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What is a finger ring vibrator? How can an individual best use a finger ring vibrator? What are some of the main aspects that should be considered by an individual when purchasing a finger ring vibrator? This article explains what a finger ring vibrator is and factors to consider when purchasing one.

When people shop for trending finger ring vibrators, they look for waterproof rechargeable vibrators with an appealing design and are made of popular materials such as silicon. Have you ever looked at your fingers and wished they could vibrate? Some vibrators can make your fantasy almost come true. Finger vibrators are small vibrators that you can wear on your finger to give you an orgasm. Finger vibrators are not a new thing, they have been trending for years, and you can find them online or at a sex toy store near you. There are many options on which finger vibrator is the best or better than the rest. People's preferences are different, and what might be best for someone else may not be the best for the next person. The following are the common features  of trending finger vibrators that you will find at the shop;

Rechargeable vibrators

Ehrmann (2018) explained that some ring vibrators come with a rechargeable port to recharge every time it runs out of charge, and that means no more running to buy batteries when you are in a masturbating mood. You only have to recharge your vibrator and use it. Some ring vibrators use batteries to function. Whether they are rechargeable or using batteries does not make any of the vibrators weaker or stronger than others.


Chalker (2018) explained that most vibrators are waterproof, and you can even have them in the bathroom for more fun. If you ever imagined masturbating or having foreplay in nth rain with your partner, you can carry the vibrator wing. Check if your vibrator is waterproof. If you use a vibrator that is not waterproof in the rain, it will get damaged and will not function.


Finger vibrators are popular because they are not shaped like penises. Some couples do not like sex toys that look like a penis, and therefore the finger vibrator ring comes in handy. They come in all the colors you may like, from the most outstanding colors like yellow to the bold colors like blue and black. The shape of the vibrator is also important. Some vibrators are curved and slide on the top of the finger, some have rings for you to fit on your finger, some look like thimbles, and some look like the bullet vibrator. You should pick a vibrator that you find attractive to enjoy using it. People like attractive things no matter the design. Remember that the vibrator ring is meant for the finger only.


Very few people would want a noisy vibrator as most people would want a vibrator that they can use discreetly. Piha et al. (2018) stated that most ring vibrators are silent so that you can slide your finger down there even in the office. Most individuals want a silent vibrator that will not announce to the world that they are using a vibrator. Low-quality vibrators are notorious for producing a loud buzzy sound. People prefer the rumbly sound. The vibrators that produce a rumbly sound seem to work better. Most manufacturers are considering the settings for the volume because they understand that people need discretion with their sex toys.


There are a variety of finger ring vibrators, and you can shop depending on the amount you are willing to spend. The more luxurious the vibrator, the more expensive it is. It is important to note that a vibrator may be the most expensive yet not the best quality. If you want to spend all your money on a ring vibrator, you may butt that will be a big mistake because it may not even work that well for you.


The vibrator rings are small but not the same size as your fingers. Some are meant to fit the pinky finger, while others are built to fit the middle finger. Milani (2018) stated that, since the vibrators are finger-sized, the finger ring vibrators trend among the most discreet sex toys.


It is important to know the material of a ring vibrator before buying it. Most finger ring vibrators are made of silicon. Silicon is the perfect material for vibrators because it is soft, sends good vibrations, and is non-porous. The advantage of a non-porous material is that it makes it impossible for toxic materials to get into the body. Silicon material is also easy to clean with soap and water. Other great materials are metals, hard plastic, and steel. When the vibrators are made of rigid materials, it comes with a special place to insert the finger. There may be manufacturers that want to use cheaper options for more profit. If the material used to make a vibrator ring is phthalates, do not buy it. Phthalates have been banned for use in making children's products, and you would not want to use them for a sensitive area like your genitalia. Rullo et al. (2018) stated that pick a vibrator made of a material you can use with lube because lube brings more pleasure during masturbation. But when using a vibrator made of silicon, pick a water-based lube because silicone-based lube will spoil or erode the silicon material on your vibrator.


The best vibrators have several settings to choose the speed, pressure, and vibrations you want. The cheaper ones may not have settings. There is nothing more satisfying than a vibrator that you can control.


Finger vibrators are good for clitoral stimulation. However, that does not mean that they are meant for women only. Men can also use finger ring vibrators during handjobs and foreplay. For any stimulation that you can get with your fingers, you can use a finger ring vibrator. You can use the vibrators alone or with your partner. The main advantage of finger ring vibrators is that they are discreet, and you can have them with you anywhere without causing alarm as a dildo would. When shopping for a finger ring vibrator, do not pick just anything. Make sure you pick the dildo that is most suited for you. Please do not pick a vibrator because of something your friend said about it. We are all different. One person's perfect ring vibrator is not always the other person's perfect ring vibrator.


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