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July 27, 2022 5 min read

The Primal Fetish Explained

Primal fetish defines the arousal one gets for behaving like an animal during sex. Learn more about the meaning of primal fetish, the nature of primal fetish, and how to find someone that enjoys primal fetish.

Primal means original. The primal sex takes people back to where they were primitive and like animals (original state). You may think primal sex involves being brutal and making sounds. Primal sex does involve a lot of sounds, or rather, noise, but there is no brutality. It is gentle and sensual. Primal sex is a kink, although its proponents argue that it is a lifestyle for the people who miss being like animals. The people who practice primal fetish say that it is not a kink because you may want to hide your kink so that people will never know, but you wouldn't want to hide your primal tendencies because that's who you are.

The Meaning of Primal Fetish

Primal may be 'first' in the ordinary language use. Hadjitarkhani (2010) stated that Primal fetish in the BDSM ( Bondage, Dominance, Discipline, Submission, Masochism) world means returning to the original form when human beings were like animals. A person who practices a primal fetish is known as a primal. The primals like sex involve animalistic behavior like crawling, growling, and scratching. The primal is not gender-specific. Either gender can identify themselves as primal. A primal fetish is what some of us know as an animalistic fetish. You have probably enjoyed a primal fetish for fun because behaving like animals turns you on without knowing it has a label. Some people naturally like mimicking animals during sex, but they may not know that in BDSM, the behavior has a term. According to Block (2015),  most consensual fetishes are normal variations of human sexuality.

The Nature of Primal Fetish

People in primal fetish may not have the costumes that people normally have during BDSM. Anything that animals do not have will not feature in primal fetish. Therefore, there will be no ropes, leather gear, or handcuffs and whips. Everyone involved in it is an animal in their BDSM minds. You may imagine that primal sex is rough, but it is not. The primal fetish only expects you to be like an animal. You may have seen some women purr like cats or growl like cheetahs and wondered how people behave like animals. Such people may be into the primal fetish. People dressing up in animal costumes may not be part of a primal fetish. Some people dress in animal costumes for fun, not because they want to be animals.

Primals wish they were animals. It is possible for a person who enjoys animal costumes to be primal. Not everyone who enjoys wearing costumes is a primal, and not every primal enjoys wearing animal costumes. It would be best if you didn't refer to people in labels because some people may be offended.

The Temperament of Primal Fetish

Alaimo (2010) noted that primal sex is not violent and involves animalistic behavior during wooing. For instance, a man behaves like a lion and approaches the woman, a lioness. A woman growls when a man wants to approach her and probably scratches him. There may be some light biting and some wrestling as the man wants to dominate the woman. The primal fetish sex is not violent and may seem like another National Geographic mating scene.

Types of Primal Role Play

Like any other BDSM game, there is a dominant primal and a submissive primal. They relate to each other depending on their agreement like any other relationship; they do not assume positions. It is not a guarantee that the man is the dominant partner and the woman is the submissive partner or that they base their decision on who is physically stronger and who isn't. There is usually an agreement between the couple. It is not uncommon for the woman to be the dominant partner in a heterosexual relationship. Ortmann (2012) stated that the partners' positions in the relationship demonstrate that BDSM can be playful, intimate, and gratifying, although when applied in an unhealthy relationship can be destructive. Some men like being dominated over; you cannot assume a position, there are however two types of role-plays;

Primal Dominant vs. Primal Submission

Dominant vs. submission is the template of most relationships where one partner is dominant and controls the relationship. In contrast, the other partner is submissive and depends on the dominant lover. There is no fighting since they do not fight to control the relationship because their roles are set out. The submissive primal accepts the attention of the dominant primals gently. They like playing together and teasing each other. The dominant lover will chase the submissive lover, and the submissive lover likes it. The submissive partner is obedient to the dominant partner.

Primal dominant V Primal Dominant

This relationship poses numerous challenges because both partners want to control the relationship; there is constant wrestling as none of them wants to be subdued. They may tease each other into sex. They will scratch and bite each other, and there will be resistance. There will be noise because they are animals at that point.

How To Find Someone That Enjoys Primal Fetish

It is hard to find a person interested in a fetish because the BDSM community is hidden, and most people keep it in their private lives. However, technology brings people together. You can meet a group of people into your kind of fetish online. There are even dating sites for kinky people, and even on general social sites, if you state that you are into primal fetish, it will be a matter of time before someone inboxes you interested in meeting up. Whoever you meet, ensure that they are also interested in abiding by the tenets of BDSM: sanity, consent, and safety. And do not forget to include safewords during your sessions.


Anyone who wants to be involved in sex where they get to act like animals should not surprise anyone. People are animals, after all. That's why we like getting naked during sex. Throwing away the clothes is a sign that we want to let the animals in us take over when we are in the original state, in our nudity. Having the primal fetish is probably why some men groan while women moan. Things people do as human beings during sex do not drift much from primal fetishes, like wooing. The dominant partner must find someone he likes and try to entice the person of interest. The chase hints at animalistic behaviors because we are animals in our basic instinct. Maybe the primal fetish is the normal version of who we ideally should be. Are we not all animals?


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