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by Katie Peachesa April 27, 2020 3 min read

Tips for Winning Bikini Contests

By Ksenia Sobchak

Bikini contests are exciting. They give you a chance to strut your stuff before lots of people, and if you are going to get out there and show your body off wearing your bikini, you probably would like to win when doing it. To allow you to have a greater likelihood of winning the prize, here are some tips to remember.

Tip #1 – Remember You Don’t Have to Be the Most Gorgeous Girl to Win

Whenever you get into bikini contests, keep in mind that the most beautiful girl just isn’t always the one that will win the contest. You don’t have to have the largest chest or even the best rear end. What you will need is self-confidence. If you’re able to demonstrate that you are confident and comfortable in your skin, you have a much better shot at winning.

Tip #2 – Show Them that You Are Having a Terrific Time

Why get nervous when you are competing in in bikini contests? You might as well have a great time. Show the judges you are having a lot of fun. When you show everybody you’re enjoying yourself, you’ll be far more likely to walk away with the win.

Tip #3 – Don’t Be Reluctant to Tease

Flirting is definitely something you need to do if you plan on winning the bikini contest. Blow kisses towards the crowd, toss a wink or two out there, and make sure you say hello. A bit of teasing is going to go a long way. Just be sure you are aware how far you are willing to go and never step beyond that line. Otherwise, you’ll be disappointed in yourself later.

These are only a couple of essential tips which you can use when you enter bikini contests. It’s not necessary to be the most beautiful, you have to show you’re having a great time, plus a little flirting is a great idea. Use these tips and watch what happens. There’s a good chance you’ll be the winner.

Tips for Entering a Bikini Contest

If you want to enter a bikini contest, you will see that typically it is simple enough to enter. This allows you to show off what you’ve got and a lot of contests give cash prizes making it worth your while. Of course, there are some things to look for and think about when you’re entering a contest. Here are a number of things to check out.

Check Into the Venue

First, when you’re thinking about entering a bikini contest, make certain you check on the place in which the contest will be held. Make certain that the contest is being put on at a reputable spot, like a diver bar, a hotel, or a well known club. Typically you would like to look for places that will only be ready to accept people who are above age 21, especially if it’s a spring break contest.

Understand the Contest Guidelines

There are numerous kinds of bikini contests out there and you want to know what’s involved during the competition before you get involved. A few contests will be for bikinis that have been home made, others could be intended for more exotic bikinis such as a string bikini or sheer bikini. You should learn about this prior to deciding to get into the contest.

Check Into the Registration Fee

One more thing to check into before getting involved in a bikini or thong contest is the registration fee. A lot of bikini contests around may require that you pay a fee, which often helps to pay for the prizes which are being offered. Be sure you understand what the fees will be as well as where they are going. You won’t want to waste your money on a contest that’s not legitimate.

Prior to deciding to enter a bikini contest, it is important that you know what you’re really getting into. Take some time to use these tips to investigate the contest carefully before putting your bikini on and getting out there.

Katie Peachesa
Katie Peachesa

Katie Peachesa is a sex and lingerie blogger based out of the urban chic Wapping in the heart of East London, United Kingdom. In her spare time, Katie enjoys photography, yoga and fitness, a bit of boxing, traveling, keeping up with the latest fashion trends and mudlarking and exploring pastoral settings. You are likely to find Katie in an artisan cafe in Brick Lane on a Saturday afternoon furiously typing her next article on her laptop whilst she is sipping on her flat white and drawing inspiration from the hustle and bustle in the heart of creative London. Katie runs the "Fashion Life Mag" and has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Allure, Grazia, Tatler, Evening Standard and other popular media outlets.

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