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Beginner’s Guide to Vibrators

Beginner’s Guide to Vibrators

Beginner’s Guide to Vibrators

By Elena Ognivtseva

VibratorsIf you’re a newcomer to vibrators, welcome to the club and get ready for some fun. But before you rush out and buy the first vibrator you see, it’s important to take some time to understand what’s out there. Like any other product, there are many different makes, models, and styles, and they come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and even textures. Taking time to find the one that’s right for you will guarantee you hours of pleasure. After all, when you’re buying a car, you put time and effort into the process, and you find one that suits your style and personality. You should at least put the same effort into purchasing an item that you will come to know so intimately!

Understanding the types of vibrators that are available before you purchase one means you can avoid awkward mistakes. If you’re a petite, five-foot lady and you walk out of the store with a huge foot-long model with the circumference of a winter squash, you’re obviously going to have some problems. Before buying, consider what specifically you want to do with your new toy. Here are a few of the more common types of vibrators.

Traditional Vibrators

A traditional vibrator still comes in many different styles, but the more traditional ones are usually hard plastic, and have multiple speed settings. Don’t be quick to dismiss the hard casing though; you’ll get more vibration to the parts that need it with a hard design. You can use these traditional vibrators for stimulation on the outside as well as on the inside.

Dual Action Vibrators and Rabbit Vibrators

Penises should have been designed like this! These popular little numbers are great for solo play, and are a wonderful “two-fer”. You get double stimulation in two different spots at once. They’re usually a combination of a traditional long design for penetration, with an attached clitoral vibrator or stimulator so you can get both pleasure points at the same time. Once you try one of these, you’ll think, “How did I ever get by without one?

Clitoral Vibrators

These are small and compact, and designed specifically for clitoral stimulation. While they’re great when you’re on your own, some models can also be used with a partner, or some of the smaller ones can even be used during sex for maximum pleasure! You may even want to try one out that includes straps, so you can wear it.

G-Spot Vibrators

Can’t quite get to that magical “G-spot” the natural way? Don’t feel bad. The best way to reach it is with a vibrator that has a curved head, allowing the shaft to get right to it – and give you a mind-blowing orgasm the likes of which you have never experienced before.

Discreet Vibrators

Want to take your favourite toy on a trip, but don’t want your nosy friends to know? Look for one with a discreet design with an attractive case. After all, you don’t want your grandma unpacking your suitcase for you and seeing a huge rubber wang sitting on top of your clothes! Another thing to consider if you want discretion is the sound level – look for a vibrator with multiple settings. The higher settings and vibrators that run on greater numbers of batteries tend to be loud.

Waterproof Vibrators

Ah yes, the simple joy of the good old-fashioned bath-time orgasm. If you’re looking to play in the water, be aware that not all vibrators are waterproof, but a good number of them are. There are waterproof designs of all types of vibrators, so you can enhance your pleasure with your favourite type in the bath by yourself, or with a partner.

So many types of vibrators, so little time!