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August 05, 2022 5 min read

This Is Why You Need A Magic Wand In Your Life

Wand massagers are among the seriously ignored sex toy today. Even so, they are the vibrator that can get the job done for you when other options fail. Given its diminishing popularity, do you still need it in your life? Let this blog help you decide if the toy deserves a place in your collection of bedroom essentials.

 Your hunt for a vibrator may not end without meeting a magic wand, whether you want to gift someone or buy it for personal use. Wand vibrators are always the best for choice clit-havers looking for a pleasure god to grind them for a better orgasm. The sexual part aside, do you know these toys started as body massagers? Before getting the bedroom use in the 1960s, wand vibrators were used to relax body muscles. Their efficiency made people save time and money by putting aside massage sessions with therapists at spas. Although these toys are still used for muscle relaxation, their sexual uses have outweighed health ones.

A Brief History About the Magic Wand

The history of magic wands began in 1968 in a company called Hitachi, Japan. Devices produced were called the Hitachi Magic Wand, and the company sold them as neck and neck massagers. The initial use of these toys changed shortly after they made it to the USA. As people knew and used them as muscle tension relaxers at home and in foreign nations, Betty Dodson, the renowned US sex educator, clung to wand massagers, changing them into one of the most powerful sex toys. What's more, Dodson nicknamed the wand the "the Cadillac of Vibrators," alluding to Cadillac motor vehicles, which are big and powerful. Looking at the Magic Wand's structure, you can also agree it is a big sex toy with powerful vibrations that can take you to the moon and back when used creatively. In 2013, Hitachi stopped the production of Magic wands to protect its name. Since it was already the big player in the market, Vibratex persuaded the Japanese tech giant to resume production of wand massagers but named them" Original Magic Wand" instead of Hitachi Magic Wand. Hitachi finally agreed and resumed production in 2014, naming the devices "Magic Wand Original." Why do some people still find magic wands the best vibrators after more than 50 years in the market?

Wands Get the Job Done

Magic Wands are specifically used for clit stimulations. For the decades they have been in the market, wands have helped many women who rarely get an orgasm through vaginal stimulations enjoy sex. Although they are not the sexiest toys and are phallic-shaped like other vibrators, their performance in the bedroom is unmatched. Nonetheless, you do not require special skills to operate magic wands. To get the party started, whether you are alone or with your lover, switch the toy on, set your favorite vibration speed, and place it on your clitoris to experience the magic of rumbling vibrations.

 Wands Are Ideal for Couple Sex

Magic wands are larger than a standard bullet and rabbit vibrators. However, they are not used for penetrative sex, implying you may need someone to help you control them to feel their vibes. Magic wands should be used respectfully and skillfully during couple sex for both of you to be pleasured. If you fear responsibilities in the bedroom, choose small-sized wands that you can easily hold in place when your lover thrusts into you. While being stroked, pass the toy to various erogenous toys, including nipples and labia, for added stimulations. If you are kind enough, place the wand on your lover's testicles to watch them moan and cum while fucking you. Big wand massagers come with responsibilities that need fulfillment for both of you to be pleasured.

 They Are Powerful Vibrators

 As already stated, magic wands are the "Cadillac of Vibrators," implying they are big and rewarding.    The wands' size accommodates large motors that come with more intense rumbling vibrations to take you from zero to stimulation quickly. Moreover, toys' size allows stimulation of the whole vulva region and all parts of the clitoris, all thanks to the deep vibrations they send to the bulbous heads.

Modern Wands Have Game-Changing Features

Although Hitachi ceased the production of wands with their name, you can still get the original Hitachi Magic Wand today. These ancient devices have two vibration speeds, feeding your sexual fantasies whether you have fun alone or with your lover. The other downside is that you need to plug them into an electric outlet. Today, there are modern wants with vibration speeds and power options to allow you to satisfy your whims and desires anywhere. Some are small with powerful vibrators that can give you stimulation out of this world. Nevertheless, modern wands are rechargeable with power settings that give you more playtime. If you like shower sex, you can also spice up things with waterproof magic wands that come in various sizes.

 Sex Positions for Wand Play

 Before switching on your wand massager, you have to figure out the comfortable and orgasm-rewarding positions. If the above reasons can make you want to give wands a shot, here are the wand play positions you can experiment with;

Doggy Style

Masturbating on your all-fours can be fun when using wand massagers. Lie on your stomach with pillows underneath your hips. Place your wand upright on the pillows and lean to get your vulva on top of the toy. Blended stimulations from your lover's penile action or dildo penetrations and intense clit stimulations can make you cum more.

Open-Legged Spoon

While lying on your back, spread your legs apart into a crab position. Ensure you drape your legs over your lover to allow them to reach and stimulate the clit with the wand while thrusting into you from below. Align your bodies to perform the classic spooning for added pleasure.


Have your lover lying on the bed with their neck supported by a pillow for more comfort. Then gently sit on your lover's face and hold the wand against your clitoris. While your lover licks the remaining part of your vulva with their tongue, the wand stimulates your elusive clit. You can use a throw stainless steel dildo in the mix to penetrate your now craving pussy to complement licking and clit stimulations for earth-shattering orgasms.

The Bottom Line

Despite having decades in the market, magic wands still deserve a position in your bedroom essentials collection. If you always find it challenging to reach a powerful climax, these toys can help fix that. Similarly, if you easily orgasm through intercourse but want something that adds pleasure to your sex life, magic wands are the toys to buy. Order yours from any online adult sex shop to take your sex life from simple okay to orgasmic levels.

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