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What is a magic wand attachment? How can an individual use such an attachment effectively? How best can one choose a magic wand attachment? This article explains how an individual can choose a magic wand attachment.

An attachment is that extra device you can add to a sex toy to enhance its performance. You have to consider your budget, material, shape, and size when choosing a magic wand vibrator. Read this article for more ideas on choosing a magic wand vibrator.

Choosing an attachment is not easy. If you are a pro in sex toys, you know that sometimes you get the best deal out of sex toys through trial and error. The best place to buy an attachment is at the sex toy shop to get all the answers to your questions. If you want to purchase it online, you'll have to read the descriptions and review them keenly. The following are some of the quick tips to consider that might help you get the best deal out of your magic wand attachment;

What Is the Purpose of the Magic Wand?

Knowing the type of stimulation, you need from the attachment is the first thing you should think of before purchasing your attachment. Individuals should know whether they want internal or external stimulation. It won't make sense if you want your clitoris to be stimulated, but you purchase an attachment to stimulate your g-spot.

Your Budget

Whether you get a good wand attachment or not will depend on the amount you are willing to spend on it. Sometimes the most expensive wands aren't even the best for you. And the cheapest ones are usually not good ones because the material that has been used would most likely be cheap. Anything you don't want in an attachment should be cheap material because the attachment gets involved in many maneuverings, manipulation, and adjustments. Doring et al. (2018) stated that if the material is of low quality, your attachment will not be durable, and it may also not give you the kind of stimulation you want. Buy something that is easy on your pocket and is also worth it in the long run.

The Material 

Anytime you think of an item you want to use in your sensitive areas, you must consider the material as the material must be safe for you. You do not want to get infections from your attachments. The material you use should be easy to clean. Döring & Pöschl (2018) explained that the most popular material is silicon because it is non-porous. So there's no chance of bacteria getting trapped in it, and it is also soft as an individual won't want tough material on or in their intimate areas. Jelly-like materials are porous, and so they hold bacteria. Jelly-like materials have been grouped as the worst materials for anything that should come near or on your genitals. 


Some people wouldn't mind the color, but for others having a color that stimulates them means a lot to them, so it's not just about the ability of the attachment to function only. There's a huge variety of colors online and at a physical sex toy shop. You have only yourself to blame if you buy an attachment whose color you do not like. If you buy an attachment whose color puts you off, you'd have wasted your money because you'll most likely not use it.


The shape of the attachment you need depends on the stimulation you want. Doring (2021) stated that it will shape like a phallus if you want something to penetrate you. You'll expect it to be shaped like a tongue if you want something to rub your clit when using your masturbator. It will come shaped like a phallus and a tongue if you want it to stimulate you inside and outside, e.g., stimulate your g-spot and clitoris. The attachment shape will look like just the perfect thing that you'd want to stimulate you. It will be the shape of stimulation that's best for you.


Morales et al. (2018) explained that knowing the size you would like is very important because you can be overwhelmed because there is a huge variety to choose from. Think about the ideal size that you would want. If it is a penetrative attachment, you would think about the size you'd like inside you. It takes a lot of visualization to know the attachment size you would like. Or you may think of the size that's lacking to make your vibrator perfect. Maybe you need just a little something to tickle your clitoris when masturbating. Attachments aren't for women only, as men need attachments for their sex toys, too, and they will also have to consider the size of the attachment they'd want. Individuals wish they could walk in and out of the sex toy shop without thinking too much about the size, but unfortunately, there's no escaping this. Before you walk into the shop, know the size you want. 

The Texture

You may be using your magic wand and wondering how you can get more fun with it, and the idea of an attachment in the shape of a phallus hits your head. You head to the sex toy shop, and they show you a variety of attachments that look exactly like what you had in mind. Lauritzen (2020) explained that one should look at the texture as some would be a bit rough for more stimulation as some have small bumps. Individuals should know that the attachment is supposed to enhance the vibrator. The texture of the attachment will determine the extent to which you would have enhanced the vibrator. Most people will probably agree that the bumpier the attachment, the better the feeling.


Purchasing an attachment is not a difficult task because it's something that you have deliberate and considered everything you'd like to get from it. It is easier to buy an attachment than a vibrator because an attachment is an afterthought. There's, therefore, no excuse for anyone to purchase an attachment that the person does not like because it's something that you already have in your mind. You should know what you want and expect from an attachment. If it turns out to be a disappointment, it should be because your fantasies misled you and not because you walked into a sex toy shop not knowing what you wanted and walking out of the shop with an attachment you aren't sure about.


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