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August 03, 2022 3 min read


Tantric sex(tantric sexuality) is a concept with origins in ancient India. Tantric sex emphasizes mindfulness of one's energy and how it interacts with the environment through sexuality. Envision sexual power flowing throughout your body and exchange that energy with your spouse when practicing it. Some describe tantric intercourse as uniting with one's partner. Tantra's core notion is that a couple taps into knowledge and spirituality by managing their sexual energies. Read below to find out how to have tantric sex and the 7 tantra techniques.

A Guide To Tantric Sex

Tantric sex doctrines stress linking your bodies in mirrored, symmetrical or complementary positions ( nurturing meditation). Penetrative sex makes this easier because your bodies are closer. Incorporate tantric sex concepts into oral sex. Establish eye contact. It doesn't have to be  slutty. Gaze lovingly as you descend on your lover. Using your hands is a terrific way to turn on your partner. Lightly breathe around and on his genitals before using your mouth. Envision the transfer of sexual energy if your hands or lips contact your partner's body.

Use the following tantra techniques while masturbating. 

  • Center your mind on slow, deep breaths with extended exhales.
  • Visualize energy coursing through your veins.
  • Allow ample time for "pre-play" activities.
  • Get rid of the clutter and make time for masturbation

  • Get to know your entire body
  • Don't allow unpleasant judgment.
  • Accept the sexual demands and preferences of your body

Individuals practice orgasmic meditation. Some women use yoni eggs to stimulate and awaken their sacral chakras to develop pelvic muscles.

The 7 Tantric Sex Techniques

Create Your Space

Tantric sex begins before actual sex. Stay in the moment and be aware of your energies. Set the mood for sex. Add candles, fabric and flowers to create a sensual and relaxing atmosphere. Tantra urges you to pay attention to all of your senses, lighting, fragrances, sound and temperature in your sexual environment.

Breathe Together

Tantra emphasizes the importance of breathing. Face your partner and inhale as they exhale or straddle your lover or lie in bed facing each other for easy access. Begin practicing breathing on your own. 

Make Eye Contact

maintain eye contact with your partner by using tantric sex postures. You may minimize your eyes during orgasms. Keeping your eyes fixed on your spouse brings connection and attention. Employ sex positions that allow for eye contact.

Practice Mindfulness

Be mindful of where you touch your partner. Concentrate on your intention by keeping your head at the moment. Focus on making him happy and let every touch be filled with love.

Get In Position

Placing a hand on your partner's heart helps connect and exchange energy. Your unrestricted hands should be in contact. You can also interlock them with that added sense of togetherness. Spoon your partner; rest their arm beneath the other partner's neck and bend it at the elbow to meet their forehead.

Stay Still

There may be instances when you aren't moving or talking during tantric sex. You may produce natural sounds as a result of sexual stimulation. Tantric sex gurus think you can make love without intercourse by incorporating components of tantric sex. Do not rush foreplay. Individuals consider intercourse the most important aspect of sexual activity, yet any sexual activity can be pleasant and intimate.

Skip Orgasm

Sexual intercourse without an orgasm is an element of tantric sex. Tantric sex focuses on control, which includes choosing how and when you climax. Breathing methods and awareness help to lengthen sex without ejaculation leading to orgasm.

The Bottom Line

Some people would advise you to seek a tantric instructor or leader, often known as a guru. Gurus are useful to learn more about tantric culture rather than just tantric sex. Tantric sex is a fun way to shake things up in the bedroom while also tasting slower sex. Tantra has a deeper spiritual meaning for some people, while others merely regard it as a more intimate type of sex. Whatever you want to get out of tantric sex, the tips above will help you get the most out of tantric sex. 

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