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August 05, 2022 4 min read

Top 10 Most Common Sex Injustice

Bedroom adventures are supposed to feel great but assuming wrong positions and making wrong moves can leave one or both of you with injuries. Whether you like kinky sex or standard couple sex, it is important to establish a safe word to monitor your moves during the passionate romp. The receiving and penetrating partner should be familiar with the word or sign to avoid injuries. Couples should also maintain communication before and during plays between the bedsheets to avoid the extreme effects of the following injuries.

Vaginal Tears

Vagina cuts and tears are painful and common sex injuries that result in bleeding and the growth of infections in the genitals. Tears are mainly caused by penetrating a vagina that is not sufficiently lubricated. Although vaginal cuts and tears are painful, they heal hours after the passionate romp. If the pain or bleeding persists for a day or two, seek medical attention.  To avoid this injury the next time you hit the bedroom, ensure you start the session with foreplay to enhance proper natural lubrication. If you always produce insufficient natural lube, carry a bottle of safe personal lube to the sex scene.

Anal Tears

This happens to people who love backdoor stimulation.  Since the anus does not self-lubricate, penetrating it without sufficient lubrication can cause tears. Anal tears are more dangerous than vagina ones because the anus has more bacteria that may delay healing. Moreover, anal tissues are thin, allowing the entrance of bacteria, gonorrhea, HIV, and chlamydia into the bloodstream through tears. Whether playing with sex toys or penis, ensure you have sufficient lubrication in the bedroom.  Pay attention to silicone-based lube because they are durable when used in anal or vaginal sex. In general, anal cuts should heal within three days. If they go beyond, seek medical attention.

Penis Fracture

Most people think the penis cannot be fractured because it has no bones. When fully aroused, blood flows to the penis, resulting in an erection. Forcefully bending a fully erect penis breaks its blood-filled chambers. A penis fracture produces a cracking sound, and what may follow is the penetrator wailing in pain. If your vulva owner likes to take charge of things in the bedroom using this position, ask them to watch their riding rhythm.

Lost Objects in The Vagina

It is common to get into the swing of things with a condom on and finish the session without this thin protection. Since most people love sex during periods, it is common to experience lost tampons in the vagina after sex. If either gets lost in your vagina, do not panic because getting them out is super easy. Wait for up to fifteen minutes after having sex to allow your vagina to get to its unaroused size. Lubricate your fingers if possible and take a deep breath because anxiety can tighten your vaginal muscles, pushing the condom or tampon deeper. Gently insert your fingers to get the object, or have your partner do it for you.  If you cannot remove the object, seek assistance from your ob-gyn.

Muscle Cramps

Since sex is a physical activity, there are higher possibilities of getting a muscle injury. Thighs and calves are the body parts that cramp up when two people get sexual behind closed doors.  Walk around the room to stretch the muscles or take painkillers to reverse the aches.  Muscle cramps can take hours or days to heal, and if they persist, you should seek medical assistance. There are various sex positions you can try to avoid muscle injuries. Switching positions helps you avoid this injury and makes your sex sessions more pleasurable.

Broken Fingers

Broken fingers occur when you assume bending positions and stick to them for a while. Although this is also a common sex injury, it can result in too much pain when the fingers break or get placed in strange positions. If you notice bent or broken fingers, bruises, or swelling after sex, visit your doctor to determine if the fingers are fractured, strained, or sprained.

Rug Burns

Taking your play from the bed to the floor is a great way of adding flavor to your bedroom antics. However, floor sex comes with its challenges, including carpet burns that scratch your skin or leave it looking red. If you or your partner get this burn, do not freak out. Clean the area with water and soap, apply antibacterial soap and cover with a bandage. Next time you have sex on the floor, place a towel or blanket to avoid rug burns.

Head Trauma

It is common in the bedroom as it is in the field with football players.  In the bedroom, this injury may occur if one partner hits their head on the headboard, resulting in pain and dizziness. Head trauma can be a hard smack that heals quickly or a concussion that may require medical attention. If you experience this injury, stop the sex sessions and take ice to reduce the swelling. Moreover, seek medical assistance if the concussion signs, including nausea, dizziness, and headache, persist for 2 or 3 days.

Heart Attack

It is important to see the doctor if you are battling a heart attack or other cardio issues before going out for a date that may end between the sheets.  Pay attention to heart attack signs, including nausea, shortness of breath, and tightening of the chest muscles during sex to avoid inconveniences. Simply postpone the sex session or call 911 if things get worse at home or in the guest room.

Vaginal Soreness

You have to stop your passionate romp to allow recovery if you experience this soreness. You can also take pain killers, including ibuprofen, or soak in lukewarm water to speed up the healing. Vaginal sorenessalso occurs when you rapidly thrust into a vagina that is not well lubricated.

The Bottom Line

Sex is great, but it sometimes turns painful. Above are various sex-related injuries and how you can fix them. Carefully read and share them with your friends to enlighten them on practicing safe, passionate sex.

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