Relief

Some people think that Massage is a waste of time, but when you massage the muscles, you can release tension and stress. Sensual Massage takes the body to relax. Take your premium olive oil and give yourself and your partner a full-body sensual massage.

For Intimacy

Sensual Massage may make you get closer to your partner. Touching each other erogenous zones is the best expression of sensualism. According to Kreuter et al.(2011), Massage may include the genital area and be great for foreplay. Below are two reasons why Massage is important;

Massage May Make You Feel Great.

You will feel euphoric after a massage. Massage can make you feel positive about life and as excited as someone on recreational drugs. Some people may use drugs and alcohol to enhance their mood, but you can instead opt for Massage, which has no side effects or drawbacks.

A Sensual Massage May Improve Sexual Performance

You send negative signals to the people around you and your partner, and having sex is the last thing you want to do when stressed out. Let your partner give you a massage and relax as you enjoy the intimacy while at it. You may have a sensual massage with a happy ending.



As a Lubrication

Taormino (2006) stated that lubrication makes any sexual activity pleasurable. Premium olive oil may not be a perfect solution for lubrication because it may cause yeast infections if you use it occasionally. It is perfect for that one time when you may have run out of lube or if you need lube urgently. It is also worth noting that premium olive oil cannot be used with latex condoms. Oil and latex condoms do not mix because the oil will destroy the condoms. The following are the reasons why you need a lubricant during sex;

Lube Can Enhance Sexual Pleasure

It is not a must that you use lube only when you have to, for instance, after menopause and when you experience dryness. You can use lube for fun just because you want as much pleasure as possible and not experience wearing and tearing. Lube is not for people who have sexual issues only. Lube is for anyone who wants to have pleasure during sex. You may also include lube that has flavors to give your sexual experience some flavor.

Lube Can Be Used For Vaginal Moisturizing.

Some women do not lubricate sufficiently, and others do not have lubrication and experience dryness during sex. Sex will be painful and uncomfortable for a woman with lubrication issues; therefore, lubricants are important. The woman need not be embarrassed about needing a lubricant to enjoy flavor should use some lube and enjoy the sexual experience.

Lube Is Ideal For Anal Sex

You must never have anal sex or use toys without lubricants because the anal canal has a thin lining that will get torn easily during friction. Olive lube is the best lube. Lube must be used during anal sex.

To Boost Male Stamina

People wonder if premium oil is a Viagra. Premium olive oil is better than Viagra. The premium olive oil is a drug-free option for men having sexual problems as it cuts the risk of sexual dysfunction, as Kidd (2004) stated. The premium olive oil will support better blood circulation, which is important during sex as a man cannot erect or ejaculate properly if his blood circulation is not okay. Unlike viagra, which has temporary gains, the premium olive has long-term benefits to the man's sexual performance.

For Masturbation

You may use the premium-based olive oil for masturbation for the slippery feel. Olive oil may be popular because it spreads easily. The downside is that the skin pores may get clogged by the oil as the skin cannot absorb the oil. You may therefore wash off the skin thoroughly afterward to ward off infections.


Premium olive oil has a good reputation, but it is worth noting that there are some risks associated with it. The oil is high in calories, like 119 calories in every tablespoon. Eating too much premium olive oil may cause you to add weight and make the problems that you are trying to treat with it, heart health, worse. Some people have allergic reactions to premium oil; if you notice any symptoms, you should seek medical help. You may need to consult your doctor to advise whether you use premium olive oil as part of your health plan.


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