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Clitoral vibrators are external sex toys specifically meant to stimulate the clitoris. Beginners should know where to buy clitoral vibrators, how to buy clitoral vibrators, and how to use clitoral vibrators. Read this blog to know everything about clitoral vibrators for women.

 The clitoral vibrators cause a sensation that pushes blood to the clitoris. The stimulation usually ends in a clitoral orgasm. While other vibrators come in many shapes and sizes, clitoral vibrators are specifically designed to focus on the clitoris. The clitoral vibrators are popular among women who experience clitoral orgasms. Most people find that orgasm can be elusive, but the clitoral vibrator can help women achieve a clitoral orgasm. Clitoral vibrators can be used for solo play or with a partner. There are many types of vibrators, and the main ones are the following are everything that everyone should know about clitoral vibrators;

Where to Buy Clitoral Vibrators

There are many places where people can purchase clitoral vibrators. A person can approach you in the streets with a  vibrator for you to buy, and those are the vibrators you should not buy. Walk into a sex shop and buy the vibrator you want while asking the questions you have one-on-on. You can also buy your vibrator from an online sex shop if you prefer discreetly shopping for your sex toy. Take your time and read the descriptions and reviews to avoid buying the wrong vibrator.

How to Buy Clitoral Vibrators

No one walks into a sex toy shop and picks the first clitoral vibrator they see. You should know the type of vibrator you want before purchasing one. The following are the hints to consider to get the vibrator you want;


Understand your body to know what you expect of a vibrator before choosing a specific type. You may be looking for a clitoral vibrator only focusing on your clit or a clitoral vibrator you can also use internally. Those are some questions to consider to help buy a vibrator perfect for you.


Consider the price to avoid spending much on a clitoral vibrator you do not like if you are buying it for the first time. The best toy to buy should be easy on your pocket for beginners. It should not be too expensive because an expensive sex toy does not mean the best quality item. Some sex toys are expensive because the sellers are trying to meet the overhead costs such as rent and salaries, and therefore they have to transfer such costs to the buyer. You should also not buy a cheap clitoral vibrator because the cheapest items are often of the lowest quality. It reflects on the effectiveness of the vibrator and the material used to make it. Most cheap vibrators are ineffective and brittle. While at the sex toy shop, compare the prices against the quality of the vibrator so that you buy a good vibrator. That's what you should do when buying an item online. Read the description and reviews keenly to get the best deal out for your money.


Anderson et al. (2014) stated that the safest and most popular sex toy material is silicon because it is non-porous. It does not have tiny holes that would let pathogens in the sex toy and eventually cause you infections. Silicon Is easy to keep clean. Plastics, rubber, and jelly-like materials seem to be the worst materials for sex toys because they are porous. Porous materials trap bacteria and subsequently cause infections. 

How to Use a Clitoral Vibrator

Communicate with your partner if you want to involve them. The clitoral vibrator can be used as a solo play, but if you intend to involve your partner, you must communicate with them so that if they agree to join in, you can have fin with the sex toy together. You can use the vibrator for other uses, such as playing with it on each other's skin. You can use it on the nipples. However, beginners are advised to use the vibrator alone first to discover their erogenous spots first, and also take time to know the speed and intensity they would like the vibrator to run. They can involve their partner after practicing solo.

Use Lube

Lube may not seem necessary to you if you lubricate easily. No amount of lube can naturally prepare you for the over-stimulation and friction you will likely experience from the clitoral vibrator. Some vibrators come with lube, which can be good for beginners so that the first experience with the vibrator is not bad due to injuries caused by friction. Burnier et al. (2021) stated that you could consider using silicone-based lubes to smoothen the process during penetration.

How to Clean a Clitoral Vibrator

Cleaning a clitoral vibrator depends on the vibrator's material. For instance, if it is made of water-proof material, you can use water to clean it. Most clitoral vibrators can be cleaned with soap and water. Avoid using dish soap or bleach because they are harmful to your genital area ( Padilla, 2022).

How to Store the Vibrator

Ahmad et al.(2021) suggested that you should Store your vibrator in a neat place to not gather dust and bacteria. You can keep the vibrator in a bag that has a zipper. It may make you feel great to see your heap of vibrators since they are the team that makes you happy but do not keep them together because some vibrators are made of materials molding together.


Using a vibrator comes down to preference and what will make you comfortable. A beginner getting a clitoral vibrator knows what they feel if they use it on their clitoris. There is no shame in buying a vibrator. You will meet other customers in a sex toy shop, buying the items they need and waiting for advice. No one at the shop will look at you with judging eyes. The attendants probably have their toys too. Do not leave the shop with a sex toy you do not like but hurriedly picked because you were ashamed. Be confident and get the clit vibrator worth your money.


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