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August 04, 2022 4 min read


Have you ever been to a bachelorette party? Being part of the attendees can be overwhelming, especially if the only person familiar is the bride. Such parties can be odd initially as friends introduce themselves to each other and you don't know what's next. However, you can break the silence by throwing a bachelorette party game, each at a time. Several party activities are great and fun to keep the scene up. This blog highlights some of the best bachelorette party games.

The Best Bachelorette Party Games

Beer Pong

Beer pong is a classic bachelorette game. This game allows the attendees to interact and get to know each other. Play it using a table surface, such as a backyard card table, to protect against spillage. You can also opt for a kitchen island. Then, orderly place plastic tumblers, according to the number of attendees, on the table's edges to form a pyramid. The pyramid's bottom should be aligned with the table's edge. Fill the tumblers with a liquid of choice, beer, water, or juice, and ensure everybody participating has a drink. Then divide yourselves into teams and ensure each has some ping pong balls. Every team tosses their ping pong ball in the tumblers of the opposite team. If the balls successfully land in the cup, the opposing team is penalized by drinking the cup's contents. Whichever team finishes the opposing team's drinks earlier wins. 

Truth or Dare, Jenga

A bachelorette party is usually attended by friends from all over that are unknown to each other. Therefore, playing truth or dare can be an ice breaker. Use a Jenga set with separate questions for truth and dares on each brick side. After sticking all the tower, these truths and dares will be secretive, and pulling a brick becomes a surprise. You can also turn it into a drinking activity by using drink-oriented dares. Research to determine every brick's maximum bang. If someone develops the biggest tower tumble, they'll have to tell the optimal truth or dare. If you're concerned about any potential harm from the truths or dares, shift to trivia queries about the newlyweds.

Individualized Scavenger Hunt

Use your creativity to customize a scavenger hunt themed on the party's location or the groom-to-be. Start by selecting a theme, and pinpoint an easy area to navigate. Teams should have enough time to hide clues and should also offer  a  prize. This activity takes more time than the usual bash game. Therefore, ensure to work it out properly into the day. You can also include more modifications to increase the fun, such as using beers. Googling the party's location in advance can help get companies that may host hunts for your entire team.

Flip cup

Flip-cup is a game filled with fun activities combining tables, cups, and beers for unending entertainment. Play it by dividing the attendees into teams, each standing alongside a long table. Each player should have a plastic cup, containing some beer or a drink of choice. Begin by letting the players on one side run to drink the cups’ contents, followed by having the cups hang a few inches off the table's edge. Then, the gamers flip the cups through 360 degrees, returning them to their original position. The first team to succeed in the activity down the line wins. A team can also use the elimination method, involving kicking out players that can’t successfully flip the cups thrice.

Cards against Humanity

This game has funny experiences to warm your party. It's an ideal bachelor party game due to its sheer nonsense. To play it, ten people get white cards each, and one picks a black card, and it remains secretive. Other people except the leader pick a white card that contains a funny reaction to the black card's topic. The one who picks the funniest card wins the game, thus keeping the black card. The winner gets several black cards at the end of the game. It may look simple, but the topics involved and answers will crack you up as they'll make you discover the wackiest and weirdest personalities of shy groomsmen.

The bottom Line

If you are planning your bachelorette party, coming up with a few of the many bachelorette party games should be a consideration. These games are funny, silly, and hilarious for entertaining guests and passing the time. You may have other reasons to perform some of the games, for example, making memorable moments, friendly competitions, or simply withstanding your hangovers. Creativity and research are required to find the party's location and find the best games to bring out the best in the party. The above article has some examples of bachelorette party games with a complete elaboration of how to play. There are many others to add to the list for the most heart-racing entertainment and pleasure.

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