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August 03, 2022 4 min read

Think Outside The Bedroom With Position For Every Room!

How many sex positions do you have on your bucket list? Have you tried having sex in various parts of your house? If the answer is no, learn the sex positions for every room below.

For most of us, sex is better when done in the bedroom, particularly on the bed. However, the sexcapades may fade if you maintain a passionate romp with the same spot and styles. Taking things outside the bedroom with new sex positions maintain the flames of your hottest spark in the bedroom, adding flavor to your sex life.

This also prevents your bedroom from getting boring when you decide to share your bodies. Trying something new in various parts of your house sets you to intense orgasms and boosts your bedroom experience. Also, it can spice up your relationship. If you want to experiment with a passionate romp in every room, here are the sex positions to try.

In the Laundry Room

The laundry room is one of the zones for boning each other. If the washer is a vagina-having person, ask them to lay their stomach diagonally on the washing machine. They should pop up one leg to allow the penis-having person or strap-on dildo wearer to penetrate from behind. Popping one leg up also allows them to edge their vaginas closer to the machine's corner to enjoy the gentle vibrations. After the passionate romp, you can clean yourselves with warm towels from the dryer.

In the Living Room

The living room can be the best place to have sex if you are alone. You can use a couch or lounging chair to satisfy your sexual whims and desires in this area. For sex in the living room, the passive partner should lay on their side, propping up their hip on the arm of the couch or lounging chair. The penetrating or active partner should stand on the side of the position enhancer and penetrate the passive partner. This position applies pressure on the walls of the vagina while the penetrating partner thrusts. The cushion or the armrest will enhance comfort, allowing the receiving partner to hold on for a little longer. While in this position, you can throw a clitoral vibrator into the mix to supplement the deeper penetrations with intense clitoral orgasms.

The Bathroom

While washing up, you can jump into each other's pants and get dirty again. For intense shower sex, the receiving partner should stand facing the bathroom wall, rest their palms against the wall and slightly lean while placing one leg on a tub or shower bench. The receiving partner should stand behind the receiving partner and penetrate them. This position also allows deeper penetration and intense G-spot stimulation. Try the toilet if this environment makes your love-making session too slippery. Ask the penetrating partner to sit on the toilet seat and straddle them. This position allows you to face each other while the top partner takes the rides. Moreover, it allows the bottom partner to introduce hands to stimulate the top partner, resulting in an earth-shattering blended orgasm.


Kitchen sex is great, whether you are trying it for the first time or your cutlery sees your naked bodies frequently. If you are a beginner, ask your woman or vulva-having person to sit on the counter. Stand between their legs with your fully erect penis or strap-on dildo. Similarly, you can try the doggie style, where the receiving partner leans against the countertop, allowing the penetrating partner to thrust from behind. Sitting or leaning on a cold countertop can add a titillating sensation to your love-making session. However, you can place dish towels on the surface to enhance comfort and warmth. While in the kitchen, you can also try standing position on the refrigerator. For a cold experience, stand in front of the open refrigerator door.

Home Office

The receiving partner should bend over and hold the office desk for support. The penetrating partner can stand behind the receiving partner and penetrate them. While in this position, the penetrating partner can use their hands to manually stimulate the receiving partner' for double pleasure. Similarly, you can introduce a clitoral vibrator for intense clitoral and inner orgasms into the play. If sex on an office table gets uncomfortable for one of you, try the swivel chair. Ask the penetrating partner to sit on the chair and straddle them. In this position, the bottom partner should plant their legs firmly on the ground as the top partner controls the penetration depth, speed, and rhythm.

In the Entryway

The entryway can make a great sex scene if both of you know the right sex position to use. The receiving partner should lean against the front door while placing their hands on either side of their body. The penetrating partner can stand behind the receiving partner, hold their waist and penetrate them. Expecting a visitor while having sex in this area can make your love-making session more exciting.

On the Stairs

Although they are among rooms in your house, stairs can be the best out of the bedroom to have sex. For sex on the stairs, the penetrating partner should lie with their back on the top landing. The receiving partner can climb on top of them to assume the reverse cowgirl position. The bottom partner's legs will support the top partner as they ride.

At the Backyard

The backyard is also not among the rooms in your house, but it can help you create sex memories that may last forever. If you have lounge chairs in your backyard, ask the penetrating partner to sit on them and straddle them. Try the reverse-cowgirl position for ultra-stimulating outdoor sex. Since there may be uninvited eyes, cover yourselves with a cozy blanket or have an extra-long t-shirt on to enhance privacy.

The Bottom Line

Having sex in various rooms in your house is a great way of adding a little spark to your sex life. Use the above positions to take the passionate romp outside your bedroom for a better sexual experience and strong relationship.

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