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G-spot vibrators are sex toys specifically made to stimulate the g-spot. Herein is what you need to know about G-spot vibrators, including; the meaning of G-spot vibrators, where to buy them, and how to use them.

G-spot vibrators are useful for women yearning for vaginal orgasms. Sex therapists advise people not to worry about reaching orgasms but try everything to attain mind-blowing orgasms. Achieving vaginal orgasms is elusive for women. Some women are accused of faking orgasms lightly, while some think it's for men. The g-spot vibrator is popular because it stimulates the g-spot until the woman achieves orgasm. The g-spot vibrator allows women to explore their bodies until they reach climax. Below is a guide on g-spot vibrators and how to use them.

What is a G-spot

The g-spot is the "key" to getting an amazing vaginal orgasm. The g-spot, also the Gräfenberg spot, was introduced by Dr. Beverly Whipple after she discovered that using the finger to make a "come here" motion inside the vagina aroused women. She believed that this part of the vagina could be responsible for vaginal orgasms. It is important to clarify that the G spot isn't a distinct part of a woman's anatomy. No one can look at a woman's body and point out a part known as the g-spot. In a 2017 study, researchers tried to find the g-spot spot but could not.

The g-spot is part of the clitoris. Therefore, when stimulating the g-spot, you're stimulating a part of the clitoris. The tiny bit where the inner labia meet is the tip of the clitoris, and it separates into two "roots," four inches long, into the vagina. The g-spot varies in women explaining why it is often not easy to find. However, a stimulated g-spot can result in a vaginal orgasm.

Where to Buy the G-spot Vibrator

The g-spot is sensitive to contact, and a woman can attain orgasm when stimulating it. Use a g-spot vibrator for a vaginal and g-spot orgasm.

The best place for a beginner to buy a sex toy is at the sex toy shop. You could buy it online, but the sex toy shop is better because you get the answers to your questions. It is normal for a beginner to be shy about purchasing a sex toy. Maybe you could start online. Ensure you read the descriptions and the reviews keenly to avoid buying a bad vibrator. Here are the main features to look out for when buying your g-spot vibrator;


How expensive or how cheap is a g-spot vibrator. Buy the cheapest vibrator to test it, but some cheap vibrators are bad; you cannot use them twice. Some are made of cheap material, leaving you treating infections. The most expensive vibrator does not mean it is the best quality. Beginners are better off buying the cheapest vibrator than the expensive ones. Buy a cheap vibrator to test if you enjoy the experience. You may upgrade to a more expensive vibrator if the experience is pleasurable.

Design of the Vibrator

G-spot vibrators come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Ensure you get a vibrator best for your clitoral anatomy. Ensure you buy a vibrator you find attractive to enhance your sexual mood, and use it often. Some vibrators are ugly and can turn off a person. Consider choosing a small vibrator to avoid tears when training your muscles. Buy a straight-shaped vibrator for easy penetration.


When buying a vibrator, consider the material it's made of. Some materials like jelly and rubber are unsafe because they are porous. Wood et al. (2017) stated that porous materials are the worst for vibrators because they can hold pathogens and cause infections. The best material for vibrators is silicon. Silicon and non-porous do not hold bacteria. Silicon is also soft, and you can use it with a condom.

Source of power

Some vibrators use rechargeable batteries. Others use lithium batteries, while others are plugged into the wall socket during use. Select the vibrator with the power source convenient for you.

Find Lube

Introduce lubes when using a g-spot vibrator. Insert a finger into your vagina to find the g-spot if you do not know where it is (Fulbright, 2005). Explore the vagina until you find it. The motions inside the vagina can cause discomfort. It's worse if your partner is the one exploring your vagina for you. Use lube on your finger and vibrator to increase gliding and slide in the vagina until you find the g-spot and feel the right sensations. Lube is not meant for women with insufficient lubrication only but for anyone who wants to have an enjoyable time during sexual activities.

How to Use the G-spot Vibrator

Learn how to use a g-spot vibrator in a solo or partnered clitoral stimulation.

Find Your G-spot with Your Fingers

Jannini et al. (2010) suggested that you could find your g-spot with your fingers before inserting the vibrator. Ask your partner do it if it is not a solo play. Ensure you use sufficient lube throughout the process.

Insert Your Vibrator

Insert the vibrator and enjoy it when you find the g-spot with your fingers.

Clean and Store the Vibrator

It is tempting to throw the vibrator under the bed and sleep when the fun has ended because you will feel drained. According to Datta et al. 92018), clean the vibrators and keep them safe like a zipped bag in a drawer, where they cannot be damaged and cannot collect dust and dirt.


Sometimes a woman cannot experience an orgasm but can experience it during masturbation with her fingers or sex toys. Orgasms feel great. A woman can achieve an orgasm through sex toys and fingers. Ensure you focus on the feeling when orgasming and not how to reach it. People are no longer shy about using sex toys, and they use them with their partners. Sex toys can add spice to the bedroom fun. Learn how to use a g-spot to attain mind-blowing orgasms. Use it with your partner to spice your sex life. A partner can wait for a woman to play with the vibrator until she orgasms, and both can enjoy a cuddle.


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